Bihar Ration Card List


The state government usually issues the ration card which works as one crucial document that is also one nationality sign. It also shows the economic status of the person. With such a card, many people purchase food at rates that are subsidies. Such a type of Bihar Ration Card is an official document and hence holds an important place. It is given to the households that hold the eligibility to purchase the grains at the subsidies pricing using the Public Distribution System (PDS) under the National Food Security Act (NFSA). The ration cards are offered depending on the overall family members and the category of the same determines the entitlement of the person to rationed goods.

In one of the announcements which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made in the year 2020, he came up with Garib Kalyan Anna Yojna Scheme. It focuses on the free ration scheme considering the ongoing crises of the Covid 19 pandemic. The center has so far spent Rs 90,000 crore on offering free nation to more than 80 families.

Types of Ration card:

Every state has a system of authority designed. In Bihar, such a type of task is managed by the Bihar State Food & Civil Supplies Corporation (BSFC) Limited, Govt. of Bihar. On the application basis that is submitted by the households or even citizens, the issue of ration cards is done. It is categorized into four types:

  • BPL Ration cards-   

This type of card is issued to the household who have been living below the line of poverty and have their family income less than Rs.24000/- per annum

  • APL Ration Cards-

This type of card is issued to the household who have been living above the line of poverty and have their family income less than Rs.24000/- per annum

  • AAY Ration cards- 

This type of card is issued to the household who have been poorest of the poor

  • Annapurna Ration cards- 

This type of card is issued to the household that belongs to old-age pensioners of the state.    

The food grains and even many other important supplies are then distributed to the cardholders using the fair price shop.

How to Check Bihar Ration Card List 2020

To save the time and energy of standing in the queue now there is an Online option as well through which the Bihar Ration Card List 2020 can be checked.

  • First, visit the Bihar State Food & Civil Supplies Corporation Limited official website that Bihar Government has started  

  • Now choose the RCMS  

  • You can then see the districts of the Bihar Ration Card List. 

  • Click on the district and then choose the tehsil where you can see the shopkeepers list. 

  • Choose the shopkeeper’s name and you will see the ration card beneficiaries list. 

  • Check if your family head member's name and the ration card number are seen. It will appear on the same page.


  • For BPL Ration cards, it is expected that the Annual of the family is less than Rs.24,000-red card

  • For APL Ration Cards, it is expected that the Family earns an annual income of less than Rs.24,000- blue card

  • For AAY Ration cards, it is expected that Families below the poverty line

  • For the Annapurna Ration card, it is expected that Aged pensioners of Bihar

Documents Required to Apply for Bihar Ration Card

 To make sure all the process of ration card application goes smoothly; you need to apply for it with the right documents that should have

  • Address proof

  • A passport-size photograph

  • Income certificate

  • How to Apply for Bihar Ration Card

  • Once you consider that you fall under the eligibility criteria and have all the documents ready, you can go ahead and apply

  • For this, you need to first visit the official site of the Bihar ration card or visit the Circle Office/S.D.O office.

  • Get the form and fill up all the details that are asked

  • Now you must attach the documents that are important to be sent along with the form

  • Submit the form and make sure the application number that you get upon acknowledgment is saved.

How to Download Bihar Ration Card

Now once you apply, you can even get the card online that you simply must download. For this, you must:

  • Visit the website

  • Select “RCMS” 

  • Choose on the district from the list          

  • Check a category-wise number of ration cards. 

  • Choose the option- urban or rural 

  • Select the block from the available options 

  • Have a look at the list of the panchayats 

  • Choose the panchayat, click on your village 

  • Select your (Fair Price Shop). 

  • Have a look at the list of the ration cards under the FPS.

  • Select your ration card number and see the card details 

  • Click on “download”


Rayon cards are one of the most traditional and oldest types of documents which is available as the printer booklet. It comes with all the history and details of the family information. As per the state government, with the digitizing of the document, things can be a lot simpler and time-saving. The switch to digital ration cards has however not been done in Pan India yet since the card administration is handled by the individual state governments. This type of card is used when you buy subsidized food. The details of the card are also believed to be crucial identity and residence proof of the individual.

Questions and Answers

Is it mandatory for me to have a ration card?

No, you don’t need to have those documents as a compulsory one. You can apply it simply as per your wish.

Can the Bihar ration card be used in any other state of India?

Currently, the PDS does not offer such a provision where you can go for using a Bihar ration card in any state.

What is the period needed to get a new ration card?

Right after you get the application with the document, it will be verified. Once the whole verification is over; the ration card shall get issued within 15 days.