Delhi Voter List 2021

Today’s era is facing a lot of problems due to the increasing pandemic concerns. COVID-19 has taken over the whole world and for the same reason, everything is slowly getting into the online platform. Nowadays, everything such as studies, office works, and also voter IDs and lists have come up on the online platform. 

This is to make sure that people stay at their homes themselves and they also get all the required facilities there. The Rajya Sabha elections were held in Delhi this year and for the same, the voter’s list of eligible people is introduced on the Internet. 

This Delhi Voter List 2021 is now available free of cost on the official website of the Government. The elections were held for approximately 70 seats and the people who were eligible to vote in the same were included in the list that could be downloaded by them very easily. This list is available online along with the QR code and Booth app, which were initially present on the online medium. 

Along with the eligible people for the elections, the people who have just applied for getting the Voter ID card can also search their names in this category list. This has made everything very convenient and easy for the people in the first place for sure. This facility is launched this year by the Chief Electoral Officer and has basic work in offering voter service to the people at their fingertips itself. 

Steps to Find your Name in the Delhi Voter List 2021:-

The following are the steps through which people can find whether their names are present in the Delhi Voter List 2021 or not-

  • STEP 1 

Search for the Chief Electoral Officer official website first. This will directly take you to the National Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP)  

  • STEP 2

On the Home Page, you will see the option 'Check your Name in the Delhi Voter's List 2021’. Click on the same. This will open a new page on your computer screen.  

  • STEP 3

Then click on the option 'Search by EPIC No.’. A form for the same will open on your computer screens. Fill in the complete form properly and click on the Submit option.  

After completing all these steps, if your name is present in the list, then it will appear on your screen very easily. However, if your name is not included in the Delhi Voter List 2021, then the screen will leave a message of  “Sorry, Name not found” on your screens. 

The people whose names have appeared in the Delhi Voters List 2021 can download this as proof of their existence in the list and their eligibility to vote in the coming Rajya Sabha elections is confirmed by this. To download this list, people can click on the 'Download List' option that is present on the screen. This list will get downloaded in Pdf form and will be available on your mobile phones or computers whenever you want. 

With the help of this facility, people are experiencing a lot of convenience in getting availed of their names in the Voter List of Delhi for the Rajya Sabha elections of 2021. Also, the ones whose name is not present in this list can apply for the status of their voter IDs on the same official website in the first place. 


By availing of the Download Delhi Voter List option, people will get a lot of benefits for themselves for sure. They will get to know whether their name is on the list or not and the basis of the same, they can consider themselves in the voting category for sure.

Also, the availability of the Delhi Voter List in Hindi is benefitting all those people who are not able to read English and that is why are not able to find whether their names are included in the list in the first place or not. Therefore, availing of this list will give proper clearance to the people about their ability to vote in future elections for sure. 


Can the non-residential citizens of Delhi avail of this list?

No, only the people who are living and voting in Delhi can avail of this list. Also, only their name is enlisted on the Delhi Voter List 2021 according to their name and other details. 

Is the online Delhi Voter List 2021 visible to everyone?

Yes, once a person downloads the Delhi Voter List, they can avail of everyone’s name and number on it. Also, this list is available to everyone who wants to visit the official site and download it from there. 

Can people download the Delhi Voter List 2021 from any other medium other than its official website?

Yes, people can search for the Download Delhi Voter List option on Google and click on the link of the same for downloading the list without visiting the official website of the same. 

In which form is the Delhi Voter List 2021 downloaded by the people?

The Delhi Voter List 2021 can be downloaded by the people in the Pdf form. This is the only form in which the list can be downloaded and that too undoubtedly.

What details does a Delhi Voter List 2021 contain in it?

The Delhi Voter List 2021 contains the name of the eligible voter, their residential address, and some of their other details. 

Which language selections are included in the Delhi Voter List 2021?

The Delhi Voter List 2021 is available in English and Hindi, the regional language of Delhi. Also, now people can select some other popular regional languages such as Marathi for their list. Therefore, people can easily avail themselves of the Delhi Voter List in Hindi for sure. 

On what basis is the distribution of the Delhi Voter List 2021 based?

The distribution of the Delhi Voter List is distributed according to the region or area all over Delhi.