This portal, designed by the government for teachers of Rajasthan, named Shala Darpan is nothing less than a boon. On this website, you get all the information related to all types of teachers, students, and schools in just one click. If you have a login ID and password, you can take advantage of the Staff section by visiting this website. Where all kinds of important information and facilities are present.

What Is A Shala Darpan

  • In the field of information technology, India is developing day by day and a new portal for social welfare is being inaugurated. Out of that, there is a Shala Darpan which gives the complete information of both the teacher and student sections of Rajasthan in one click in one place. This website made for teachers of Rajasthan is very favourable. They can easily check their children's activities, such as total attendance, previous and new task records, and all the achievements of their children. Integrated Shala Darpan service launched until the 2015 academic season.
  • This is a project of the Government of Rajasthan to maintain connections between students, parents, school administration and teachers, to maintain transparency and to reach out to various educational services to the HRD (Human Resource Development of Government of India). ) And NIC (National Informatics Center) was created on 5 June 2015.
  • Under this program, more than 65 thousand schools have been connected. This gives more than 12,00,000 students their parents and 50,000 teachers. This website has been made for parents, teachers, and officials of the school administration to know the progress of the student. This portal is limited only to the state of Rajasthan. If you want to log in to an official website then You must have an ID and password to log in to the Shala Darpan portal school login. Which you can avail yourself of all the facilities by typing on the login page. 

What Are The Services Available On Shala Darpan

You will get various services on though this such as Citizen Window, Search school, School report, Student report, Staff report, Scheme search, shala darpan internship, Suggestion from a citizen, Shala Darpan staff corner, Prayas 2020 (question/ answer sheet of the toppers of previous year/ study material), Staff Window, Know School NIC-SD ID, Know Staff Details, Register for Staff Login, Transfer Schedule Etc. shala darpan/home/public Portal

It is managed by the School Education Department and Rajasthan Council of Education Department and the use of the official website is done by all the government schools, students, teachers, all the staff of the school and education office online on this web portal. Interested beneficiaries of the state, who want to get all information related to education and government schools, can easily see online by visiting this shala darpan/home/public portal. Because education is very important in today’s time

What Is The Main Purpose Of Shala Darpan

  • The purpose of this portal is that through this official online portal, you can make all information related to government schools, teachers and staff available for the education of children online. All data of primary, secondary education schools, students, academics etc. is live on the Shala Darpan portal and it can be opened by the government department anytime from anywhere in Rajasthan
  • Through this facility, information technology can be further integrated with education. With the introduction of this online portal, all the citizens of the state will not need to be asked for the education of their children. This online portal is a good initiative taken by the Rajasthan government for students as well as for all the teachers.
  • Shala Darpan is a program run by the Government of Rajasthan and under which parents of students of government or government-aided schools are to provide online access or mobile access. It is a web portal created by the Government Education Department of Rajasthan and through it, the people of the state can easily see the progress report of their children.
  • As you must have heard that in the olden times, students used to go to the ashram for the purpose of getting an education, they would stay there and take education, serve the Guru and do the work of the Guru and then live near him. This type of education used to happen after that gradually the time changed and the school was built according to the demand of the time. The teachers used to take the attendance of the children coming to the school.
  • The parents and guardians of the students used to come to the school to check their attendance which was an offline medium. So at that time, all the work of the school was done offline and due to this, the workload on the teachers also increased separately, due to which the studies of the children were also hampered.

Steps to get information related to the school through Shala Darpan Portal

  • Visit and on the homepage, you will see the option of Citizen Window. You have to click on this option and on clicking, a new page will open. 

  • On this new page, you will see the options of Search School, Students Reports, Staff Reports. 

  • After this, you have to choose any one of these options according to your requirement. For example, if you want to search about the Students Reports, then you have to click on the option of Students Reports. 

What Are The Benefits Of Shala Darpan Rajasthan

Shala Darpan login Rajasthan portal is a program of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India to provide mobile access and online access to parents of students of government and government-aided schools. Shala Darpan internship has various benefits such as Giving their children the best and better education in government schools. In this Shala Darpan portal, all information related to education and government schools has been launched with transparency. People of Rajasthan can see the list of government schools, government schemes, student reports etc. You can get the benefit of the online port anywhere and anytime online.

How To Use Shala Darpan

  • All kinds of information and facilities are available here which are very important for a teacher.
  • Here, detailed information of both teacher and student classes is available which is necessary for building a society. Detailed information is received at the district and state level of Rajasthan which makes this website an important website.
  • You get a detailed description of all the schemes made by the government here, in just one click, it can be understood that the importance of the internet is in today’s time. Through this website, the education department can remain fully connected to the school, which is very important for social welfare.

Instructions To Shala Darpan School Login

Stage 1- The principal candidate RMSA shala Darpan Rajasthan official site will go on | After visiting the official site, the landing page will open before you.

Stage 2- On the landing page, you need to tap on the login alternative. After tapping on the alternative, the following page will open before you.

Stage 3- On this page, you will open a login structure. In this structure, you need to fill in the username, secret phrase, captcha code, and so forth. After that, you need to tap on the login button. 

Stage 4-  along these lines, you can sign in straightforwardly and get your school-related work in the school to reflect.



  • This website has all the information about teachers and students who also come inside Rajasthan. If you have a Shala Darpan LOGIN ID and password, you can get all the information and if you are a teacher then this website is very beneficial for you.
  • Here the benefits of many methods have been given by the government which has made the life of teachers easier.

Questions and Answers

How to log in to Integrated Shala Darpan?

If you want to make your work easier please follow the following steps to log in to Integrated Shala Darpan:-

Stage 1- Visit the Official Website of Shala Darpan LOGIN Rajasthan i.e.

Stage 2- On Homepage, go to the resident window alternative.

Stage 3- Now, click the “search school” alternative in the menu bar.

Stage 4- Search by Dise, NIC Code, and Pin code.

Stage 5- Enter one of them in the given space and snap go alternative.

Stage 6- OR select choices show up on the screen.

Stage 7- Click on Search Button to show all necessary data on the screen.

What Will Be Found On The Shala Darpan?

Every type of information and facilities will be found here on rajrsm shala darpan, which is very important for teachers teaching in Rajasthan. Here, the teacher can come and put his attendance online and he can also submit the application for leave here. Due to the complete information of all the students of the class, the teachers are fully connected to the school and they get all kinds of important information online.

How To Find District Wise School List Through Shala Darpan?

You can also Search District Wise School List through Shala Darpan kvs Portal to make it easier you can follow some easy steps to find the list steps are given below:-

Stage 1- Visit the Official Website Shala Darpan login Rajasthan portal i.e.

Stage 2- On Homepage, you have to go to the menu alternative given on the left-hand side.

Stage 3- Now, pick the “school in Rajasthan” alternative. 

Stage 4- Select school type “all or model school or Adarsh school stage 1 or Adarsh school stage 2 or Adarsh school stage 3 or professional school or ICT School” 

Stage 5- District list with no schools shows up on the screen.


Stage 6- Search your locale name from the rundown and snap on it.

Stage 7- Blocklist shows up on the screen to pick your square or in which square you wish to look.

Stage 8- Click on it and the school rundown will show on the screen.