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Updated on Mar 16, 2020 By Pandit Shivam
Government of India has launched Digi Locker. As we grow up we realize that a number of documents such as Aadhar card, pan card license, etc. become a vital part of our life. Safe storage of such important documents can give even the organized one’s a headache. Also, not being able to produce these in the time of need can land you in a serious distress.   To seek permanent redressal of this problem, the Government of India has launched Digi Locker – A cloud based platform under its Digital India campaign. DigiLocker was made available to public by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology in February 2015. Let us know how to use DigiLocker and see how it is a convenient solution to store documents online.


DigiLocker, as the name suggests, is a secured online locker repository which provides a platform to accumulate all important documents at one place. This Government website allows storage of documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving License and certificates like Mark sheets, caste, Degree, etc. It permits safe storage of data up to 1GB per user. Moreover, the facility to digitally sign the documents using the e-sign feature is also provided by Digi locker.

The various sections available in DigiLocker account are:

  • My certificates: This section shows all documents available or uploaded in your account.
  • Digital Documents: This contains the URL links of all documents issued by central or state government agencies.
  • Uploaded Documents: This part consists of documents uploaded by user, the size of these documents must not be greater than 1MB. You can upload only JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG file formats.
  • Profile: Users can see or update saved personal data such as Name, Phone number, etc. under this section.
  • Issuer: It contains information related to your issuer and documents issued by them.
  • Requester: Includes names of requester and documents requested by them.
  • Directories: Contains the names of all issuers and requesters and their links.


The Digi Locker is one of the greatest initiative launched under the Digital India Movement. Its benefits are summarized as follows.
  • Allows the citizens to get digitally empowered with the use of latest technology.
  • The documents stored on digilocker are valid in all colleges, institutions and Government departments.
  • Digilocker provides authenticity of e-documents.
  • It is completely safe and secure, thus ensuring privacy of individual’s personal data.
  • It curtails the operating time required to avail different services. As the documents uploaded on DigiLocker are formerly verified, they are accepted without any cross verification.
  • Your files are stored on cloud, thus it eliminates the odds such as theft and loss of documents.
  • Digilocker app facilitates users with the e-sign feature, allowing them do self-attestation of documents online. One can upload the document, e-sign it and submit it quickly as and when required.
  • It reduces the hassle of handling and storage of the documents in their physical form. The documents stored can be accessed online anywhere through your digilocker account.
  • Being a Government of India Initiative, Digi locker is absolutely free of cost. One does not need to pay any money to register or store documents. Moreover, accessing the documents and sharing it with different institutions/departments is also free.
  • As the documents are stored online, digilocker prevents malpractices and forgery with the documents.
  • It reduces the administrative costs of the government departments and agencies as well.


It takes hardly ten minutes for a new user to register on digi locker. Here is step-by-step procedure on how to activate digilocker account.
  1. Visit the official DigiLocker website at https://digilocker.gov.in/
DIGI LOCKER DIGI LOCKER 2. Click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button present on the top right corner. DIGI LOCKER DIGI LOCKER
  1. On doing so, a page to enter your mobile number will be displayed. Enter the number and click ‘continue’
  1. Now you will receive a OTP on your mobile, enter this OTP and click ‘Verify’
  2. Set up your username and password on the next page. DIGI LOCKER DIGI LOCKER
  3. Now you will have to enter your Aadhar number. I you don’t have the Aadhar number, Click on the "don’t have an Aadhar? Continue here” button.
  4. If you have an Aadhar number, you can enter it in step 6, upon doing so you will be asked to verify it using OTP or fingerprint. If you choose OTP option, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, enter the OTP and click on validate OTP. DIGI LOCKER DIGI LOCKER
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the process to create digilocker account. You can now login to your account with the digi locker username and password.
  6. Now you will have to verify your email to activate digilocker account.


You can upload documents on digilocker app under the ‘My certificates’ section.
  • Use your Digilocker username and password for digilocker login.
  • Click on the arrow box (shown in image below). DIGI LOCKER DIGI LOCKER
  • Select the desired document type you wish to upload (Aadhar card, PAN card, Degree certificate, Driver’s License, Voter ID card, etc.) DIGI LOCKER DIGI LOCKER
  • Provide a name to the document.
  • Enter details relevant to the document.
  • Now select the file from your computer. Make sure that the file being uploaded should not be greater than 1MB in size. Digi Locker only accepts JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP file formats.
  • Fill in a short description.
  • Click on the upload button.


  • Use your Digilocker Sign in username and password to access your account.
  • Search for your desired document in the search section
  • Click on verification record of that document. For example, if you want to get your pan card, click on PAN verification record.
  • Use the document number to search for your document. For example, use the PAN number to search for PAN card.
  • Check the consent box and click on Get the document.
  • The required document will be downloaded in your computer. You can also share it as and when needed.
DigiLocker is a significant step towards the development of our nation. It not only provides a platform to manage all important documents at one place, but it also minimizes the challenges faced by different Government departments/agencies/institutions.  With thousands of increasing users, digi locker is definitely proving itself as a boon in our day-to-day life. We hope that this article on how to use digilocker provides you will all the necessary information, if you have any queries, you can leave them in the comment section.

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