Odisha Voter List 2021


Voting is one of the important rights for every citizen of the country. With the help of these rights, you can choose the right candidate for your government. The election commission of the country is always responsible for anything related to the elections and voting. In the year 2021, Odisha Voter List 2021 is launched by the election commission. There are several different benefits you will get from the voter list. You can also download the electoral roll of Odisha with the photos. 

As we all know , voting is one of the constitutional rights of our country. You have to submit your vote for the great government and the future of the country. You should know that your vote is very important for the country. There are some restrictions for voting such as the age limit. When you cross the 18 you should apply for the election card. This will permit you to vote for your favorite candidate.

The electoral roll is the type of list where you will find the list of eligible citizens who can submit their vote in the election process. All the electoral roll is arranged constituency-wise and it is also divided and assembled concerning polling booths. You should know the election commission divides a particular city into many parts which we call different polling booths. For the voting process, you have to go to a particular polling booth that is allotted to you. They will give you a particular polling booth according to your address.  

The election commission will also decide the proper number of electors per polling booth as at this time they decided to have a maximum of 1200 electors per polling place. They will arrange the polling booth as close as possible to your home. You will not have to travel more than 2 km for the polling process. This is one of the great services by the election commission which will support ordinary man. If the government is trying to provide you with every service then you should also go to the polling place and make sure that you vote for the right person. 

When you turn 18 you have to apply for your Voter ID card. Without this card, you are not able to choose your favorite party or candidate. You will have different benefits with this card which can make your life different. You just have to choose wisely when you give your vote. 


Following are some benefits that come with the voter id card:- 

  • The main benefit of the voter id card is that you can cast your vote in the polling booth. 

  • If your name and correct address appeared on the voter ID card you will have a right to vote for your favorite candidate or party. 

  • When you have the right to vote and choose the right candidate for your government then simply you have the right to make decisions with them.

  • By choosing the right candidate, you will choose the correct future for your country or state. 

  • This ID card also acts as the identity proof for your citizenship of India. 

Odisha Voter List Online Check

Voter list Odisha is now available on the official website of the Odisha government. As you know that the voter list is launched by the election commission in 2021. You should also know that you can download CEO Odisha Electoral Roll in the pdf form.

Following is the step-by-step process of downloading the voter list:- 

  • First, you have to visit the official website of the Odisha voter id. You can easily find this official website online www.ceoorissa.nic.in.

  • After you visit the official website you will see the homepage of the website. You should look for the voter section on the homepage of the website. 

  • In the voter section, you will see the drop-down list where you will find the “view electoral roll” option. Click on this option or you can also find the direct link in several informative pages online.  

  • After clicking on this option you will see the pdf file of the Odisha voter list. 

  • You will see several options which you have to choose according to your address and information. 

  • First, you have to choose the district and then the assembly constituency. After choosing both options you have to enter the booth according to your permanent address.  

  • After entering all the information, you have to enter the captcha code to prove that you are human, not a robot. 

  • After entering the code, select the “OK” option. This will lead to you the “Mother-E-Roll” which will option your voter id with the photo. 

  • You will also see detailed information which will give proof of your citizenship in India. 

  • On that page, you will see the option of “download”. Click on that option to download the electoral roll or voter list of Odisha. 

  • You can also take a print out if you want. 

All the above steps are very easy to follow and at the end, you will get the pdf file of your voter list. 

Download CEO Odisha Electoral Roll

When you download the Odisha voter list in a pdf form then you will see only your name but if you want to search your name in the Odisha voter list then you just have to follow very easy steps. Following is the detailed process by which you can find your name in the voter list of Odisha. 

  • Firstly you have to visit the official website of the Odisha voter list or the government of Odisha www.ceoorissa.nic.in.  

  • When you see the homepage of the website then look for the “voter section” option. You have to click on this option for further process.  

  • After this step, you will see the drop-down list in which you have to click on the “search your name in the voter list” option.  

  • Several informative pages also share the direct electoral search link which will lead you directly to this step. 

  • After this step, you will see the two options on the screen. You have to choose one option from the district information and Assembly constituency.  

  • When you enter all the required information then you have to select the “submit” button. 

  • When you select this option you will see your name on the screen if you are on the voter list or if you are eligible for voting. 

You can search for detailed information on the Odisha voter list online check option on the official website.


All the above information will provide you with the details about the Odisha voter list 2021. You will also see several processes which you can follow for your voter id. You can also easily search for your name in the electoral roll of Odisha. You also can locate the polling station on google map. 


How to locate a polling booth on google maps? 

Following are the few steps which will help you in locating the polling booth in Odisha. 

  • For this process, you have to visit the CEO website of Odisha. 

  • When you see the homepage you have to see the voter section option. 

  • After clicking on this option, you will see a drop-down list from which you have to choose the “polling station location on google map”. 

  • After this step, you have to enter your state name, AC, and polling station. This information will show you the exact location of your polling station on google map. 

Can people outside Odisha have their names on this list?

No, people from outside Odisha don’t have their names included in the Odisha Voter List 2021 because of them not being residents of Odisha in the first place.

What is the official website to avail of the Odisha Voter List 2021?

To avail themselves of the Odisha Voter List 2021, people can visit the official website www.ceoorissa.nic.in and check their names in the list and can even download it for sure.

Can NRIs apply for the Odisha Voter List?

No, not only a non-resident of India but also a non-resident of Odisha is denied the application for the Odisha Voter List.

What if people don’t find their names in the Odisha Voter List?

If people are not able to find their names in the Odisha Voter List, then they should click on the other option that includes considering your query and giving you an appropriate solution for it.

Is the Odisha Voter List 2021 any different from the Odisha Voter List of previous years?

Yes,  this year, the Odisha Voter List is also available on an online medium. 

Is the Odisha Voter List block-wise?

Yes, the Odisha Voter List is specifically block-wise and increases its specificity to the fullest.