Kerala Bevq App Download


The Kerala State Beverages app called the BEV Q app download link has now come up on the Google play store. It is also available in IOS form. The Kerala government has now started selling alcohol online in the state post the relaxation of the lockdown. There are different concerns that of course, the first-time users would come up with while using this app. That is why this article is the right place to get all the details. This app is launched by the Kerala state beverages corporation Limited. There are more than 1200 liquor outlets and even 300 different wine ships that are together connected with this online app called the BEV Q where any kind of alcohol is purchased be it beer, whiskey, or even toddy and brandy. 

What is BEVQ?

The liquor is sold in Kerala using different outlets of beverages and even in the bars between 9 AM to 5 PM. The app called Kerala Bevq App Download is one android application that you can find on the Google play store. It can help you book alcohol online. There have been many concerns about the app technical issues for which of course the technical department is working. Besides, some people even came up stating that they are not able to see the app while some complained about receiving the Late OTP. On the other hand, there are some people who even reported that apps provided to such shops can verify the token of the customer but it was not even working in many areas due to which the waiting hour was more than the expected time.

In order to purchase liquor in Kerala, the state has come up with an app called BEVQ. This is a place where buyers would first have to register themselves in the application and then go ahead and purchase the liquor from the stores that are nearby. There is no doubt that right after its launch the Kerala state beverages have got quite a good response for this application from the people. It is possible to have the virtual booking for the slot done and even avoid the long lines outside the shop. All that matters is maintaining the physical distance. Currently, the government has allowed more than 300 outlets under the corporation of cereal state beverages along with which they even had the permission for 576 bars and 291 beer and wine shops in the state so that it is convenient for the people to buy the liquor.

Kerala BEVCO Online Liquor Booking Mobile App Bev Q Developing this app required a team of experts who hold quite experience in creating the apps. It is designed as a part of a virtual queue management system in the state that offers better sales of Beer, wine, IMFL, and even foreign liquor at manageable rates. In the pandemic crisis, the tipplers are quite difficult to purchase beer online in India. That is why once the lockdown has been lifted from all the retail wine shops, stores, and bars that are now open by the government, this app seems to be beneficial. In order to avoid overcrowding while maintaining the social distance, this is the best option one can choose.

Book Liqueur on SMS

To Book Liquor


To Book Beer/ Wine


And send this Text SMS to 8943389433. Soon BEVCO Booking ID will receive over SMS to confirm your booking.

This means instead of going out from your home, you can book the choice of your drink be it beer, wine, or even brandy and other alcoholic beverages simply by staying at home. The drink lover would have to download the Kerala beverages BEVQ app on mobile and register with the correct details. But there are certain restrictions on online orders. It is possible to be ordered from the wine shop nearby wine stores. But the detailed process associated with the Kerala online liquor purchase token shall be received only through the mobile using SMS and then visit the respective retail shop and even gather the order simply by paying the price.

Details About BEVCO BEV Q App Kerala Liquor Online Booking

  • The BEVQ App is available on Mobile.

  • A website is also launched for Online Virtual queue Token Order.

  • The Order can be collected by the Shops you have to choose for the order and the time allotted.

  • Consumers cannot purchase more than 3 Litres of Liquor at a time in a day.

  • The Home Delivery facility may or may not be available.

  • A candidate can download it on Google Play Store or IOS Store directly.

  • The candidates can order from nearby shops listed only.

  • It will work on GPS location, so make sure you enable your mobile Location to see the wine shops in the Kerala all-district.


Post lockdown, Kerala government has come up with this very interesting app for which there has been a tremendous response already. In order to maintain the social distance across the shop, the state government has even launched the app using which people shall get the virtual token for avoiding the crowd.

Questions and Answers

What is Bev q app Liquor booking timing?

People who wish to purchase the liquor must register themselves on the app and then the booking for the slot will be available. It shall start from 6 in the evening and then it would be available at 10 PM. This means if you wish to book the early slot then you need to be ready quite early in the morning when the window for booking will begin

Where to get the BevQ App Download link?

If you are keen to get the benefits of this scheme, the Kerala government has come up with the link from where you can download it. Since the situation of lockdown might continue, the Kerala government has come up with providing better facilities to the people of Kerala while being careful about following the guidelines set for this pandemic crisis. If this service gains popularity in Kerala then it is expected to launch the same portal in Delhi as well.