Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2021: Online Land Record RTC

The Karnataka government has taken some great decisions to step towards digitalization. To encourage people to adopt the technology it is now working on the ground level so that more people can learn online work and take maximum benefit. This will also ensure the safety of people in a pandemic as they won’t have to step out for government-related work. Digitalization will enable them to get the work done from home. 

Karnataka is already known as an IT hub and people here are well equipped and interested to take up benefits out of technology. One of the most advanced states in the IT field, Karnataka is way ahead of other states in helping its people in a better way. The government introduced the system of availing various certificates digitally and a land record is one of such projects. 

Bhoomi Karnataka 2021 provides you the facility to undertake procedures related to the land records system. Karnataka Bhoomi online program can get you the desired land records at your doorstep.

Bhoomi Portal – Online land records

Karnataka Revenue Department has designed and developed the Bhoomi RTC Portal. Through this, the state government has planned to digitize all the land records belonging to Karnataka. The online land records RTC will provide a better structure to maintain the data. This data will enable the concerned to find their land possession in Karnataka if any. Karnataka Bhoomi portal allows the residents to submit or withdraw the documents related to their land in Karnataka state.

Details about Karnataka Bhoomi online record

Name Bhoomi RTC
  • Beneficiaries 
Karnataka Residents
  • Launched by
The Revenue Department of Karnataka
  • Objective
Digitization of land records
  • Official website

This will enable people to get the desired land records online mode. Many residents can trace their land across the state by the online facility. Usually, most of the energy and time gets wasted in visiting the government offices multiple times for single work. While, when you are doing the same work online, the task gets much easier and safer if you consider today’s pandemic situation. Saving time and money through these online land records RTC is a huge gain for the people and government of Karnataka. The additional benefit is the protection of the records. With a proper security system, it can be maintained unscratched for years. 

For those who do not have an internet facility or can’t afford it, there are kiosk centers set up in the state. One can walk to the nearby kiosk and ask for the service. The state government are running these kiosks for help and the services are provided at minimal cost as follows – 

  • Tippan
Rs 15
  • Mutation status
Rs 15
  • Mutation Extract
Rs 15
  • Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops (RTC)
Rs 10

List of the services provided at Karnataka Bhoomi online portal

  • RTC

  • Tippan

  • Mutation register

  • Mutation extract

  • Kodagu Disaster Rescue

  • i-Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops (i-RTC)

  • RTC information

  • Mutation status

  • Citizen login

  • Registration of citizen

  • XML verification of RTC

  • List of new taluks

  • Register of dispute cases

The above-listed services include all the documents that are mostly required in the cases related to land ownership. Bhoomi Karnataka portal registration can be done through the official website.

  • First, visit the official Bhoomi website

  • On the homepage, click on the ‘Login’ button.

  • Click ‘Create account’ to register yourself.

  • Enter the security captcha.

  • Click on the ‘Submit/Sign up’ button.

How to get i-RTC online – let’s see step by step

  • Click on the ‘i-RTC’ icon under the Bhoomi Services section.

  • In the ‘i-wallet; homepage enter the details as
    • User ID
    • Password
    • Captcha code
    • Click on ‘Login’

The top left will show the options to choose current or old year

Select the following 

  • District

  • Taluka

  • Hobile

  • Village

  • Survey number

  • Click the ‘Fetch details’ button.  

Bhoomi RTC

RTC is the Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops issued to the existing owner. It is a very important document and is also called Pahani. The documents contain the following details based on the survey done on it – 

  • Area of the land

  • Commercial, agricultural, and non-agricultural residential flood area

  • Crops are grown on the land

  • Identification of soil type

  • Information about the owner of the land

  • Liabilities such as bank loans on the land

  • Nature of possession

  • Tenancy

  • Type of land

  • Water rate means how much water is needed to keep the land 

Thus the document will have maximum details about the land and the landowner. The document is also referred to as the pahani report. You can also avail of mutation reports, revenue maps, mutation status, etc online.

Online RTC and mutation extract report

The online facility to get the mutation extract report and original RTC is provided by the government with a minimal fee of Rs 15/-. You can have the online status by following these simple steps – 

  • Open the official website of the land record Karnataka

  • On the appeared page select ‘Choose the online document you need to download’ 

  • Choose ‘RTC’ or ‘Mutation extract’ whichever you want to get

  • Click the ‘Get application option under ‘RTC’ or ‘Mutation extract’ 

  • If you do not have an account then choose the ‘Create account’ option

  • Fill in the details in the application and click the ‘Submit’ option

  • Enter your user ID and password and login the account

  • Pay online and submit the application to get the desired report. 


Karnataka government is progressive in technology and continuously encourages its residents to adapt to the changing rules of the world. Understanding the future of digitalization, the state is leading from the front and enables people to know the importance of using technology. With multiple efforts to make the state a top one in education and technology the efforts of the government are giving fruitful results.   


  • What is Bhoomi RTC?

RTC is Record for Rights, Tenancy, and Crops. Now the digitalization is implemented by the Karnataka government for RTC records.

  • Can I change my RTC name?

Yes, you can change your RTC name by submitting an application to the Revenue department of Karnataka. After completing some formalities you will be intimated by the department about the progress.

  • How can I get pahani online in Karnataka?

You can visit the official website and then select ‘Online’ and ‘RTC’ or ‘Mutation extract’ then to get the pahani report online click ‘Get application’.

  • What is mutation transfer?

Mutation means the transfer of the document from one name to another. Property owners can do a mutation to transfer the ownership of land or property. 

  • Can a property be sold without mutation?

Yes, a property can be sold without mutation as it is not a mandatory requirement to have a mutation of property. It can be sold as long as it is legal. 

  • How can I apply for RTC in Karnataka?

You can visit the official website and then create your account. Fill in all the necessary and mandatory information in the form and then submit it to the Bhoomi portal. 

  •  I am not a resident of Karnataka but possess land there. Can I enroll in RTC? 

Yes, you can enroll in the RTC of Karnataka as long as you possess the land there.