Mera Ration Mobile App


With digitization, there have been so many things easy and smooth now that you surely don’t have to worry at any point in time at all. The Indian government has recently launched the app called Mera Ration App which can even help migrant workers to a great extent. This app has been launched by the consumer affairs ministry and even the food and public distribution. The app is a part of the One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC) government’s system. The migrant laborers can use this app to continue working no matter in which state they shall be residing. The app currently has got more than 30 states covered and union territories and it is expected that few more states shall be added too.

As per the Department of Food and Public Distribution Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey, this system was ideally started a few years back only in four states. But with its demand and improvement, it has now been rolled out to more than 32 states and even the union territories’. The only state that is not on the roaster till date is West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Assam, and West Bengal and are soon expected to be a part in some time now.

What is the Mera Ration App?

Ration Mobile App is you can say a part of an initiative that the Indian government has taken for One Nation One Ration Card’. The system shall cover around 69 crores of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) beneficiary’s union in the country. Under the act of NFS, the government is obliged to offer highly subsidized food grains to more than 81 crore people at Rs 1-3 per kg using the public distribution system also known as PDS. But there are so many migrants facing major issues as they move to other states. This is the main reason why the Mera Ration App can be useful. It would make sure that the beneficiaries avail themselves the privileges wherever they move without and hassle.

Mera Ration Card app download

To Download Mera Ration App, there is a process that you ache to follow. But for this, you need to have the Android platform. You simply must go in your accounts Google Play Store, search Mera Ration Card app and Download Mera Ration App and the app by National Informatics Centre (NIC) shall approach. It is, for now, available in English and Hindi language. But the government is hoping to soon relaunch the app with better language options depending on the places where migrants mostly move to

Important things to know about the Mera Ration app

  • This is only an Android-based app for which Indian citizens can register themselves on the app

  • Through this app, citizens get food grains at subsidized prices

  • The Ration Mobile App gives users a check on what they are entitled to by locating the ration shop closely

  • It has been designed for supporting biometric authentication and comes with Aadhar-based login

  • It is, for now, available in Hindi and English but shall support 14 regional languages soon.

  • You can download this app and register using your ration card details.

What are the Mera Ration app features and benefits?

This service gives you some of the best advantages that of course you should not be missing out on at all. It allows you to:

  • Check food grains entitlement

  • Status of the Aadhaar seeding

  • NFSA beneficiaries can

  • Have a look at your last six-month transactions.

  • Complete transparency

  • Locate your nearest Fair Price Shop (FPS) or the nearest ration dealer

How to use Mera Ration online app

  • To make the right use of this app, there is a process that you may have to follow.

  • First, make sure your ration card status is seen active on the official website of the Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department of the state from where you availed the ration card.

  • Now go in the Google Play Store and look Mera Ration Card app

  • Download it and open it on your mobile for further registration

  • You will have to click on the Registration option and enter your ration card number and hit submit button

  • You can even check the entitlement by choosing the option Know your entitlement option by entering your Aadhar card number or the ration card.

  • This app can also allow you to check the ONORC eligibility and for this, you can use the Eligibility Criteria.


With an initiative like this, the Indian Government surely has been trying to offer Digitalization and letting people accept it as one of the regular norms. It shall not just improve regular living but also would make it easy for the government to regulate and authorize processes. Mera Ration app is one such fine example which is a state-owned ration application. It allows the Indian with the system of the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ in the country. If you are one of those people who have been struggling to have a routine living then it can be even hard enough for you to avail yourself of the ration with the help of your native Ration card. However, this app is extremely simple to use and can make your job a lot simpler.

Question and answer?

Who created the app and where is it available?

National Informatics Centre (NIC) developed this app which you can find on Android phones.

How many languages does the app support?

This app is only available in Hindi and English language. However, still it is soon expected to support 14 languages in the future.  

How will the app help all stakeholders?

When the migrant beneficiaries enter the details of the travel before they choose their journey, the app shall notify them about their entitled ratio which shall be then automatically assigned by the system. In that case, they don’t even have to ask the FPS dealers about entitlement

What is the scheme of the One Nation, One Ration Card?

It is among the four citizens-centric systemic reforms that have been propagated by the Department of Expenditure. This scheme was launched in 2019 by Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.