Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 


The Maharashtra government has created a portal to provide Maharashtra scholarships to all Maharashtra students who cannot afford to pay due to the high tuition fees. visit the relevant government agency to take advantage of the various scholarships available to them. There are different scholarships available for different types of students and different genres and religions of students.

Eligibility criteria mandatory for enrolling in the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 program 

Being eligible means to qualify all the norms stated by the administration, and if the person is eligible and meets all the criteria mentioned then he/she can fill the petition form so that they get registered for the program. 

Given below are all the listed criteria that should be compiled by the applicant: - 

  • The first requirement is that the applicant must be a citizen from the Maharashtra state as this program is being inaugurated by the Maharashtra administration and works to assist only the people from Maharashtra. Soon it is expected from the program to expand and assist other citizens from different states as well. 

  • The second norm is regarding the educational qualification, the program accepts the applicant who is done with their tenth standard or has accomplished and contains a Secondary School Leaving Certificate from any recognized board such as the Central Board of Secondary Education, international board, the state board or the Indian certificate of secondary education. The student must have completed Senior Secondary Curriculum or equivalent matriculation. There are just two professional courses that can be taken.

  • The third norm states that the percentage acquired by the students also matters if they want to get into the program. Weighted Grade Point Average will be taken into consideration before selecting the candidates.  

  • The fourth criteria are about the age, the age of the student would be also taken into consideration before selecting them though there's relaxation given and the specific number of age is not being prohibited. 

  • The fifth standard is regarding the caste, students belonging to the specific caste group can get into the program as the program is biased and the students must be from a Scheduled Caste or Neo Buddhist. 

  • The sixth criterion is regarding gender, the program supports all gender whether it is male, female, or others. 

  • The seventh measure states that the applicants belonging from any area of Maharashtra as both the rural and urban areas of Maharashtra are eligible to enrol in the program. 

  • The eighth standard states that the annual family income of the applicant applying does matter with the program. It supports people with below the annual earning of two lakh fifty thousand rupees. 

  • The ninth regulation says that the learner’s university should be placed in Maharashtra acknowledged by the Administration. The learners should be acknowledged through the Candidate Assessment of Performance round merely for Professional Courses. 

  • The tenth criteria state that students must be in eleventh or twelfth grade. Students must have seventy-five per cent or higher in tenth grade.

  • The eleventh principle states that the students residing in Maharashtra with more than forty per cent disability would be taken into the program as eligible candidates. 

  • The twelfth criteria state that the program would render scholarship to the students who have failed or resigned from the ongoing course. 

  • The thirteenth requirement says that the candidates can not avail of every other scholarship even as making use of for this. For the contemporary instructional year, most effectively two kids from a circle of relatives are allowed to avail of the blessings of the scheme.

  • The fourteenth principle says that the student must have had a minimum of fifty per cent attendance in their current and previous semester.

  • The fifteenth criteria state that the students with gap years can enrol with only the two-year duration and not more than that. 

  • The sixteenth regulation says that the students belonging to the deemed to be university wouldn't be considered as eligible.

  • The seventh criteria say that the students must not be doing a full or half time at the time of enrolling in the scheme. 

These were all the norms laid by the program which is necessary to meet by the applicant applying and if the applicant passes all the measures, then they can get into the program. 

Documents required by the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 program 

The applicant needs to submit a set of documents needed by the program so that they can give proof of their eligibility status. The candidate must hand out the documents while filling out the application form and the administration would go through them and verify them. 

Listed below are the documents stated which the person needs to submit to the program's administration: - 

  • The first document is the Aadhar card as it verifies the identity of the person and the program's administration would sorely need to know the identification of the person applying. 

  • The second document is the scanned photo of the individual. This document is mandatory to submit as this verifies the eligibility of the individual. 

  • The third certificate must be regarding the age of the individual applying. 

  • The fourth paper must confirm the citizenship of the individual as only the citizens of the state of Maharashtra are eligible to apply to the program. 

  • The fifty documents must specify the caste group to which the applicant belongs. 

  • The gender certificate must be also handed out.

  • The second document is the mark sheet of standard tenth being passed by the applicant or their senior secondary certificate by any recognized board. This document is mandatory to submit as this verifies the eligibility of the individual. 

  • Annual income certificates can also be handed out as these documents are mandatory for submission. 

  • The next principle asserts that the person must provide all the crucial details regarding them such as their valid phone number, their active mail account address, their district and city name, their residential address, and other personal information such as parents name, the jobs they have done before, etc.  

  • Educational certificates have to be also handed out as these documents are mandatory for submission. 

  • If the applicant belongs to an economically weaker section of the society, then they need to give the certificate regarding it. The applicant can also hand out the photocopy of their ration card as proof. 

  • The applicant is required to give details of their school or college such as the name of the institution, the mark sheet, the course, etc. 

  • Details about residents' area addresses must be also delivered. 

  • The applicant must deliver their pan card and bank details to the organization. The applicant must ensure that they should not give out their bank details to someone else other than the authorized authorities. 

  • Details such as email address and phone number must be also delivered. 

  • The applicant must provide the certificate of domicile.

  • A copy of the person's application form and enrolment number. 

  • The applicant is required to submit the police verification certificate.

  • Documents such as ration cards if the applicant has them and the bills of telephone and water can also be handed out. 

  • The resume of the person must be submitted. 

  • The disability certificate must be handout out too if required. 

These were all the documents needed by the program from the applicant and these must be submitted without any fail. 

Procedure to register and fill the petition form of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy  


If the applicant wants to get registered then before doing that, they must first ensure that they are eligible for the program so that their time and money don't waste. If the applicant has ensured and confirmed that they're eligible then they can fill out the petition form so that they get registered for the program. 

Given below are the steps for filing the petition form: - 

  • Firstly, the applicant must visit the authorized address of the web portal of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy

  • When the applicant visits the portals, on the homepage they would see that there are all the instructions and guidelines given on the cover page. The applicant can go through them and understand them before actually filling out the application form so that they can avoid mistakes. 

  • The person would be required to make an account if they're doing it for the first time then they need to sign up and for signing up the portal would ask the person all the crucial personal details about them such as their name, age, city, district, state, parent's name, phone number, email id address, school name, etc. After giving all that information the portal would send a one-time confirmation code to the phone number being provided by the applicant and the applicant must enter that code to proceed further. After entering the code, the person can set their password and now from the next time the person just needs to log in by entering the username and password which has been set by them previously at the time of registering. 

Online mode of filling the application form of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy  

  • Firstly, the applicant must log in to the official portal address of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy

  • For doing that the user must make sure that they're connected with a good quality internet connection and their internet doesn't lag. They can visit the portal from their devices such as laptops, computers, or phones.

  • The applicant must log in using their username and password which they set earlier at the time of registration. 

  • After logging in, the portal would open up and the user would be directed to the homepage of the program. 

  • The homepage would contain all the necessary information and guidelines and the user must go through them. 

  • At the corner, there would be a three-dot symbol and the user must click on it. 

  • A list of options contaminated in a table would appear on the screen. 

  • The user must go to the application form option and click on it.

  • After clicking on it, the user must specify their city, district, and state name. 

  • Then the individual must fill the application form by either typing out the details on the screen itself or by taking a printout of the form and then filling it. 

  • If the applicant has typed out the details on the screen, then they need to press the submit button and their form would be submitted. 

  • If the applicant has taken out the printout of the form, then they need to write the details manually and then take a photo of it and upload it on the portal then press the submit button. 

  • The application form would ask for details such as the name, residential area, qualification details, parents' name, phone number, etc. 

  • The address of the portal is

  • The user must also attach the required documents while filling out the application form. 

This is how the person can jot down the application form in the online process method. 

Offline mode of filling the application form of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy 

The applicant can fill in the application form in the offline mode too and for doing that the step is given below: - 

  • Firstly, the applicant can visit the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy office physically. 

  • After reaching out to the office, on the reception the application must find the clerk. 

  • The clerk would provide them with the application form in a hardcopy way. 

  • The user then nearest to fill the form there itself by providing all the asked crucial personal details. 

  • The user must also carry the documents with them and hand out the documents along with the form. 

  • The clerk would take up the application form and the procedure is done. 

This is how the user can fill the application form through the offline mode procedure. This mode is easy but is also time-consuming. 

The procedure of tracking the status of petition form filled under the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy  

  • If the person wants to track the status of their application, they need to open the official portal of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy for students who are and click on Online Services. 

  • After that, the person needs to select the request Status option from the list. 

  • When they click the option of "request status", the electronic Ration card system portal will appear on their screen about the status of the application.

  • Now the person needs to enter all the required details, there is an option that they can choose, or they can enter the ration card number or confirmation number, but the rest of the data must be filled in in the registration form. 

  • Data such as mobile phone number needs to be mentioned and then the applicant has to select the activity and enter the security code. 

  • Finally, after providing all the details now the person can click the option of check status. 

  • The details of their application form will open on their screen.

Procedure to restore the forgotten password under the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy  

After the consumer enrols withinside the portal and gets their account call and password, they could log in at any second the usage of the one's factors, however, many human beings overlook their password. There is a manner to reactivate the password and create a brand new one, however, the individual has to first: -

  • First, open the portal of the website

  • After the portal's homepage has loaded, the portal will ask you for an account call and password earlier than proceeding.

  • "Forgotten password?" could be written in blue underneath the information box.

  • The consumer has to write the whole captcha.

  • The new web page could get loaded.

  • On that web page, the consumer has to offer factors consisting of their phone number, account id, and so on.

  • The portal will ship a one-time code to the enrolled phone number or the enrolled electronic mail to cope with the process as you have input the information earlier.

  • The individual has to then input the one-time code.

  • After the portal approves that code, they would have a lot of the latest passwords and now the person must remember the password for future reference.

The helpline communication details under the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy 

If the person has any difficulties, then they can contact the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy for the student’s department by dialling their helpline number. Given below are the helpline contact details of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy which a person can have details about: - 

  • Firstly, the individuals can ring the number of the organization between 10 AM to 5 PM. The office clerk of the plus one trial department would attend the call and clear up the person's queries. The number is 022-49150800

  • Secondly, the person can check the portal of the program as all the details are mentioned in the portal and the portal also has the frequently asked questions section where all the common queries of the public are posted. The person can go through them and find their answer, the address of the portal is

  • Thirdly the person can also post a letter of the query to the office's address of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy. 

  • Lastly, the person can mail their queries at the authorized mail address of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy. 

These were all the helpline contact details of the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy that can reach out to the department if they are facing any difficulty. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mahadbt Scholarship 2021 Program Policy 

Question 1) What is Aaple Sarkar DBT? 

Answer 1) Aaple Sarkar DBT (Direct Welfare Transfer) is a portal launched by the Maharashtra state government to transfer benefits and benefits under various social security programs such as scholarships, pensions, natural disasters, etc., directly to the recipient's bank account. 

Question 2) How does Aadhar-based Direct Welfare Transfer help beneficiaries? 

Answer 2) Aadhaar seeded his scheme, ensuring that no one else could claim a share of the profits by posing as a candidate. 

Question 3) What is the Mahadbt scholarship?  

Answer 3) Mahadbt Scholarship is a scholarship offered by various agencies of the Maharashtra government through the Mahadbt portal. For a complete list of scholarships, see the article above. 

Question 4) How to check eligibility for the program? 

Answer 4) The main purpose of the Check Compliance function in Mahadbt is to find the appropriate programs applicable to the applicant based on the information provided by the applicant for verification purposes. See details on eligibility for the various scholarships as above. 

Question 5) Can I edit the application after it has been sent? 

Answer 5) Yes if the institution returns the application to the student for changes, the applicant can make changes to some specific schools. 

Question 6) How to edit the Mahadbt scholarship form? 

Answer 6) Applicants may change certain features of the Mahadbt scholarship form if the institution returns a revised application.