Voter ID – How to apply, Eligibility, Documents required

A voter ID card is the proof of citizenship and the official complete name of the Voter ID card is EPIC which stands for Electors Photo Identity Card. This Identity card is issued by the Election commission of India and is a must to be held by all the Indian Citizens.

This is a very useful personal identity proof and has the prime purpose to show a person's existence and Majority in the records of Government. It is the only government-approved entity with which you can give your vote in any of the regional or state elections. It offers personal efficiency and impersonation or frauds are reduced on a mass scale all thanks to Voter ID cards. The voter ID card is accessible in various forms as there are both online voter ID cards and offline election cards.

How to apply for a voter ID card?

These days' applying for a voter ID card is quite easy and it has affected a great deal of comfort for the Applicants. Back till the first half of this decade, there was only one option available for the Applicant to apply for the Voter ID card and that was through offline reach. But, since the arrival of plans and projects such as "Digital India" which is promoted by PMO India Mr Narendra Modi himself, this application process has become pretty easy for both the government and the People of India.

Currently, there are three methods of applying for a Voter ID card which is namely, Online, Semi-Online and Offline. All the three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss in detail, so let's start with the online application process. In case of Online Application an Applicant has to follow the following step:

Step 1: In order to submit the online application for a voter ID card you need to visit the national voter service portal. So, just search for NVSP on your local browser. Voter Id Online


Step 2: On the new webpage that opens up the search for the text saying "Apply online for registration of new voter".

Voter Id Online


Step 3: A form (Form 6) will appear on your screen; carefully submit all the needed information and then click on submit.

Voter Id Online

Step 4: Upload the required Photo and documents and check for the Voter ID Application Status Once submitted successfully, you will be verified and you will receive a Voter ID card in 15 to 30 days.

Note:- Read How To Update Your Aadhar Card OnlineIn case of Semi-online application an Applicant has to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the NVSP portal on your local browser by searching for

Voter Id Online 

Step 2: On the new webpage that opens up the search for the text saying "Apply online for registration of new voter".

Voter Id Online 

Step 3: A new page will on and it will display the Form 6 on the screen, search for the option of download Form 6 and get a printout copy of it.

Voter Id Online

Step 4: Simply fill the form with all the relevant information and check for all the entered information.

Step 5: Visit the nearest Election office and submit the completed Form 6 along with a latest passport size photo of the Applicant. You can also do this process via post service.

In case of an Offline application for voter ID card, an Applicant has to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit your nearest State Election office and ask for a Form 6.

Step 2: Fill all the required information in Form 6 regarding your personal identity and the documents you are attaching with the form for approval.

Step 3: Attach a latest passport size photo along with the documents for verification purposes.

Step 4: Once the verification process is complete you will receive a confirmation on the mobile number you have registered and a Voter ID card will be issued on your name. Once the election card is issued it takes 15 to 30 days to reach the Applicant. To Know More Government Jobs And Results Check Sarkari-Result-Naukri

Documents required for Voter ID Card

The documents that are required as the necessary Documents for your Voter ID cardregistration are quite easy to accommodate. Following are the 3 documents that you will require for the application process of Voter ID card: Visual proof/Photograph: While applying for a Voter ID card an application is supposed to offer the latest passport size photograph which should be clicked on a plain background.

Address proof: As for the Proof of Identity following are the documents that you can offer: Driving License, Applicant's Passport, Ration card, Utility bill (Electricity or Phone). Identity Proof: As for the Proof of Address following are the documents that you can offer: Ration card, Applicant's Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, High school Mark sheet. All of these documents are accepted by the government for election card application.

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Voter ID Card Eligibility

There are basically three things that you should satisfy in order to become eligible for a Voter ID card. These three are the only criteria laid down by the Indian government on the topic of a voter's eligibility:

Voter Id Voter Id Indian Citizenship: Any individual who is trying to apply for the Voter ID Card of his name should be a citizen of India or NRI. No foreigner or any person holding citizenship in any other country is eligible to apply for a voter ID card.

Age Limit: Applicant must hold the Age limit eligibility of being 18 years of age by the 1st January of the upcoming year. Permanent Address: Anyone Applying for an Election card must have a permanent address. This is required because the Election card is sent through postal mail directly to the Applicant's permanent address.

Points to note before applying for a Voter ID

The voter ID card issued by NVSP serves as a tool for proving the Identity of an Individual. Anyone looking forward to applying for Voter Card should remember the following points before applying:

  • The Applicant must have acquired the age of 18 or more than 18 years of age
  • The individual should have filled the Form 6 in the right manner and must hold all the necessary required documents
  • All the provided documents should be legally correct and can be held legally accountable on the respected Individual
  • While filling the Form 6, Applicant must re-confirm all the filled details such as Name, Address, Date of birth etc.
  • Applicant must not hold any criminal charges and should be medically sound

How to Verify Votes ID?

The authenticity of the Voter ID Card if of the pioneer importance and if someone feels like their election card is a counterfeit then they can verify it for the satisfaction of their mind. The verification of Voter ID Card can be done in both Online and Offline manner.

Online Approach

Step 1: Visit the National Voters Service Portal by going to an official link which is

Voter Id Online 

Step 2: On the new window click on the text saying "search name in the electoral roll"


Step 3: Fill all the details printed on the Voter ID card and verify for its authenticity.

Verify Verify

Offline Approach

Applicant should have to visit their nearest State Election office and there they can get their Election card verified by any department official.

Voter ID Card correction in Electoral roll

In case an Individual receives a Voter ID card which isn't factually correct, they can get it corrected by following these steps: Online Approach:

Step 1: Visit the NVSP and click on "Correction of entries in an Electoral roll"

Step 2: Fill the Form 8 correctly and re-check all the details before submission Step 3: Submit the filled form will all the relevant documents Offline Approach: Election cardholders who are looking forward to making any correction should visit their Nearest State Election office and submit the form 8 with all the required information and relevant documents.

Uses of Voter ID

Voter ID card serves as one of the most important legal documents issued by the government. It is issued by the National voter's service portal and has various uses. Such as:

  • It serves as a valid Address and Identity proof
  • Voter Card allows an Individual to gain their national right of "Right to vote"
  • Election card serves as a tool to enjoy various government schemes

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How to Track Voter ID Application Status?

Tracking the Voter ID application status for your Voter ID card's application is a quite easy process. You can follow the following steps in order to Track your Voter ID card Status:

Step 1: Visit the official website of NVSP which is

Step 2: Click on the option of “Track Application Status

Voter Id 

Step 3: Enter your Reference ID/EPIC number and click on Track Status

Voter Id Status

Step 4: Enter all the required details such as name, state, date of birth etc. Completing all these steps in the correct manner will offer you the information about your Voter ID Application status.

What to do if you have not received a Voter ID

In case you are suffering from the issue of not receiving the Voter ID card after 15 to 30days successful submission, you can get the details about its arrival by either of these methods:

  • Visit the nearest State Electoral Office and tell them about your reference number and other details to get the requested information
  • Visit the official NSVP website and check for your Voter ID Card Status

 Brief About EVM machines


The term EVM stands for Electronic Voting Machines and the major purpose of this machine is to make voting process much easier and digitalised. It was used for the first time in India on the General elections to the assembly of Goa in 1999. After which it was used in all the regional and national Voting events. At the time of elections', an individual who obtains an election card can go to the allotted polling booth and get their Voter ID card verified by the assistant on the booth. Once all the formalities are done, an individual can use their Right to Vote and choose to vote any party or candidate they believe in. this is done by pressing the button on the EVM machine beside the Party's symbol.