How to decide What to do after 12th


To make a career after the 12th can be one of the crucial aspects. It is one deciding factor for the rest of your life and hence it is important to think about it wisely. People wonder how to decide what to do after 12th science. The thing that should matter to you is to have clarity on the stream that you wish to choose. Soon after you will be out of your junior college to go ahead and live a college life, it is important to make the decision carefully. Some may think of opting for and choosing C.A. As a career while for some to choose the B.A or home science becomes the career choice. Some tips can help in making the decision.

The need of deciding

Before understanding some important ways on how to decide a career after 12th, it is important to even know its importance as well. With so many colleges around the country available it is likely to have second thoughts on which one to choose. Be it the medical colleges, engineering colleges, or even commerce, choosing the best of the institute may not be the problem but understanding its value is needed. You cannot change the stream. You need to make a firm decision once you choose the stream be it science or commerce. There will be different career scopes that may come your way but what matters is you know whether you have an interest in that career or not.

Tips that can always be helpful

Stay in the selected stream and choose a higher education

You may want to get the complete course list post your 12th in each stream. If you choose PCM with science then you will have to pursue higher education in educational and professional courses such as architecture or engineering in pure science degrees like chemistry, physics, and even mathematics. If you choose to go for the science with PCB then you can even choose BAMS or MBBS allied with the fields of medicine like Ayurveda or Density.

Many interesting choices are also available like biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and pure sciences like botany, zoology, and research in biological sciences. Other than this B Com, BBA, B Com LLB, Economics Hons, Bachelor in Business Economics are some of the courses that can be of great help to you. BA can be the best option if humanities are your preference and want to move to professional courses after the 12th.

Appear in an Entrance exam

Another deciding factor that can help you in understanding the solution for how to decide what to do after 12th commerce is of course the entrance exam. As per the stream that you have chosen, you can appear for the entrance exam. As most of the courses are well sorted after most colleges, reputable ones usually allow for the admission process only if the entrance exam is cleared. Such a trend is not just meant for medicine or engineering but also other streams at large. Suppose, you want to join the army force then NDA is the entrance exam in which you must appear. However, you need to plan up well for the entrance exam which of course will be held multiple times every year. Some exams are also available online such as JEE for engineering while some are offered in an online and offline mode, so you need to plan the test center and travel, etc. 


One of the crucial things on how to decide your career after the 12th is to focus on the stream too. There are so many streams in which students have cleared the intermediate exam such as Commerce, Since, Arts, or even the general stream. This means to continue the education in the existing stream, there are different career choices available for certain courses or submits. As per the guidance, it is wise to decide on the education career chosen in the same course as it was done in the Inter class during 12th.

Change Your Streams and go for Higher Education

Often students prefer to choose the stream for higher education earlier while some may feel the need to change it later. If they have felt that they are not performing quite well or seem to hold no interest in the existing stream then of course it is important to choose the right option in the future. There are courses in which the interest could be built. Since changing streams post 12th is not easy that is why it is important to make the right decision.

Choosing Courses

Along with the choice to make in the stream, it is also important to choose the courses as well. There are different Professional, Vocation Courses available for Plus 2 students. So you can either choose one of them. The candidates need to go through the entrance exam after the 12th standard for the admission process. That is why students must prepare themselves for the better entrance exams of engineering and medicine. The preparation starts just after the 10th standard. Also, there are medicine courses like Law, Engineering, Hotel Management, Journalism, Design, and Mass Communication to name some that also have the best career option after 12th standard.

Considering the professional course

There are different professional courses that one chooses after 12th and most of the time the admissions. Since these are the most sought-after courses and there are many takers one should prepare for the entrances, for some like engineering and medicine the preparation needs to be stated earlier itself. Other than engineering, medicine there are many professional courses like Law, Management, Hotel Management, Design, Mass Communication, and Journalism, etc that can also be chosen for making a successful career. Most of such courses usually come with a good career opportunity and that is why one should choose the course that matches best with one’s strengths.

Going for a vocational course

There are some interesting Vocational courses like Travel and Tourism and Office administration that also offer a good choice for many. This can be good for people for whom starting a business in any of the fields is important. It is a growing sector and certainly has got good scope to reach at the global level too.


With so many things available right now, it is obvious for students to wonder which could be the right deciding factor. Some so many students think that they have clarity on what can be done post 12trh standard but not everyone can be right. As per the recent research, it has been found that nearly 80% of the students are at the workplace where they feel stressed due to being a misfit in the career they chose. Such is a problem only because of the wrong decision that was taken after the 12th.

Question and Answer

What is the right way for finding what to do after the 12th?

  • The best way to find what to do after the 12th is to take a Psychometric Assessment to map your Real Talents. The test is extremely simple for which you can register online as well.

  • Simply fill up the details like name, address, and age

  • The test will appear with certain choices from which you have to make one choice as the answer

  • There will be a timeline given in which you need to answer all the questions.

  • Hit the submit button and in no time the results will be in front of you and even will be emailed for better clarity.

  • Other than this aptitude tests and Career assessments can help map your Inherent Aptitudes and your Personality Traits and your Interest Profile. 

What to do after the 12th?

Different courses options are available to post 12th standard. But what matters is the stream that is chosen to continue the career in which further education should be pursued. Like to become a doctor, you cannot choose commerce stream or the C. A student cannot choose science as the mainstream. There are many other career opportunities as well such as:

  • Disc jockeying

  • MBA

  • Mass Communication

What courses are available after the 12th?

There are so many options that are available online and in colleges such as:

  • Diploma

  • Graduation

  • Post-graduation

  • Distance learning

Options could be endless but what matters is which career choice keeps your interest on. It is important to have clarity about future careers while choosing the stream and courses.

In what streams can students consider choosing a career?

Streams that can be decided before the 12 are better because changing the stream after the 12th can be a little tricky and stressful. Listed are the stream to choose from:

  • Arts

  • Commerce

  • Science

  • Information Technology

  • Interior design

These are just some of the names. As you meet a consultant and speak about the requirements, things can further be simpler.