Madhya Pradesh new ration card list

The Samagra portal is a state government web portal that provides people with a variety of online services. This portal offers a variety of services, including ration card services. Candidates can access a list of ration cardholders as well as other information about BPL and APL ration cards.

MP ration card list

As you might be aware, a ration card is an essential document for people from the lower-middle class because it entitles them to a variety of benefits, including subsidised rations issued by the government, the ability to apply for various state and federal government schemes, and the ability to apply for a pension such as (MP Vidhwa or ).

You can now easily search your ration card list by visiting the official website and entering some information. All information from your ration card will appear to you, including the names of the members and the rations they are entitled to.

If your name appears on this new list, you are qualified for a subsidised ration from your local Fair Price Shop (FPS) in the affected region.

Types of mp ration card

Madhya Pradesh issues three different types of ration cards. The specifics of each form of ration card are mentioned below.

BPL Ration Card (Below Poverty Line)- BPL cards are given to individuals or families who live below the poverty line and earn less than Rs. 10,000/- per year. In total, 9668990 families have been identified as BPL families in the state, with approximately 32640 families being excluded from the list.

The Antyodaya Anna Yojna (AAY) Ration Card is given to the poorest of the poorest families/citizens of the state who do not have a steady source of income.

APL (Above Poverty Line) Ration Cards- APL cards are given to families or individuals who earn more than Rs. 10,000 per year and live above the poverty line in Madhya Pradesh.

How to check mp ration card bpl list

You can now see a list of BPL families in Madhya Pradesh who have ration cards. This can be easily verified online via the Samagra official portal, and to do so, you must follow the steps outlined below: –

  • To begin, go to the official website and click on the BPL/AAY Register button.
  • You must now pick some information from the options on the home page, such as: –

  1. District name

  2. Local body

  3. Gram Panchayat Zone

  • You may also choose to receive the entire BPL list or only the yellow ration card (AAY) or only the blue ration card (BPL).

  • The list of BPL holders will appear on your screen after you complete this phase.

MP ration card apl list new

Following the steps below, you can easily search the latest list of such families who have recently been added to the BPL/APL list from the official portal: –

  • First, go to the official website.

  • The latest list of families introduced recently in BPL/APL can now be found on the portal's home page.

  • After selecting the option, a new page will appear, prompting you to enter the following information: –

  1. District you belong to

  2. Nagar Nigam of your district

  3. Zone Number form the list

  4. ward number

  • When you click the view list button, a list of all newly added new families will appear on your phone.

  • In which you will find valuable information such as: –

  1. Your Family ID

  2. Head of the family name

  3. Address

  4. Card type

  5. Number of members in the family

  6. Category

  7. And date you have inducted in BPL category


Here are some most commonly asked questions about MP new ration card list.

How does one obtain a new list of MP ration cards?

You can get a copy of your new ration card list at

Which department is in charge of the state's PDS system?

The MP Government's Department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Welfare is in charge of the PDS scheme and the distribution of ration cards in the state. All information about the PDS and ration card can be found on the department's official website as well as the Samagra website.

Do I need to apply for APL and BPL ration cards separately?

Yes, people must fill out different application forms for BPL and APL cards.

Will I get a duplicate ration card if I lose my ration card?

Yes, you may request a duplicate ration card from the appropriate authority.

Is there an online application process for the issuance of a ration card in the state of MP?

No, there isn't an online application process available right now.

How do I find out if my name has been added to the BPL list?

It is easily viewed from the Samagra portal by selecting the connection for the information you need and then submitting the necessary information.

Is it possible to check my BPL status online?

Yes, you can monitor your status by going to the Samagra portal and selecting the track status connection, after which you must send your Samagra ID.

How many different types of ration cards did the MP government issue?

According to the information available, the MP government released three forms of ration cards, namely BPL, AAY, and APL.

What exactly is included in the MP ration patrata Parchi?

You can find some important information in your Patrata Parchi once you have downloaded it, including: –

  • Patrata parchi Number

  • Parivar ID number

  • Total member

  • Quantity of ration

  • Category of the ration card holder

  • Family member name and their Samagra IDs

What is the procedure for downloading my MP ration card Patrata Parchi?

Such a procedure is currently disabled in the portal, but it can be downloaded from the M-ration Mitra mobile app.

What information must be provided in order to download such patrata parchi?

You simply need to use your Samagra family ID to log in to the app.