Odisha Labour Card List 2021


 As per the act of B&OCW (RE&CS) it has been stated that in order to manage the business and state of administration of the building and other construction workers. It also manages their wellbeing and assistance of the government measures and so forth. This act is ordered in order to accommodate the assortment and duty of the cess on the development expense work so that there would be an expansion of the assets which is needed for extending the assistance of the government benefits for the development laborers by the Orissa Building and Other Construction Workers’ that Government has framed 

What is the Odisha Labour Card?

As per the department of the labor in the nodal department for implementing of the building and Other Construction that has been set for regulating the condition of the building service and employment along with other construction workers. This would give them health, safety, and even welfare measures. As per the Odisha Labour Card, there would be a duty adjustment and cess classification at the price of the development that would work under the act of the cess for expanding the assets that are needed for providing the government assistance benefits for the betterment of the laborers.

Those who wish to apply for the card and be eligible but then you need to understand the application process with the documents required and the criteria that have been set. This would save a lot of their time and they shall have an understanding of whether they have chosen the right scheme beneficial for them or not.

Benefits In Odisha Labour Card

The following benefits are provided to the people while applying for the Odisha Labour Card Beneficiary Status in the year 2020: -

  • Medical Expenses for Treatment

  • Education Assistance

  • The assistance of marriage of two dependant girl children of the beneficiary

  • Death Benefit

  • Assistance in case of an accident

  • Pension

  • Maternity Benefit

  • Financial Assistance for skill up-gradation

  • Loans and advances for construction of the house

  • The assistance of the purchase of working tools

  • Assistance for funeral expenses

Objectives Of The Scheme

In order to avail of the Odisha Labour Card List Beneficiary Status District Wise benefits, the applicant also needs to know the objectives that have been set of this scheme. The complement of the Odisha labor card is done for the purpose. Before you go around and check the card list 2021 it is important to understand the purpose behind this scheme.

  • Labour Government assistance and Organization of Work Laws.

  • Social Security Plans for Modern Laborers, as E.S.I.

  • Adjudication of Mechanical Issues.

  • Child Work Government assistance.

  • Inspection of Security proportions of Manufacturing plants and Boilers 

  • Employment and Professional Direction to the Adolescent.

  • Organization of Processing plants and Boilers Acts and Rules.

Eligibility Criteria

There is certain eligibility criteria that have been set in order to be sure that the application gets filled up smoothly and see Odisha Labour Card List Online Check.

  • The applicant must be above the age of 18 years.

  • The applicant must be the residence of Odisha

  • An applicant must be below the age of 60 years.

  • The applicant must be a construction worker.

Required Documents

There are some documents that need to be submitted or updated along with the application for Labour Card List Odisha. This includes:

  • Birth certificate

  • Self-declaration

  • 3 passport size images

  • Certificate issued by government medical officers

  • Age proof

  • School leaving certificate

  • Employment certificate

  • Nomination form

How to Apply For Odisha Labour Card

The application process is quite simple but it must be followed stepwise to make sure everything goes smoothly. In this case, it includes:

  • Visit the official website of the Odisha Building & Other Construction Worker Welfare Board https://bocboard.labdirodisha.gov.in/

  • From the home page go to the download option which is available in the menu bar 

  • A new page will appear where you will find the registration form or directly click the below-given link 

  • Download the form and take a print out of it

  • Fill the application form with all the necessary information such as Name, Marital status, Sex, Date of birth/ age, Father/ husband name, Address, Details of a family member, Qualification, and Bank account details, etc.

  • Don’t forget to attach your photograph with all the important documents and then submit the application with a registration fee of Rs. 20 to the nearest department office.

Step to check Odisha labor card beneficiary list 2020

  • Visit the official website www.bocboard.labdirodisha.gov.in.

  • There will be a section call report that will open.

  • Click on the section to further reports on beneficiaries where the list of beneficiaries as per the district would appear.

  • Choose the number that shall be given against the district name and the beneficiary list will appear on the screen

  • Go through the list and take it to print for future use.

Key Features of Scheme

  • Medical Expenses for Treatment

  • Loans and advances for construction of the house

  • Education Assistance

  • Wife benefits after death

  • The assistance of marriage of two dependent girl children of the beneficiary

  • Assistance in case of an accident

  • Pension facilities

  • Assistance for funeral expenses

  • The assistance of the purchase of working tools

  • Maternity Leave Benefit

  • Financial Assistance for skill up-gradation


The Odisha Building and Other Construction Workers' Welfare Board was constituted on 03.01.2004 u/s 18 of the Building along with other construction workers welfare board. The candidates who have applied for this labor card registration form can be now able to check their card list 2021 list or visit the official website which is http://bocboard.labdirodisha.gov.in/ and follow Odisha Labour Card Download

Questions and Answers

How to be sure about my Labour card online in Odisha?

To check this Odisha labor card beneficiary list 2020, you must first visit www.bocboard.labdirodisha.gov.in where you can follow all the steps given.

What is the meaning of the Labour card?

This type of card is a labor’s identity proof. There is a department that hires such labor by their labor card.