Grama Volunteer Application Status


The government of Andhra Pradesh has come up with quite several different posts over some time now claiming to offer the AP Grama Volunteer Recruitment 2021 Online Application Form. Due to this, there are so many people who are waiting for the grama volunteer status as they wish to fulfill the form as soon as possible. To ensure the process of AP Grama Volunteer recruitment process goes hassle-free and smooth candidates are now given the complete facility where they can have a look at their AP grama application status check. This way they know whether their application is recited or approved or there is any kind of changes that need to be done in that span.

Know more about the AP Grama Volunteer Application Form Status

  • Before we move on to know your grama volunteer status, it is important to understand what exactly this application is all about. Well, the status is merely to understand whether the recruiting agency has accepted or rejected the application form that candidates have submitted. In case there is any kind of edit to be done, they shall know the same too. Besides, it is also possible for them to find the AP Ward volunteers form of an application being verified or still in the pending section. The aspirants who have applied for this form at can get the verification checked before the interview is being held.
  • These eligible candidates for the urban and rural volunteers are already being involved by The Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj and Rural Development PR & RD for applying online. It is now possible for the candidates to submit their form of registration with just a few clicks. The candidate's list for their respective application being rejected or accepted or needs to be corrected can be checked on the official website with just a few clicks. With grama volunteer status checks to be done online, it is now a lot more possible for the candidates to know where their application form is standing currently. 
  • Once the AP Panchayat Raj Grama Ward Volunteer Recruitment online application form is submitted, there is a verification process being conducted. The candidates can opt to grama volunteer id card download online and get the status check. Simply they must visit to know their application condition. The official website also offers all the details and statistics of the accepted, registered, and rejected applications. Applicants must know whether the application is completely found correctly in all aspects or not. It is then only that they shall be prepared for the interview further. This official website is highly secured and has been designed by experts which is why many applicants find it easy to use from any location.
  • There are so many people who are planning to apply for the grama volunteer application status phase 3. With more than 10 lakh people already submitted their applications, for phase 3 new forms will be generated soon. As per the notification that AP grama Volunteer has been set for eligibility, the candidates need to go further for the application accordingly. Now there might be some applications that could be rejected. There could also be some candidates who would want to make the edits. In case the applicant’s application has been in the pending status or is rejected, they don’t have to worry as they can submit the form at their convenience.

AP Grama/Ward Volunteer Applications Status Details

The candidates can have a look at the grama volunteer application status phase 1 status as it is available on the official website. This notification was issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj and the Rural Development Department Village/Urban Volunteer Recruitment team and hence the candidates are now aware of such an update. It is now possible for the candidates to understand whether the agency is comfortable with education qualification, eligibility criteria, and age which has been set with certain parameters. Once the online form is submitted, the status will be available right after the verification.

The board has now taken the complete scrutiny of the online registration form so that further interview processes can be conducted. In the A scrutiny process, there will be some applications that may go in the pending status or the rejected status. That is why it is now important for the candidates to check and make the changes in the status form before the last date.

What to do After checking AP Grama /Ward Volunteer Application Status

Once you have checked the grama ward volunteer application status, few things can be done. The Andhra Pradesh for the 10700 Grama and Ward Volunteers post-Aadesh Government Rural and Urban Department has offered the online application form. Now once you know that the status is out and if it is shown in the pending or rejected list then a few things can be done without any hassle that is just a few clicks.


This way it is possible for the candidates to make the changes and get their status in the approved status. But the candidates need to keep a check regularly for any kind of updates that may come up for the application form status. The candidates whose applications are verified and approved completely will be called for the interview. That is why they must keep themselves updated about the latest news associated with the Application form status. In case of any doubt, there is also a customer support team that can be extremely supportive of this.

Questions and Answers

What is After Your Application Form Accepted?

Once the detailed application form status is checked by the applicant and if there is certain status in pending or rejection being shown, then the applicant needs to make the necessary changes and then resubmit it again. The candidates need to check the status only after they log in properly and then check the status of their application form.

How to Edit Pending Application and Resubmit?

The AP Ward Grama Volunteers Application Status can be checked and edited in online mode only before the last date of this.

  • Now Open the Andhra Pradesh Grama/Ward Volunteer Official Website

  • Click on the “Login” button, and then click on the “Application Status” button. 

  • AP Grama Volunteer Application Form Status 2019

  • Now you can check your application status with the Aadhaar number, Mobile number, or Application ID only. 

  • Now enter your Registered Mobile No and Captcha Code.

  • Click on Send OTP Button.

  • Now enter the received OTP and click on the “Verify OTP” button, If OTP is not received then click on the “Resend OTP” button.

  • Thus, the screen shows Application status, Application id, Candidate Name, Father Name, Gender, Date of birth, etc.

  • Now click on the “View Profile” button.

  • Now you can enter your Aadhar Number, Father Name, and Date of Birth to link aadhaar with the application form.

  • It is also possible to make the changes in Personal Details, DOB, Address, Educational Qualification, Gender, etc.

  • Now submit it finally and check after some time for Application Status.

  • Once you have submitted the application form, you can download it and check the status simply by using your registration ID. The candidates can even download the interview letter right after their application from status gets approved.

How to Edit Rejected Applications and Resubmit?

The selection commute of the recruitment agency has been scrutinized for submitting the application form. It is now possible for the candidates to check their AP Gram Volunteer Application Status for Ward Volunteers. If the application form is rejected, the candidates can edit it and resubmit it using the steps given below.

  • Visit AP Grama/Ward Volunteer Recruitment Official Website

  • Now click on the Login button and then the Application Status button.

  • Now enter your details such as Aadhar No, Mobile No, or Application ID. 

  • Enter Captcha code correctly and click on Send OTP Button.

  • Now enter OTP Sent by your Registered Mobile no and click on Verify OTP button.

  • Now a screen will display the details of Application Remarks, Application status, Application id, Name, Father Name, Gender, Date of birth, etc.

  • Click on View Profile Button.

  • Now Check your Personal, Education, and qualification, Socioeconomic details are corrected either edit them if not correct.

  • Now check your Cast Residence certificate.

  • Now scroll down and edit your rejected details.

  • Choose your file and submit it.

How to Check AP Grama/Ward Volunteer Application Status Online?

  • Visit at Official Website of Grama Volunteer AP Government

  • Now Click on Application Status under the Login tab.

  • Now Check your Application Status by Aadhar Number/Application ID or Mobile No. 

  • Enter candidate details of Aadhar/Mobile or Application ID.

  • Enter Captcha Code very carefully.

  • Click on Send OTP Button.

  • Verify OTP by entering correctly, If you did not receive then Resend OTP.

  • Now Show your Application Status Is Accepted/Rejected/Pending.

  • Now take appropriate steps for completing the application form.

This way it is possible for the candidates to look for their application status and know what exactly has been done with their registration. It is also possible for the candidates to resubmit or make the changes in their registration form. But they need to continuously look for the latest updates with regards to the Interview Application Form Status at the online website.