Bihar Land Record

Bihar Land Record can be visible at the Bhulekh which is one amazing online database option that can help you even have a look at the management system and access those land records that are available in the Bihar state. This Bihar Land Record scheme has been the initiation of the central government’s National Land Record Modernization Program. The Bihar government has now made it quite convenient for the public as they have digitized the land records. It is now possible to check the records at the Bihar Bhulekh official website which is where you simply must use either party name or the serial number.

About the land records:

Land records come in many types of important data such as the sale deeds which are then maintained by different departments. The Bihar land mutation document also consists of the tenancy, records of the rights, and crop inspection to name some. There is also other information like soil, shape, size, and economic information associated with the land with the help of crop and irrigation. Bhumijankari’ is another popular name for the land record in Bihar which is also an online service for land recording. You must visit the official website of Bhumijankari where you must fill up the details given below for the online registration.

  • Father/husband name
  • Khata number
  • Land value in rupees
  • Property location
  • Mauja
  • Registration office
  • Circle
  • Date of registration
  • Party name
  • Serial and deed number
  • The area in decimal form
  • Plot number
  • Land type

How to find land records online in Bihar -

  1. You first have to log in on the official website of the Bhumijankari and then choose the serial number 
  2. Now choose the category whether it is Pre-Computerization (1996 to 2006) or Post Computerization (2006 to date) 
  3. Enter all the right details and then choose the view option to get accurate information.  
  4. How to Check Bihar Land Records by Party Name
  5. Now follow the same login process which is you first must log in on the official website of the Bhumijankari and then search as per the name of the party 
  6. Fill up all the asked data and then choose the view option by which you can fetch the details. 

How to check MVR online?

Minimum Value Register (MVR) is one amazing tool by which you can get the plot estimation depending on the Bihar location. To check the MVR online, you have to first:

Login to the Bhumijankari website

Choose the View MVR option and enter all the important details like Circle name, registration office, Land Type, and even the Thana code

How to get the Encumbrance Certificate (EC)?

For this first log in to and put in all the Bihar land survey information. On which you will get a link where you must click and see the transaction. If you have been looking to view the MVR for flats then you can go for the Bhumijankari MVR Flats and choose the desired data given below: 

  • Property location
  • Thana code
  • The plot area of the apartment (sq. ft.)
  • Town
  • Circle name
  • Local body (urban, rural)
  • The flat area of the apartment (sq. ft.)
  • Parking space (sq. ft.)
  • Road type
  • Super built-up area (sq. ft.)
  • Structure type

How to look for the Property Document by Deed Number

You need to Verify the Property by Deed Number for which you can search by going to the Bhumijankari search by deed page. Make sure you then choose the pre-computerization or post-computerization. Later you must enter the other data to make sure you get the right document of the property:

  • Registration office.
  • Serial number or deed number.
  • Select the year range.

How to See Bihar Land Records Online?

  1. The best part is Bhulekh Bihar brings you an official website that is extremely easy to access You can use it from any corner to have a look at the Bihar properties.
  2. The site gives you two options either to use the serial number or the party name  
  3. If you click the party name then there will be a registration page of post-computerization and pre-computerization. You must choose as per the registration year.
  4. After this, you must enter the part name with the right years and then also choose the party type whether it is claimant, execute, or both.
  5. It is time to hit on the view section and the documents of the Bihar Bhulekh will be seen


To check the bank records is no more a daunting task. Thanks to the Bhulekh Bihar, now you don’t have to face the discrepancies and tiresome process as everything is digitalized and available online. Simply enter the details asked, and you shall get the uploaded land record of the state. Bihar has made it so convenient and easily available to the official website that with just one click, you get all the information. This way state residents get a lot of purposes to help that may range from the land valuation and verification certification.

Questions and answers:

Is there any better way to see the Encumbrance Certificate?

Of course, no one would want to get the entanglement in the legal concerns when it is associated with the property. That is why the use of an Encumbrance certificate is said to be of primary importance. It helps you see whether the land comes with any kind of legal disputes and whether it can be viewed on the website of the Bhumijankari. Right after you select the details, the certificate will be displayed.

How to see my land records in Bihar?

For this, you can simply go to the official website of the Bhumijankari. With just one click all the details will be available right in front of you. You then must choose the right option.

How do you know who is the landowner Bihar?

Well, for this as well you simply must visit the official website. You have to keep in mind there are few details such as a serial number that you must have handy. Once you click on search as per the serial number, all the details will be displayed in front of you.