E-District Odisha Certificate

Odisha's government has opened an online platform for obtaining different types of E certificates. These certificates are official documents from the government that state certain facts that are valid and are needed by people for different purposes. Income certificates, caste certificates, residency certificates, legal heir certificates, and guardianship certificates are all examples of E district Odisha certificates. These certificates are required for a variety of reasons, including applying for scholarships and receiving government benefits. These certificates are also required for a variety of positions. If you are an Odisha resident, you can apply for these certificates online. You simply need to apply for it on the official website.

What is the odisha e-district certificate?

On December 28, 2019, Odisha's chief minister, Mr Naveen Patnaik, launched a portal based on the 5t model. All people of Odisha can obtain certificates of income, caste, residency, and other information through this portal. The government would not charge any fees in order to receive these certificates. To obtain these certificates, you must apply online and follow the protocol outlined by us. You may also apply for these certificates at the common service centre. This portal's operation is overseen by the department of electronics and information technology, the ministry of communication and information technology, and the Indian government. You no longer need to visit government offices or Tehsils in order to obtain these certificates. You simply need to go to the official portal and apply for an E certificate if you require these certifications.

Objective of the scheme

The main goal of the E district Odisha certificate portal is to make all types of government certificates accessible to people of Odisha through the internet. You only need to apply online with the aid of the E district Odisha certificate portal. No visits to government offices or tehsils are needed. This website will help you save a lot of time and money.

Benefits of the odisha e-district certificate

  • All types of government certificates will be accessible to the public in an online format through this site.

  • This portal is only for Odisha residents.

  • To obtain E-certificates, citizens of Odisha must apply online.

  • The government would not charge any fees for issuing these certificates.

  • People can save time and money by not having to visit government offices or tehsils.

  • The application procedure is also very straightforward.

  • On December 28, 2019, the Odisha government launched the portal under the 5t model.

  • This portal is operated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and the Government of India.

Types of E-Certificate

A resident certificate is a document that serves as evidence of a person's address. This certificate verifies that you are currently residing at that address.

Income certificate: This certificate is evidence of a person's taxable income, which he or his family earns.

A guardianship certificate is an evidence that a minor has been placed in the care of an adult.

A caste certificate is a document that proves a person's caste. People from the SC, ST, SEBC and OBC castes receive these certificates.

A legal heir certificate is a special document that creates a relationship between a deceased person and his or her heir. This certificate is used in the event of an inheritance or wealth transfer.

Other licences and certificates: This hotel can also receive other types of certificates and licences, such as income and asset certificates, seed licences, number registration systems, and so on.

Key features of the odisha e-district certificate

The services make use of one or more of the framework's features, which include:

  • Submission of applications through online, kiosk or Government offices

  • Acknowledgement Slip

  • Aadhaar based demographic authentication

  • eSign in application form and/or annexures as well as output certificates

  • Payment through different Payment Gateways (like PayGov, SBI ePay, PayU), CSC eWallet, e-Treasury implementations of various states

  • Digital signature of the delivered documents (certificates/license/ticket etc)

  • Configurable Server Signed QR code on the delivered documents

  • Service delivered online, through the kiosk and Government offices

  • Communication to officials and applicants through email and SMS

  • Dedicated channels for service definition and application processing

  • Change requests are handled through service versioning

  • Forms for officials to fill in their details and comments

  • In-built rule engine to facilitate rule injection using MVEL

  • Dynamic output generation using velocity templates

  • Citizen as a workflow player

  • Configurable service-specific Reports

  • A unified mobile app which can be configured for the use of any ServicePlus instance

  • Separate mobile app for workflow players

  • Automated integration with RAS (Rapid Assessment System)

  • Pendency Report

  • Analytics

  • Bulk processing of applications

Validity of the e-certificates

The caste certificate will be valid for life, and officials have been instructed to take special steps and complete the distribution of certificates to students within the next six months.

Documents required to apply for odisha e district certificate

  • Resident Documents

  • Income Documents (Salary or other)

  • Guardianship Documents

  • Caste Documents

  • Provide documents of inheritance or transfer of assets.

E-District odisha certificate apply online

If you want to apply for an Odisha E district certificate, you must first complete the following steps: - 

Step 1: Go to the E District Odisha Certificate's official website, https://edistrict.odisha.gov.in/.

Step 2: Go to the homepage and click the "Register Yourself" button. 

Step 3: A page with a popup registration form will appear on the desktop.     


Step 4: Now fill in the necessary information (full name, email address, phone number, and password), pick the state, and complete the captcha.

Step 5: To complete the registration process, click the Validate Button.

Step 6: Now you must click on the login connection and enter your email address, the OTP you got, or your password, as well as the captcha code.


Step 7: Choose Login from the drop-down menu.

Step 8: Once you've logged in successfully. You must first select the certificate for which you wish to apply.

Step 9: You can now see an application form in front of you.

Step 10: Complete all of the appropriate fields and press the submit button.

Step 11: You will be given a reference number, which you must save for future use.

How to apply for income certificate in odisha

  • A parent must apply for an income certificate for their child based on their work/service and annual income.

  • Non-salaried workers, such as business owners, farmers, and labourers, must apply a self-declaration form (stamped with an Rs. 4/- court fee stamp) stating their source of income and annual income along with their application form.

  • The completed application form (stamped with an Rs. 3/- court fee stamp) should be sent to the nearest CSC, along with the necessary documentation, for which you will receive an acknowledgement slip and a Unique Application No.

  • The application process is estimated to take 15 working days.

How to apply for caste certificate

  • Fill out this application form (with an Rs. 3/- court fee stamp) and send it to your nearest CSC with your ROR, land passbook, Voter ID card, a recommendation from Sarpanch / MLA / MP or any local statement signed by 10-15 people from your neighbourhood, and a Self Declaration Form (with an Rs. 4/- court fee stamp).

  • Here are the application forms for OBC and SEBC applicants, which you must submit in accordance with the above-mentioned documents.

  • The caste application process and obtaining the certificate is expected to take 30 working days.

How to apply for resident certificate in odisha

  • Any candidate of any age group may apply for a resident certificate using his or her Aadhar card, parent's land document, Gas Card, EPIC, or any other proof of residency.

  • At their nearest CSC, the candidate must apply for a fully completed application (with Rs. 3/- court fee stamps) along with all related documents.

  • The preparation and issuance of the certificate are expected to take 15 working days.

Helpline number

In case of any queries related to e-Certificates of Revenue & Disaster Management Department,

Please Contact at email [email protected]  in and Toll-Free No. 1800-121-8242

Question and Answers

What is the procedure for a person to apply for a service?

A person may request service in one of the following ways:

  • Citizens can register for a service online and apply for it (Once only). After completing the registration process, a username and password can be created. To access the application form, click the Login connection and enter your username and password.

  • CSC – Citizens may apply for the service at any CSC.

How can I check the status of my application online?

You can check the status of your application in the following ways:

  • On the Home page, press the “Check Your Application Status” button to find out the status of your application. 

  • You may also use your credentials to verify the status of the submission (username and password). On the Home page, click Login and enter your credentials. After you've signed in, go to the "View Status of Application" section and click the "Track Application Status" link. 

What is the best way to print my given e-Certificate?

You have several options for printing your issued certificate:

  • To log in, go to the top right corner of the home page and click the login button. Log in to the device with your credentials (username and password). 

  • Under Menu, select View Status of Application –> Monitor Application Status.

    • Delivered against the Application Reference No. –> Click on Current Status –>

  • A pop-up window with the title "Application Form Details" will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Output Certificate” icon.

  • On the phone, the desired e-Certificate will appear. You can now take the print.

How can the given e-Certificates be verified?

The following steps can be used to validate the given e-Certificates:

  • On the Home page, click the "Verify your Certificate" button.   

  • On the certificate, write down the application reference number and the token number. 


  • Select "Download Certificate" from the drop-down menu. If the entered values are right, the certificate is downloaded.

What is the procedure for registering my DSC?

The following are the DSC instructions:

  • Your Digital Signature Card's driver can be downloaded here.

  • Install Java version 1.7 on your device.

  • Delete all files by going to Control Panel –> Programs –> Java –> General –>Temporary Internet File –>Settings –>Delete All Files.

  • To add the Service Plus URL, go to Control Panel –> Program –> Java –>Security –>Edit Site List –>Add the Service Plus URL and set the Security Level to medium.

  • After logging in (Officials Only), go to DSC Management and register your DSC.