Land and Survey Records Goa

The Goa government has also created an online survey and Land Records Goa system to assist all of the state's people. In this post, we'll go over all of the main components of the Goa Land Record, including a step-by-step approach for searching your mutation records, as well as a list of services and service centres in the Goa state where you may check your land records and other forms of information.

What is land survey records goa

The Goa government has devised a highly effective and innovative method of accessing Goa land records survey plan via the internet via a website. When a person wishes to buy land, he must go through several departments and procedures, making it a lengthy process. As a result, the government has created a Goa Land Records online platform to make monitoring land acquisition or sale easier and more convenient.

The implementation of the land survey Goa System on a single platform would not only make sales and purchases easier, but it will also provide inhabitants with a plethora of services and critical benefits. This will also encourage you to take additional measures without having to deal with the relevant office or department.

Services provided by survey and land records goa online portal

The Goa government has added the following service for the Goa Land Records survey plan:

  • Certification of Alvara/Title/Old Cadastral Plan/Communicate Plan

  • All Cadastral Plans/Records inspection.

  • Inspection of Pre-liberation Land Records/Communidade Plans.

  • Village maps are also issued as a computerised verified copy.

  • Certificates of Correspondence are issued.

  • Mutation in City Survey

  • Confirmation of property possession in a city survey

  • Partition

  • Re-Survey

  • Demarcation /Refixation of Boundaries

  • Conversion of Land

The following is a list of service centres in Goa that can help with various forms of land-related activities:-



Phone Numbers

Inspector of Settlement and land Records (Panaji)

Collectorate Building, Panaji, Goa


Inspector of Settlement and land Records (Mapusa)

Mapusa, Bardez


Inspector of Settlement and land Records (Margao)

Margao, Salcete


Inspector of Settlement and land Records (Vasco)

Vasco, Mormugao


Mamlatdar of Tiswadi

Collectorate Building, Panaji, Goa


Mamlatdar of Bardez

Govt. office complex, Mapusa


Mamlatdar of Pernem

Govt. office complex, Pernem


Mamlatdar of Bicholim

Govt. office complex, Bicholim


Mamlatdar of Ponda

Govt. office complex, Ponda


Mamlatdar of Sattari

Govt. office complex, Sattari


Mamlatdar of Salcete

Govt. office complex, Margao


Mamlatdar of Mormugao

Govt. office complex, Mormugao


Mamlatdar of Quepem

Govt. office complex, Quepem


Mamlatdar of Sanguem

Govt. office complex, Sanguem


Mamlatdar of Dharbandora

Mamlatdar Office, Dharbandora


Mamlatdar of Canacona

Govt. office complex, Canacona


How to check land survey records goa

The steps to check the land survey records Goa are outlined below:

  • Go to the DSLR Goa website for further information.

  • Forms I and XIV can be accessed by clicking on them.

  • From the drop-down menu, choose Taluka, Village, Survey Number, and Subdivision Number.

  • In the box below, paste the captcha from the image.

  • Select ‘View Details' from the drop-down menu.

  • You will be able to look for information about the relevant land survey records Goa.

  • If you want to see a town's property card in Goa, you'll need to follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link to go to the DSLR webpage.

  • Select Form D.

  • Choose from the drop-down menus for City, PT Sheet Number, and Chalta Number.

  • In the box below, paste the captcha from the image.

  • Select ‘View Details' from the drop-down menu.

  • You'll be able to look up the property card information for the town in question in Goa.

Frequently asked questions

What is Goa's Land Records Scheme?

Goa has become the first state to digitise land sales and purchases. Land records are essentially a detailed and accurate record of land data. It can be described as a land registration in simple words.

What are the purposes of Forms I and XIV?

The purpose of forms I and XIV are to obtain land information for Goa's rural areas.

What exactly is Form D?

Form D is mostly used by residents in urban areas to get land data and other associated information.

What is the procedure for obtaining a certified copy of the survey computerised plan?

The official website makes it simple to obtain a copy of the survey computerised plan. For this, a form has been made available on the DSLR website.

Is it possible to find information about Goa service centres on the DSLR website?

Yes, information about service centres in Goa may be found on the DSLR website.

Is there a Goa-specific official mobile app that I can use to examine land records?

No, there is no official app for checking land survey records Goa that you may download.

Is ‘Form B' available on the DSLR website?

Yes, you may get Form B from the DSLR website by going to the ‘Download Forms' section and selecting ‘Application Form For Certified Copy Of SURVEY PLAN / FORM B' from the drop-down menu.

Is there a charge for downloading the form?

No, there will be no cost associated with downloading the form.