Bhulekh Orissa Khatian & ROR How to Check Land Record Online

On the Orissa Bhulekh portal, people of Orissa can conveniently access land records on the web for the majority of the districts. The Bhulekh Orissa Khatian portal provides access to landowner information, ROR (Record of Rights), property value, plot number, naksha of land, and other land records.

Bhulekh Orissa Khatian is a government website that allows residents of Orissa to search land records in the state's various districts. Citizens can access this information using either their Khatiyan/Plot/Tenant number or their Social Security number. 

The website also includes information about the landlords, the property's worth, a land map, property transactions, and the Record of Rights (ROR). Let's take a step-by-step look at how to use the Bhulekh Orissa portal to search land records online.

How to check khatian land record Orissa

Follow the steps below to check the ROR document of Bhoomi online records in Orissa.

  • Visit the official Bhulekh Orissa website. Or you can follow the link here -

  • On the home page select the option " Select Location for ROR"

  • Then you will be asked to enter details like District, tehsil and village names.

  • Now click on Khatian, Plot or Tenant.

  • After selecting one of the above options, you will be asked to enter either the Khatian number, plot number or the tenant name.

  • When you submit these details, the screen with your ROR details will be available.

  • You can see ROR front page or back page as per your preference by selecting on the screen.

  • Download the ROR document and take a print out of it.

Application fee to download ROR document online 

The application fee to get ROR documents of land records online in Orissa are as follows:



User cost and government fees

INR 30

Charges for printing

INR 10

Certificate output charges

INR 10

Kiosk operator service charges


Scanning charges


DEGs charges



How to apply for ror record at bhulekh Orissa khatian?

The ROR paper includes valuable details about the property or plot. Through ROR you can obtain information on landowners, agricultural aspects, land costs, land history, and so on. These basic steps should be followed to apply for ROR documents –

  • You can download the application form from the District Revenue Office.

  • Then carefully fill out the form and attach all the important documents asked.

  • When you submit the form to the Revenue District Office, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt from them.

  • The form you submitted will be checked by the department.

  • Once all the verification is done, the ROR document will be approved and granted.

Documents required for ror land record online

While submitting the form to generate the ROR document you will be asked to submit scanned or Xerox copies of a few important documents. Before applying you must keep these documents ready.

  • Property ownership documents

  • ID proofs such as voter ID, Aadhaar card, ration card, etc.

  • Tax payment receipt

  • Income certificate

  • Encumbrance certificate

What is the difference between online Orissa Khatian and ROR land records and actual copies of land records?

Land records were only kept by government offices until the end of the last decade, but as internet use became more widespread, the Orissa government launched the Bhulekh web portal. This website provides easy access to information about online Orissa Khatian and ROR. However, it differs from a physical copy of land documents. The main difference is that the printed paper does not have a valid stamp (except for the printed stamp seal) and no government official attests to it.

What is the use of jami khatian Odisha?

Both the public and government officials have benefited immensely from online land records. The simple explanation for this is that citizens no longer have to rely on government officials to provide them with every information. They can now obtain this information by performing a simple internet search.

Question & Answers

What are the uses of ror document?

ROR is a very important document. Following are the uses of this document:

  • In Odisha, ROR is used to determine who owns a piece of ancestral land or some other piece of land.

  • ROR extracts may be used to learn about the different types of land and the various things that take place on it.

  • Odisha ROR is a crucial text for obtaining knowledge about a land's agricultural aspects and surrounding areas.

  • When a land sale transaction (mutation) is completed, ROR is required at the Registrar's office.

  • The Odisha record of rights is one of the necessary documents for raising farm creditors in order to obtain a bank loan.

  • In the event of a civil action, the court would need land record proofs. ROR-IB extract can be made for this reason.

  • When purchasing property, it is necessary to check the seller's property card to ensure that he or she owns the land.

  • In the case of buying flats, the buyer must check the purchase of the land (ROR) on which the flat is being built.

How much time will it take to issue an ROR document?

It takes approximately 30 days for the department to verify all the details and issue a ROR document.

Can I apply online for ror document?

Yes! You can apply online through the CSC near your place of residence. 

How can I track my ror application status?

You will receive your ROR application status through SMS. Alternatively you can also check it online on the Orissa e-district online portal by entering the application or acknowledgement number.