Assam Ration Card List


The latest and fresh issue of today’s world and that too apart from the pandemic is elections. Every politician, whether in-power or off-power wants to get a stable position in the political world and is striving hard for the same. Also, more and more people are getting involved in the voting processes and are showing their interest in the same in the first place. 

However, in all this politics and pandemic chaos, it is delightful that the Government of India is not forgetting about the rights and needs of people, especially those people who come from very poor regions of Assam, Bihar, and a lot of other states. 

People are nowadays being able to apply and avail themselves of the Assam Ration Card List so that they can get all the grains and groceries at reasonable rates and in enough quantity. This ration card facility is also known as Block Wise Assam Ration CardNew Beneficiary List which provides block-wise distribution of people and their ration cards in the first place. 

For the people to avail themselves of these ration cards, there is some specific eligibility criterion that needs to be met by the people. These criteria can be listed as below-

  • Applicant should be a Woman:

A woman is the powerhouse of a family. Without a woman, the working of a lot of families have collapsed till now and may continue to do so even in the future. That is why it is believed by the Government of India that only a woman can take good care of the Assam Block Wise Ration Card facility. Application for this facility is considered at the top if it comes from a woman. That is why the first eligibility criteria for availing of the Assam ration card is that the applicant should be a woman.

  • Strictly a Resident of Assam & India:

An NRI or a resident of any other state than Assam will not be considered for this facility in any circumstance at all. That is why the applicant strictly needs to be a resident of Assam as well as a permanent resident of India. 

  • Annual Income Restriction should be met:

The annual income of the applicant should not be more than Rs. 1 lakh if they wish to avail themselves of this facility. The issuing of ration cards takes a lot of different aspects into proper consideration and meeting the income restrictions strictly is one of them for sure. 

If all the above eligibility criteria are properly met, then people can easily avail themselves of the Assam ration card facility and get their names mentioned in the list in the first place for sure. 

Apart from the eligibility criteria of the Assam ration card application, there also exist some important documents that need to be considered strictly by the people if they want to have any chance of applying to the Assam ration card facility. 

The various documents that need to be strictly present with you at the time of application of the Assam Block Wise Ration Card can be listed as follows-

  • Documents of the Minors of the Family:

This set includes the birth certificates of all the minors that are present in the family while the applicant is approaching this facility. This is to analyze and decide the number of grains and groceries that should be provided to your family according to the health necessity of the minors. 

  • Address Proofs:

Any authentic address proof of your permanent residence is eligible for applying to this facility. This may include your electricity bill, driving license, telephone bill (in the case of the presence of a landline phone in your house), or your bank statements. 

  • Your Land Revenue Proof:

This includes the receipt of your land tax or revenue payment that you have recently made. This is one of the most important documents for those who have specific acres of land in their name legally. 

If anyone has a proper set consisting of all these documents present in them, then they are 100% likely to get their ration cards in time, and also their names will be included in the New Ration Card List Assam for sure.


The Assam Ration Card list specifies everything that people require in case of a ration card and that is why no one will have to wait for receiving their actual ration card in the case of any emergency or urgent situation in the first place. By seeing the details mentioned in the ration card list, people can get their share of groceries and grains without even having the actual card for at least a month or 2. 

Therefore, the New Ration Card List Assam should be undoubtedly availed of by the people of Assam to get quick and appropriate benefits for themselves even if they don’t have their ration cards with them for at least some time for sure. 


What are the 2 categories of the Assam Ration Card List?

There exist a total of 2 categories of the Assam Ration Card list that states the names of all the people in it. These 2 categories can be listed as follows-

APL Category:

The APL Assam Ration Card List mentions the names of all those people who are above the poverty line in the particular region of Assam. Being above the line means being able to earn a fixed amount for living at the end of the month. Also, the people who have considerable acres of the farm can be accepted in the APL itself. 

BPL Category:

The BPL Assam Ration Card List is authorized and accessible for those people who have the least amount of income and they are not close enough to a satisfying living. 

Is the Assam Ration Card List sorted according to a particular region or block?

Yes, the ration card list of Assam is sorted according to a particular region or block. Go the same reason, this list is also known as the block beneficiary list. 

What is the newly introduced category AAY for Assam Ration Card access?

The new and improved category of Assam ration card that is introduced very recently is AAY. AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) is for those people who have not settled for a better future for themselves and their family. These people are the poorest of the poor & need special attention from the Government’s side for their livelihood to be on a normal track. 

Can people apply for the Assam Ration Card if they don’t have any other ration card at all?

Yes, the people who don't have any ration card issued on their name can apply for the Assam Ration Card in the first place for sure. 

Can people apply for the Assam Ration Card on an online medium?

Yes, especially in this pandemic period, people are free to apply for their Assam ration card on an online medium by directly visiting the official website of the same. 

Is the Assam Ration Card valid for the whole family to avail themselves of?

No, only one working member of a family can avail themselves of the Assam ration card facility. This is to ensure that every family gets an equal share of their grains and groceries and no one is neglected at all in the first place just because another family is bigger than theirs. 

What if people who are applying for the Assam Ration Card do not have a particular certificate or document required for the same?

If anyone who is applying for the Assam ration card facility does not have some specific required documents with them, then they need to halt their application process till they get hold of them, and then only they can apply for this facility in the first place.