CSC Certificate Download 2021


The CS certificate is given to those owners of the digital stores or the center that work as the front-end service delivery point. If these owners work for public or private areas then they can be a part of this certificate. CSC is the short form for the Common Service Centre. They are conceptualized under the National e-Governance Plan which has been formulated by the Ministry of Communication, the Department of Electronics, and Information Technology (DEITY), and Information Technology along with the Indian Government

This type of certificate is for those Village Level Entrepreneurs who have been delivering private and public services to the end consumers from the center of CSC. To download the CSC center certificate online there is a process that needs to be followed. The scheme covers different services such as agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking and financial services, utility payments, etc. Only the users who have finished courses in Telecentre Entrepreneur which CSC academy as designed are eligible to apply for a CSC certificate as a VLE to one of the CSC centers that serve the digital service to people

Know more about the Common service certificate

Before you consider getting CSC Certificate Download, it is important to have good clarity about this kind of scheme. It was introduced as a good governance part and has been stated to be two in one solution that helps in revamping the system of front-end delivery of the public service at the same time it would encourage rural entrepreneurship to make new jobs. In the year 2006, this scheme was started, and currently, it is said to be one of the 31 Mission Mode Projects under “Digital India”.

Students can explore more about such certifications and explore different academic purposes types along with professional ones. This service is also known as a special purpose vehicle. It is responsible for connecting the government department, insurance companies, and banks with the local people. It also helps in maintaining the connection between different service providers in the private sector using the networking of IT-enabled citizen service points.

Advantages of CSC (VLE) Certificate

The process to Download CSC certificate 2021 is quite easy. Since this certification is offered to those users who want to serve as the digital center for the local people to get the digital services, there are ample advantages. To get such certification, the applicant must finish some courses. In the span of this certification, it is convenient for the candidates to use the internet, computers, and even other digital technologies that shall help them to gather all the information at the digital platform. They can thus learn, create, and even gather digital data with others and improve the skills. Such entrepreneurs of telecentre do exist in almost every corner of India located in CSC Centre.

There are advantages of getting the certification as the VLE. Talking of which the user can have their small-scale industry where he can serve the people on behalf of the private sector and government. This is one of the best services that has been started every Indian citizen can get the schemes and benefits or even the plans that are offered by different Indian bodies.

Eligibility to Participate in CSC Scheme

To be a perfect fit for this scheme, the person must fall in certain eligibility criteria such as:

  • The candidate must be a local person.

  • The age of the applicant must be more than 18 years.

  • Qualification of the person should be preferably Matriculation Level Examination cleared or equivalent from recognized board.

Other Requirements

  • Applicants must be good at reading and writing the local language.

  • Applicants must have better Computer Skills.

  • Applicant must have the basic knowledge of English Language

Why was the Common Service Centre set up?

The primary motive of setting up this center which is popularly referred to as the CSC is to do pay with the middleman. There will not be any role of the middleman in any activity. Since people will have better access to the necessities and shall also be aware of how the transaction needs to be carried out then they will not need any kind of middle man.

Such type of news is good for many people since there have been tremendous incidents reports where the middleman has been a victim of fraud and has lost hard-earned money.

With the CSC scheme, the person gets G2C services or the government to the citizen’s advantage. This means it will not be the middleman that shall be enjoying the features and benefits. Since the government has launched all the services, they shall also be introducing directly to the citizens with complete transparency. This means in the future there are expectations of better ideas and policies that may come up

Moving further, the government services price will also be made public. This means there would be a perfect balance of the value and no bribes will be entertained by any middleman. As there will be a hike in the transaction, the VLE responsibility will also increase. This means, there will be a good effort that shall be made for maintaining the customer base and thus improvise the relation of the customer.

When one has access to the alternative avenue to apply for certain services without relying on any third party it would then improve the accountability aspect as well. This will be better in social welfare programs areas such as ration cards and the old-age pension.

There is a part of the CSC scheme which is SPV. It has been made in a way that the government can open using the e-Governance in a much better and efficient manner. The platform will be connected using CSC networking. As per the companies act 1956, in the year 2009, there was CSC SPV which was incorporated. It is also called the CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd’. The primary aim of SPV is to monitor the scheme of CSC and ensure that different activities will be carried out according to the guidelines for monitoring the outcome as per the central and state government

How to Download a CSC Certificate?

There is no hard and fast rule to VLE new certificate pdf download. However, there is a systematic process of downloading such a certificate. The step includes:

  • Visit the official website (

  • Click on the My Account link that you can find on the homepage 

  • You will then be redirected to another webpage 

  • You will have to state the details like Modality and CSC ID along with the captcha code and then confirm all the details. 

  • You will be redirected to another page once you click on submit button where you need to do the OTP verification 

  • Once the OTP will be sent to the registered mobile and email where you need to complete the verification.

  • You can then verify yourself with a fingerprint on the fingerprint device. This is an important verification step that is mandatory without which you won’t be able to proceed further

  • Right after the verification is done through biometric another page will appear on the screen where you will see the CSC certificate

  • You can download the certification later and get the print of it in near future.

Details included in the certificate

  • The certificate has the following information of the respective certificate holder

  • Name of the VLE

  • Logo of CSC institute issuing certificate

  • Date of Birth

  • Aadhaar Card Number

  • Passport photo

  • Permanent Address with Pin code

  • CSC center name and complete address

  • QR code and VLE ID

CSC Certificate Documents Required

If you are considering the VLE certificate download online, you need to understand that there are some documents required to apply for the CSC VLE certificate are:

  • Proof of Identity

  • Canceled copy of cheque/passbook

  • At least 120 GB Hard Disc Drive.

  • CD/DVD Drive.

  • Applicant photo

  • Proof of Address

  • CSC Certificate Systems Required for Registration

  • Internet connection with at least 128 kbps speed for browsing & data uploading.

  • At least 512 MB RAM.

  • UPS PC with Licensed Windows XP-SP2 or above operating system.

  • Printer/ Colour Printer.

  • Scanner.

  • With 4 hrs battery backup/Portable Genset.

  • Webcam/digital camera.


The primary idea behind the CSC certificate is to digitize different government schemes so that it becomes quite easy to carry the whole process. The job will be handed to the applicant who shall work as the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)’. The person will be responsible for running the Common Service Centres. The focus of this is to have at least one such center in every gram panchayat. Currently, there are more than 2lkah of gram panchayat in the county.

Questions and Answers

What is a CSC certificate?

CSC is the short form of Common Service Centres. It is a certificate that the owner gets who has digital shops or centers and works as the front-end service delivery solution for the private and public sectors in different areas.

If I want to know the CSC Certificate Application Status, what is the process?

The process is quite simple. You must follow the given steps:

  • Go to the link (

  • Enter the Application Reference Number. This number must have been sent to your registered email address during the application procedure 

  • Enter the captcha

  • Submit the details

  • The status of your application will be on your device

Where can I find a CSC center?

This centre is the operational place for the Village Level Entrepreneur which you will find in the nearby village. It operates different activities and serves the people on behalf of private and public organizations.