Delhi e-district online portal

The Delhi government has built this new platform to provide its people with a wide range of services at their fingertips. The e-District Delhi Service Portal is a government project that was recently launched. 

It not only makes it easier to access government facilities, but it also makes it easier to receive government licences and other forms of identification without having to wait in long lines. 

E-district Online Portal allows for online access as well as the timely and effective delivery of services to people who request them.

Everything you need to know about the e-District Delhi Service Portal is right here.

Services offered at delhi e-district portal

Citizens can access the following services via the e-District Delhi Service Portal:

  • Certificates: Income certificates, survivor certificates, provisional cinematograph certificates, caste certificates, and so on.

  • Schemes run by the government include the Disability Pension Scheme, the Old Age Pension Scheme, among others.

  • Funeral benefits, marital assistance benefits, financial assistance for ex-servicemen, and other benefits are available.

  • Scholarships for higher education at the state level

In addition to all of the above resources and a slew of others, the portal allows you to:

  • Keep track of your application's development.

  • Verify the certificates online by entering your details, printing, and downloading the certificates once they are made available;

  • Compile a list of complaints and grievances.

  • Keep track of the complaint's progress.

  • For any purpose, identify and locate the nearest UIDAI centre and the nearest subdivision centre.

The processing period is usually short since the entire process of these services, including monitoring, is done online. It varies, however, depending on the quality of the service and what the citizen is looking for, and normally lasts between 10 and 90 days.

How to register at delhi e-district portal

If you want to apply for a specific service as a resident, you must first register on E-District Delhi.

  • To begin, go to the e-district website at or search for e-district Delhi on Google .

  • Then, using your Aadhar card or voter id (whichever you have) or as per your preference, you can register as a new person

  • You should now choose a document category. Aadhar card or voter id is a government-issued identification card that is required at this stage.

  • Then enter the document number, such as an Aadhar card number or a voter id number, and enter the specified security code before clicking on the e-KYC consent button.

  • Then press the "Continue" button.

  • Now you'll see the citizen registration form; simply fill in all of the required information, including your phone number and the email address to which the OTP will be sent.

  • Then press continue to register, and your provisional registration information will be saved, and your access code and password will be sent to the phone number and email address you provided.

  • To complete registration, simply enter the access code and password that was sent to you.

  • After entering the access code and password, click Complete Registration to see a pop-up window confirming your registration, which will show your user id, name, gender, DOB, email id, registration date, and user id with password.

  • You can now log in with this user id and password and make changes as required.

  • You may now apply for any service on the e-district website by completing the appropriate form.

How to log in to e-district online portal

It's very convenient to log in to the e-district portal after you've registered because you'll be given a user id and password when you register, and I've already explained how to register above.

So, if you want to log in to the e-district portal as a new or registered user, you can do so by simply obtaining the user id and password.

You can log in by following these steps:

  • To begin, go to the e-district website at or search for e-district Delhi on Google

  • Then go to the page – Login as a registered user. 

  • then enter your user id and password, as well as the captcha code that appears. 

  • Then click on the login button. 

  • Now you'll be able to use the portal.

  • You may now fill out a form to apply for any service.

Check your application status

You can also track your application status for a specified service you have applied for. To track down your application follow the steps below:

Step 1 – A list of the program can be found in the top right corner of the homepage. Select Track Your Application from the drop-down menu. Once you've done that, you'll be taken to the tracking tab, where you'll be asked for the following information:

  • Department 

  • Applied For 

  • Application Number 

  • Applicant Name 

  • Captcha

You can press the search button once you have correctly filled in all of the above information. Sending a text message to 7738299899 with the format SMS – EDISTDL is another way to monitor the status of your application made on the e-District Delhi Service Portal.

Question and answers

What can I do if my application is turned down?

You would have to reapply after completing the documents/procedure and no further action can be taken if the application is refused by the appropriate authority.

What should I do if my application is still active after the specified number of days has passed?

Please contact the appropriate authority using the phone number or email address specified in the contact us section.

What is the procedure for receiving my Certificate?

If your application has been accepted, you can enter the e-District portal and download the digitally signed certificate using the application number you were issued at the time of application (online or at the counter). The certificate's validity can be checked electronically by user-agencies using the certificate number.

What happens to my account if I forget my password?

You can get a copy of your profile at any time. You'll need your mobile number and the registration document number that you provided when you created your profile. If your phone number is no longer available, you can contact the e-District team to have your account reactivated. Please keep in mind that the same identification documents cannot be used to build several accounts.

How long should I wait to reapply for a service?

If a citizen's previous application for service was refused by the competent authority, he is entitled to reapply for it once. Citizens are told not to reapply if they do not meet the application's eligibility criteria.