Tamilnadu Ration Card Online Help


We all know how valuable a ration card is in our lives. This kind of official document is issued by the respective government of the state. The household that falls under this section is also eligible to buy the food grains at a certain rate using the Public Distribution System. This usually falls under the National Food Security Act (NFSA). The family card or ration card is usually issued as per the number of members that are present in the family. Such cards can also be issued to the family who understand the amount of the good rationed and which they are entitled to.

How to check Tamil Nadu Ration Card List 2020

The process to check the Ration Card list of Tamil Nadu is quite simple. You must follow the instructions given below and also understand how to change the name in ration card Tamilnadu online:

  • Visit the official website https://www.tnpds.gov.in/ and fill-up the form.

  • Fill the details like District, City, and Locality and then check the status of your ration card list for 2020

Tamil Nadu Ration Card Eligibility

  • To apply for a ration card, you must fall under the eligibility criteria which is

  • The eligibility criteria for ration cards in Tamil Nadu can be summed up as follows:

  • The applicant must not possess a family card that is registered in any other state in India

  • The family as well as the applicant must be living and cooking separately

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India

  • The applicant and the members of his or her family must be close relatives.

  • The applicant must not have his names enrolled as a member in any other family card within the state of Tami Nadu

  • The family of the applicant should be Indian citizens

  • The applicant and his or her family must be ordinarily resident in Tamil Nadu

Documents Required to apply for Tamil Nadu ration card?

Once you make up your mind and decide to fill up the application form, you must also submit other important documents which are:

  • Election Photo Identity Card

  • Property tax payment receipt

  • Residential proof of the applicant

  • Electricity Bill

  • Details in respect to LPG connection along with the details of the name of the customer

  • Currently valid tenancy agreement if any

  • Telephone Bill

  • Front Page of Bank Pass Book

  • No card certificate is to be issued by the card issuing authority

  • Allotment orders in respect of persons residing at houses allotted by Slum Clearance Board

  • Passport if issued

  • A self-addressed and stamped postal cover

How to Apply for a Ration Card in Tamil Nadu

  • To follow the smooth process the applicant must apply for the ration card in Tamil Nadu stepwise.

  • Visit the official website https://www.tnpds.gov.in/ that has been created by the Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System. 

  • Choose the right language and then click on the ‘Smart Card Application’ option 

  • Click on Smart Card Application’ option after which an application form shall open where you have to enter the details 

  • The applicant then must upload the scanned shot of the head member

  • The residential address proof should also be uploaded

  • Once the details are filled up and the review of the same is done, it is time to submit it by clicking on submit button 

  • Right after you submit the form, you shall get a reference number that you can use in the future to check the ration card application status

How to Check Ration Card Status Online?

  • Now once you are done with an application, it is time to follow the steps for ensuring the status of the ration card is also checked.

  • An applicant will have to follow the steps mentioned below to check the status of their ration card application in Tamil Nadu.

  • Visit the official website https://www.tnpds.gov.in/ that has been created by the Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System. 

  • Choose the right language and then click on the ‘Smart Card Application status’ option 

  • Another web page will open in which you need to enter the reference number that has been generated during the application form submission. 

  • Enter the reference number and then hit the submit button 

  • The application status with regards to your reference number shall then be shared with you.

How to Download Tamil Nadu Ration Card

 The process to download your smart ration card that government issues are quite simple. You can get it on the official website itself, the applicant, however, have to use the site for downloading the card with some steps like:

  • Visit the official website www.tnpds.gov.in. that has been created by Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System 

  • Choose the beneficiary option from the top menu on the site

  • Enter the registered mobile number in the field that has been given along with the OTP

  • Now sign yourself in TNPDS profile on the portal

  • Click on the smart card print option after that and then choose the language of your choice

  • Now click on the save option so that the PDF version of your smart ration card is saved.


Ration card is extremely important but for every state, the process of application, to check the status, and even getting the one downloaded can vary. That is why you must pay extra attention especially when you apply for it and make sure all the details are entered rightly.

Questions and answers:

In case a new member must be added is it possible to do so?

Yes, for this the official website of TNPDS and apply freshly to add a new member in ration card online in Tamilnadu

How long should you be waiting to get the ration issued?

Usually, it takes 15 to 30 days. For your new ration card to arrive. Once the application form gets signed up duly and submitted then there is an approval process that usually takes time before the card is issued.

Is it important to pay any kind of fees when a new ration card in Tamil Nadu is applied?

You may have to pay a few of Rs.5 that has been advised by the Tamil Nadu state government to apply for an application for the new ration card.