Which is the Best Book for CTET Preparation?

At the national level CTET test is considered to hire teachers for the elementary and primary level in the central government schooling all over India. The candidates who have studied for the entrance exam need to get the right assistance from all poise sources and nothing can be a better source than the right book for CTET preparation. There are some of the best books that are already gaining popularity in the market today. To get the study journey hassle-free and a smooth experience, it is expected that you focus more on getting such books and use them before the big day of the test comes.

Why Choose a Good book for CTET preparation?

While we look around for the best book for CTET, you first need to know why it is needed. There are so many experts from the top-level institutes who have advised these books to be the best source to clear out the exam. Even if NCERT book is the best one to clear the primary concepts that are included in the CTET syllabus, however, there are some other books as well which can be used for reference.

  • There is no doubt that lacs of aspirants try hard on their luck and it is only a few people who can make out their way to get in the final list of the qualified candidates. Considering the competition in the mind, it is important to choose the right book for CTET preparation amongst the tons of options that you may see in the market. There are a few possible reasons for the same and those are:
  • Using the right book, the candidate can get most of the unsolved questions examples, and even the model papers and lot options in their hand.
  • With the CTET examination that comes with 2 papers, Paper I is conducted at the primary level for those teachers who want to study Class 1 to Class 5 while there is paper II which is considered for the teachers who want to teach secondary level students which is from Class VI-VIII
  • If the right book is chosen by the candidate, at least they get more time to cover even the latest syllabus and finish it before the test day comes.

Tips to Select the Best Books for CTET 2021 Preparation

For those candidates who are preparing themselves for the CTET 2021, there are some of the points which need to be considered. This way it can help them choose the right book set. Given are some of the pointers that can help the candidate for selecting the right CTET book for 2021.

  • When you choose the book, you need to be sure about the publication year as in the time when it was released. It is advised to refer to the latest one so that the new changes can also be covered.
  • Candidates must read all kinds of best books for CTET that are written in easy to understand language. This would help you be aware of even the complex concepts without much concern and in an easy way.
  • Before you look for the right CTET 2021 entrance preparation book, the aspirants would not judge the book by the cover. It is important that a book may get the right cover but the content may not be that effective and useful.
  • To understand whether the information and content is updated and best suited for the exam, candidates need to follow only the latest book edition
  • To prepare for the detailed analysis of the entrance exam, candidates must look out for the book that comes with the CTET paper, the question paper of the previous year, and the model paper.

Which is the Right Book for the CTET preparation:

To choose the right book for CTET 2020 preparation, candidates can have good support to gain in depth knowledge on some subjects and prepare themselves for the entrance exam. The exam comes with different papers for elementary and even primary classes. If the candidate wants to apply for both the appear, he/she can do it. However, the exam has already been postponed by the experts but certainly, it is a good scope for the students to finish the CTET preparation while ensuring their practice gets even better and stronger.

Best Books for CTET Paper I

  • If the candidate is applying for Paper I candidates who are interested in teaching I to V can rely on options like Arihant Experts-Mathematics. It covers the subjects of Mathematics & Pedagogy
  • If the candidate is applying for both Paper I & II then the candidate can Child Development and Pedagogy book by Arihant Experts
  • If it is the Environmental Studies for Paper, I then book of the same name by Arihant experts is available

Best Books for CTET Paper II

  • If the student is applying for CTET Success Master Arihant Experts CTET Success Master Paper-II is the right option that covers science and mathematics topics.
  • Candidates can also choose the best book for CTET called CTET Complete Resource written by Sandeep Kumar. It is about the Pedagogy and for Child Development which is obligatory not just in paper II but also in Paper I
  • Arihant Experts CTET Success Master Science Social is also a good bo0ok for Paper-II social studies
  • Best Books for the English language
  • Arihant Experts bring you CTET & TETs English Language & Pedagogy which is designed for Paper I & II practice
  • Geeta Sahn bring you A Complete Resource for CTET which is on English and Pedagogy Language
  • Candidates must practice all the earlier papers and even the sample options. There are many different books for reference which can prove to be an effective practice source.
  • CTET Book Name is CTET & TETs Solved Papers by Arihant Publication for Class I to V  and CTET & TETs Solved Papers till 2016 for Class VI-VIII Social Science

Millions of aspirants apply for CTET examination. However, the candidate must get tremendous practice and determination to crack the exam. The candidate should plan for the study as per the weakness and strength. Suppose, if you are quite good in science but mathematics is not your best subject then you plan to prepare yourself for the plan accordingly. This way you can cover the syllabus on time.


Candidates cannot afford to miss out on any topic and even sub-topic. To score well the above best books for CTET can be a good source also many mock tests can boost the confidence level and improve the performance too.

Questions and answers:

Q: How difficult is it to crack the CTET?

A: It can be extremely difficult to crack such an exam. But there are levels from easy to moderate but it all; depends on how much dedication and practice you want to put in for this exam.

Q: What is the qualifying score for CTET?

A: The qualifying score for CTET is more than 60% if the individual is from the general category. If the person is from OBC/ SC/ ST categories it is 55%. Those who score equivalent to or more than the marks of qualification shall also be qualified.

Q: How to prepare for CTET?

A: To prepare for such an exam, be it I or II or both, the student can always refer to NCERT books that are made for mathematics and advised by the authorities of the CBSE.  There are also practice mock tests that can help the candidate to score well in the exam.