Digilocker is an approach that the Indian government has taken under the program called digital India. It helps in moving towards paperless work with digital governance. Considering the pandemic crises where touchless services are being promoted more, there is no doubt that such an option shall turn to be a valuable one. There was once a time when people had to get the attestation of the documents signed by the officer and show it as valid proof. However, to get the download Digi locker documents reissued was quite a time taking one and the task was not easy too. In order to deal with such problems, the government has come up with digital documentation and design with the help of Digi locker.

What is a Digi Locker?

This is secured personal storage for online Digi locker download purposes where you would be able to store all your valuable documents. The service is accessible to all Indian citizens who have Aadhar cards. Every citizen must register themselves to Digi locker in order to avail themselves of the benefits. Post application, they will be given the storage space of 1 GB that will be Aadhaar linked. You will not just store the official documents such as the pan card or mark sheet but also the voter id card and passport as well.

There are some smarts steps that can help you create the online Digi locker account:

Firstly, visit the website of Digi locker app download digilocker.gov.in. You will also be able to download the application from its app which you can find on the play store or app store. 

  • Further, use the Aadhaar number for creating the digital locker account using the Digi locker website digilocker.gov.in 

  • See to it that your current phone is registered with your Aadhaar number. It is now time to sign up by clicking on the button of the same name. You need to further fill up details like birth date, full name, and mobile number. Make sure the security PIN and email id are carefully put. 

  • Now enter the Aadhar number which is a 12-digit number. You shall be asked two options whether to go for fingerprint or OTP/ the call is entirely yours.

  • Now once the whole process is done online, there will be an application process that shall prompt the user to come up with good credentials like username and password. Create in a way that it is secured and then your application can be visible on the dashboard screen right after you hit the sign-up button.

Now once you log in to your Digi locker online account, you will be able to see some sections like:

  • Dashboard: This is the home screen of your DigiLocker account where you will be able to navigate to other sections of DigiLocker from here. 

  • Issued Documents: This section shows a list of digital documents URIs (links) or certificates issued by the Govt. departments integrated with DigiLocker.

  • Uploaded Documents: This section shows the documents uploaded by you. 

  • Shared Documents: This section shows the list of documents you have shared with others.

  • Activity: This section keeps a log of all the activities performed by you in your DigiLocker account.

  • Issuers: This section shows the lists of departments and agencies that are registered with DigiLocker as issuers.

The key features of DigiLocker

  • You get an online account with storage of 1 GB space if you are an Aadhaar holder

  • The issuer department can push the documents in the digital locker system

  • The documents can be shared by the residents and then with other registered organizations

  • It is possible for the residents to upload the document and sign them digitally

DigiLocker Benefits:

  • Operation cycle reduces for different financial services:

If you want to avail of the Digi locker app download for android free services for driving license, pan card, or even passport, you need document submissions. Once you submit the documents they are verified and there is an investment process the carrier doubts. But if you have a Digi locker account, all the documents get submitted and thus you can save a lot of time.

  • Assured safety:

As most of the documents are online stored, there is no risk of theft or loss. Besides, you must also carry all the documents in the physical form by which you can get additional safety padding.

  • E-signature

This option offers the self-attestation of the document and thus helps in expediting the transactions and application.

  • Less Administrative Costs

If you carry login Digi locker documents handy always you must be quite careful. But with digital locker, the storage and handling of the documentation in the physical form get eliminated.

Other advantages:

  • Ensures easy availability of documents online.

  • Offers authenticity of the e-documents.

  • Empowers the citizens digitally.

  • Reduces the use of physical documents and fake documents.

  • Provides secured access to documents issued by the government.

  • Provides fast access to documents anytime and from anywhere.

  • Ensures complete privacy of residents’ data.

  • Reduces administrative costs of government departments and agencies.

  • Enables easy sharing of documents across departments and agencies.


 This locker offers better access to authentic virtual documentation. This is one amazing document wallet system where you can store all the important documents like a Pan card, voter id, and even a driving license. It is even possible for you to upload the documents and thus keep them safe when you sign up for the Digi locker account. 

Questions and answers

Do police accept DigiLocker?

As per the recent tweet that Delhi Traffic Police has made, Digilocker is valid if asked by a traffic cop. documents in Digi locker login with aadhar are valid but if there is any violation then a hard copy of the driving license is needed

What documents can be stored in DigiLocker?

This is a cloud-based document storage system of the Government of India where you can store documents like PAN cards, mark sheets, insurance policies, certificates, driving license, etc. in a digital format

Is DigiLocker legal?

MoRTH has digitally signed the digital RC & DL in DigiLocker. Besides, it is a digital document legally valid under the Indian IT Act 2000.