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The encumbrance certificate Andhra Pradesh online is a vital legal document that certifies that a property is free of all financial and legal obligations. An encumbrance certificate (EC) proves that a property has a clear title and that ownership can be transferred without the need for legal action. This document typically comprises all financial and legal transactions involving a property during a given time period. Encumbrance certificates Andhra is issued by the Registration and Stamp Department in Andhra Pradesh. In this essay, we'll look at how to get an encumbrance certificate in Andhra Pradesh.

What is EC certificate Andhra Pradesh

  • Encumbrance authentication (EC) is confirmation that a property can be sold with a clear title and that the proprietorship can be transferred without facing legal action. This authentication, in most cases, covers all of the money-related and legitimate exchanges performed about a property during a predetermined period. Encumbrance authentications are issued by the Registration and Stamp Department in Andhra Pradesh. This certificate is highly important for all property owners in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • You can use the Encumbrance search ap facility to look for encumbrances on any property that is registered with the Sub-office. Registrar's in a revenue village, you can look for an encumbrance certificate by typing in the document number, home number, or survey number. To look for Andhra Pradesh EC, you must select a district and SRO office location.
  • However, after January 1, 1983, an online encumbrance transaction/certificate is available. To get an encumbrance certificate prior to 1983, you must contact the appropriate SRO office.

Significance of encumbrance certificate andhra pradesh online

The following are the importance of the encumbrance certificate Andhra Pradesh online:

  • To guarantee that the land isn't sold presently, an encumbrance testament must be set up to receive a property credit from budgetary foundations and banks.

  • When it comes to shifting property, this archive of proof of proprietorship title will come in handy.

  • If a property charge has not been paid for more than three years, an encumbrance testament should be given to the Village or Panchayat Officer to update the land charge records.

  • This approval is required in order to withdraw PF for property purchases and house construction.

Details mentioned on the ec certificate andhra pradesh

The following information will be included in the government's ec certificate Andhra Pradesh:

  • The landowner's name will appear on the encumbrance certificate.

  • EC also takes into account the nuances of a property.

  • This report will offer you a complete picture of the property as it appears in the Sale Deeds.

  • In EC, exchanges associated with a property will be mentioned. The complexities of the dialogues will be recorded in order.

  • If the land is purchased on credit, EC will provide information on obtaining housing financing.

  • Subtleties on blessing settling will be offered in EC for talented deeds.

  • Delivery: If one of the partners delivered their offer from the commonly purchased property, deed details will also be available.

Services offered at the igrs andhra pradesh ec portal

On the official website of the Andhra Pradesh IGRS, the following services will be available:-

  • Fill up a few details to check registration information.

  • Any property that is registered at the Sub-offices Registrar's can be searched for encumbrances.

  • Another service assists with the payment of duty and stamp fees.

  • The encumbrance certificate can be verified.

  • You can also conduct a certificate search.

Encumbrance certificate andhra pradesh online search procedure

To find EC online ap gov, follow the methods outlined below:

  • is the official website of the Andhra Pradesh Registration & Stamps Department.

  • Visit the official website of the igrs Andhra Pradesh ec online.

  • Click on the Encumbrance Certificate under the services tab. 

  • After carefully reading all of the instructions, click submit.

  • Choose search criteria from the available options on the displayed page.

    • Year of registration

    • Document No. Or Memo No.

    • None

  • Finally, click the submit button after entering the captcha code.

Search EC using the Document number

They must follow the steps outlined below to locate EC online ap gov using the document number:

  • From the drop-down option, choose a document number.

  • Select the registration year.

  • Enter the registered SRO's information, complete the captcha, and then click the submit button.

Search EC using Memo number

Individuals can also use the memo number to look for EC. They must choose the Memo number and year of registration from the drop-down box to search EC by memo number. Then, after entering the registered SRO and the captcha code, click submit.

Search EC using None option

If the applicant selects the none option, he or she must provide the following information:

  • District

  • Name

  • Details of building

  • Details about the location or farmland

  • Boundary details

  • SRO

Frequently asked questions

How can i get EC certificate andhra pradesh?

In Andhra Pradesh, property ECs can be obtained by visiting the Sub Registrar Office or Meeseva centres, or by downloading the EC online through the Ap stamps and registration ec Department's official website at

What is the procedure for obtaining an IGRS Andhra Pradesh ec certificate online?

To obtain an EC property, one must first obtain an EC Certificate by submitting an application to the sub-registrar office where the property is registered. To receive the same, you'll need documents like an attested copy of your certificate of address, information on the property, its title, and the appropriate fees, as well as the EC application form. Individuals can also apply online for the EC at After that, within 15-30 days of submitting the application, the concerned officer will accept it.

In Andhra Pradesh, how can I verify my encumbrance certificate online?

To check for a property certificate online, go to the Andhra Pradesh Registration & Stamps Department's official website at They can then look for EC using the property's document number, memo number, and other information.

What documents are necessary for EC?

Some of the documents that might be required when applying for an Encumbrance Certificate are listed below:

  • Address proof is required.

  • Document for registering a property

  • Details about the property and its title deed

  • If a previous deed has been performed, the property sale deed/gift deed/partition deed/release deed

  • The deed number, which includes the date and book number as well as the applicant's signature, is assigned at the time of registration.

What can I do if I can't find EC on the IGRS AP website?

Please visit the SRO if you are unable to search the EC online on the IGRS website.

In Andhra Pradesh, what is Anywhere Registration?

With the ‘Anywhere Registration' option, a person can have his or her property documents registered at any of the district's joint sub-registrar offices.