Smagra Kite

As part of the Kerala government's General Education Protection Mission, all educational institutions in the state are being transformed into hi-tech schools, with classrooms upgraded to smart classrooms. 

While the hi-tech classrooms are being built, they will be well-equipped with the required amenities so that the courses may be delivered efficiently using those technological educational aids. Furthermore, in the future, textbooks will include units with ICT-related resources or units created with the help of information and communication technology. 

Teachers and students in the next generation will make the best use of educational technology in the classroom, regardless of whether they are studying arts or science. For efficient teaching and learning, such improvements in the educational process will necessitate the use of digital resources by teachers and students. 

This necessitates a single platform for teachers to offer to students consistently and productively, as well as to share among themselves. 

IT@School(KITE), under the supervisSamagra ion of SCERT, has developed an e-resource management site named Samagra to meet these requirements and meet the needs.

What is kite samagra?

The state government has launched the question bank portal at developed by IT@School. This portal would provide digital content like discussions and videos on a particular subject and solutions to posted questions etc. The portal can be accessed at or

It is a joint initiative of IT@School Project and the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Kerala to implement ICT enabled education in Kerala State. The SAMAGRA Question Bank Portal will surely provide quality education and increase the level of education in the state. In addition, this portal will also provide the students with an option to download e-books (textbooks).

Services provided by Samagra portal

  • Edutainment – Educational and Recreational Activities for school students

  • e-Resources for Kids – Enhances teaching-learning experience through pedagogically designed digital resources

  • General Resources – Stories, Poems, Experiments, Videos

  • e-Resources – Enhances teaching-learning experience through pedagogically designed digital resources

  • Question Pool – Subjectwise Question repository. Helps the evaluation process

  • Text Books – Soft copies of SCERT (Kerala) Text Books from class 1 to 12

Samagra kite registration process

To register on the Samagra portal follow the steps below.

  • Go to or on the official website.

  • Click on the Signup button

  • You will be taken to another window where you need to enter the details like name, username, email id, phone number, district, category, school, subject and password.  

  • After entering all the details click on the Sign-Up button. 

  • Now you will receive a successful registration confirmation message on the screen.

If the registration period has ended, you must contact your District IT coordinator, Principal, or School IT coordinator to get your application approved. You will be allowed to proceed only if your application has been approved. The IT coordinator/principal is responsible for approving teachers who have completed Samagra's "sign up" process. Teachers should approve new teachers as quickly as possible when they register in Samagra.

Samagra kite login process

If you have already registered on the Samagra portal then you need to enter your username and password to log in. This is the same username and password that you created while registering on the portal.

Samagra kite kerala gov in textbook pdf

Students can access the textbook icon on the Samagra Question Bank Portal's homepage. is the direct link. A new download Textbook page will appear after you click the link. As a result, candidates can obtain textbooks based on medium, class, and subject.

Frequently asked questions

What if i forget my samagra login password?

If you forget your password, you can recover it by going to the 'Forgot Password' menu.

When you select the 'forgot password' option from the menu, the box shown below appears. After entering the already registered email address, select 'get via SMS.' A text message will be sent to your phone. Use the user id and password supplied to you by SMS to log in. However, the user id cannot be altered.

Where can I find settings options in samagra portal?

In the ‘Accounts' tab, you can set up your Samagra account. It is possible to change your password, sign out of your account, and so on.