Kisan Rath Mobile App


Due to pandemic crises, farmers are finding it quite challenging to even book trucks and tractors to transport their products. Considering this problem, the government has launched the Kisan Rath Mobile App. With such an app at least, they would be able to get their commodities to mandis and even to other market yards. an all-India Agri transport call center was launched by Tomar for providing the interstate movement of the perishables in the lowdown.

What is Kisan Rath Mobile App?

You will find this Kisan Rath Mobile App Online on your Google play store. It helps the traders and farmers across the country to transport the Agri product by connecting them with the right transporter. The app has the interface of the leading transport aggregators along with individual transporters who offer a wide range of transport vehicle services to the desired time and location in a much easy manner.

  • With this app, it is possible to post the part load or full load requirements

  • The app can give a complete feature to the transporter for registering their vehicle and thus offer the services to traders and farmers

  • The transporter can even see the posted loads and even respond quickly as per their availability and best price

  • The traders and farmers can see the responses in their posted loads and establish a communication with the transporter for finalizing the deal and thus can offer a rating for the transporter once the trip gets finished.

This to be aware about Kisan Rath Mobile App

The centre has come up with this app for providing support to not just farmers and traders but also to let the transporters get their business run smoothly which in this covid crises has affected to a great extent. It would thus offer a better transportation facility for the movement of the farm production during the lockdown of coronavirus. The application is created by the National Informatics Centre -NIC and will be available in different languages at the initial stage. The primary languages shall be Hindi and English

Major Beneficiary Benefits

There is no doubt that coronavirus infection has been spreading across the country because of which the whole nation is on lockdown toll May 3rd. This is the time of harvesting of the Rabi crops such as wheat which shall also be going on but since the country is locked, there are problems likely to arise. Since farmers and traders are facing problems selling crops and vegetables because of such crises, the Kisan rath mobile app has been launched. It offers the farmers to use the app for booking transportation to the mandi. Besides it also offers other advantages such as:

  • With this Kisan Rath mobile app, both the buying and selling of crops will be easy.

  • The app will be a stepping stone towards the provision of timely transportation service at competitive rates

  • There will be a reduction of wastage and contribution to better pricing of perishable commodities.

  • With this mobile app, transporters can also get their vehicle registered for transportation of goods.

  • There are different transports types available. But the primary transport of the goods will be moved from the farm to mandis and even to local warehouses or the collection area of the farmer producer organizations.

Guidelines you must know about using the app

  • The primary app of this app is to only offer the best connection and transportation service of the user with the transporter. The app will not be dealing with any kind of price fixation or promise quality service.

  • The app will not be responsible for any kind of theft or damages that shall happen at the time of consignment in the transit

  • The app will not have its involvement in the transaction that takes place between the parties who would be using such a source. It is the user responsibility to make sure the service and information available through the website can meet the requirement of the user

  • As per the Agriculture Ministry, with this app, at least farmers in India amidst nationwide lockdown will have their work continuing. The app shall aid the Indian farmers and even traders for transporting the goods produced during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What is the Kisan Rath app?

  • This app would offer the platform for the user to get the transportation facility by onboarding more than 5 lakh of trucks and 20000 reactors on the online service.

  • Such type of service is quite accessible for the traders and farmers who want to have a vehicle for transportation for the produced goods from one end to another

  • This mobile platform shall also offer different transport services types which include secondary and primary transport.

  • The primary service will help the farmers to move the goods within the same location which is from their farm to the local mandis

  • In case of the secondary transport, it will help in transferring the goods from the mandis to the inter-State mandis, processing units, and even warehouses.  Such an app also offers a transportation service with refrigerators.

How will the Kisan Rath Mobile App work?

The working of this app is quite simple. There is certain thing which the applicant must take care:

  • The app is an operation through a smartphone in which the applicant must download the Kisan Rath Mobile App from the Google Play Store

  • The farmers then must give details of the number of his goods in the app

  • A company that offers such facilities will offer the truck along with rental details to the farmer for the goods delivery.

  • Once this whole process is over the farmer shall have the whole details about the transport on the app after which two parties can interact with one another.

How to download Kisan Rath app

The process to Kisan Rath Mobile App Download this app is quite simple. Thanks to National Informatics Centre (NIC) the availability of this app is designed for all Android users. To download it following are the steps that should be followed:

  • Open Google Play Store on your phone

  • Search for ‘Kisan Rath’ app

  • Press the 'Install' button and you're done

  • The app has been installed on your phone

  • Once the app gets downloaded you then must raise the transportation requirements on the mobile for the desired service. The trucker details will then be sent

How to register for the Kisan Rath Mobile App Online

  • Open the Kisan Rath Mobile App

  • Select your language

  • There will be three options Farmer ‘,’ Trader ‘,’ Service Provider

  • Click on the option of” Farmer

How to Login on the app

  • If you are not registered then press sign in

  • You will then be taken to the registration section where you must fill up all the details asked such as name, mobile number, state, district, tehsil, village, etc.

  • Press the submit button and the application process will be finished


Developed by the National Informatics Centre all-new Kisan Rath app is a new mobile application for the farmers. It is available for all Android users via the Google Play Store and the application will be connecting the traders and farmers to the network of more than 5 lakh trucks and 20,000 tractors. The app is developed with a platform where you can see types of transports available. This way it shall bring out the best possible support and establish a connection between the transporter and the trader or farm. In one way it is more like a stepping stone for providing the types of transports available.

Questions and Answers

How do I get the PM Kisan scheme?

  • Visit the official website of PM Kisan

  • Go to Farmers Corner.

  • Click on 'New Farmer Registration' 

  • Enter your Aadhaar card number.

  • Enter the captcha code.

  • Select your state to proceed further.

  • Fill the form with your personal information. 

  • Submit bank account details.

What is the use of the Kisan Rath app?

Kisan Rath app is an all-new mobile application developed by the National Informatics Centre. It will facilitate farmers and traders to search for transport vehicles for primary and secondary transportation for the movement of agriculture and horticulture produce.

How farmers can Book/Hire Tractor or Truck for Transportation with Kisan Rath

  • Once you get your account registers, go in the section of the login page and log in using the credentials

  • Once you log in, select the vehicle type which is Truck or Tractor.

  • Select the date & details of the task.

  • Submit your requirement.

  • The concerned service provider will be notified and he will respond.

  • It is then possible to further finalize the entire deal

  • The process is quite simple but it is expected that person follows all the steps in the right manner.

Is PM Kisan for all farmers?

Initially, the scheme is for giving income support to all small and marginal farmers across the country who have been holding the cultivable land up to 2 hectares. However, with its success, it was then expanded from June 1, 2019, to cover all farmer families in the country irrespective of the size of their landholdings.