DDA Draw Result 2021


DDA is the short form for the Delhi Development Authority which has been holding a draw to the housing scheme of the year 2021. There has been an allotment that shall be made depending on the random generation of the number and it shall go to the live streamlining use of the website which is official one dda.webcast.ml. You can also get the result on YouTube. There are flats on the offer that you can see in this scheme for different categories at different locations such as Jasola, Dwarka, Vasant, and Rohini to name some.

There will be a draw allotment by the Delhi Development Authority which shall be conducted for the flat allotment under the housing scheme of DDA Draw Result in the 2021 year. The draw shall be made depending on the random generation system of the numbers. The presentation of the same shall be done by the sneerier officers and judges of the DDA.

DDA Housing Scheme Online Booking 2021

There has been an announcement made at the initial housing scheme to book the flats online for the first time and that too for the first-served basis. There shall be a total of 18000 flats that would be made available for the booking to be made online from 2019 which would be allotted today. And all these apartments shall be 1 BHK. This is the first allotment phase and on the response basis, another one shall be launched.

DDA Housing Scheme Draw Date

The announcement is yet to be made on the DDA Draw Result Lottery Winners for which more than 30000 registrants had applied. More than 12000 of the flats are already allotted by DDA and nearly 5 months back there has been a DDA rolling out its housing scheme for the next year and for those who shall be looking forward to purchasing in New Delhi. The scheme was initiated by the Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu who even launched it while connecting it with the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Process of Draw Results

The results are drawn for the flat allotment through computerized format. It shall be based on random numbers which shall be Indicated Technique. There is a whole draw process that comes in three stages that is

  • Randomization of applicants

  • Flats picking of Lucky Numbers

  • The mapping of applicants and the flats.

The records of the application along with the flats shall be randomized by the random number to every application and every plot and the random numbers will be used for sorting.

The randomized applicant records and even the flats are then printers and those printed forms of the applicant’s record are further called the applicants across references process.,

There is a printed form of these flats which is the cross-reference flats. These flats for the pelicans are then placed before the judges wagered the applicants are verified and checked and then a preferred shuffling is done.

Once the judges consider it to be fine then further steps are finalized and things are then taken care of well.

About the draw:

This draw is for the house’s allotment under the DDA housing scheme. The whole process of the draw is then live telecasted and is then conducted as per the senior official’s presence.

The result of the DDA are then for the housing schemes for which the allotment was made depending on the generation system for the random number

This has the flats that are offered in different locations be it Jasola and Dwarka.

The launch of the scheme was done in the year 2021 and it consisted of 13000 flats on the offer. However, it was designed for the high-income group for 254 flats while for the low-income group it was 52 flats, and then for the economically weak section, it was 291 flats.

Here’s how you can check the result of the draw held by DDA:

  • You first must visit the Delhi Development Authority: www.dda.org.in which is the official website 

  • Once you are on the homepage, click on the hyperlink which you can see below the online public service section. It also shows the headline as Draw Result of DDA Housing Scheme 2021 

  • There will be a new window that shall pop up in which all the list will be highlighted for those who have been given the flats primarily. 

  • You can find your name by using the shortcut of the keyboard which is Use Ctrl + F or Command + F


As per the official statement that DDA has made, it is assumed that all the applicants must submit the house cost within 90 days from the user data for the demand cum allotment letter. Once the possession letter is issued to the buyer who can then save a date for the home physical possession and then reserve the date for the conveyance added using the official online portal.

Question and answers:

What is the right way to Get a Flat Allotment Letter?

Those allottees who got success will then receive the allotment letter using the speed post or even the registered one at the address that the application form has. But you need to even verify the results and in case any delay happens and you are not getting the allotment letter then DDA may not be responsible.

What About Waiting List?

The draw on the property shall be made for another waiting list of applicants by the DDA which would be equal to 5% of the flats that shall be offered. The waiting list validity shall only be for the 10 months from the issuance demand letter to the successful applicant.

Where Can I See the Result of the Draw?

Winners can see the list in the draw on the website of the DDA. The exact date shall be out on the notification at the same website a few days before the results are drawn.