TNPDS Correction

TNPDS Correction

TNPDS is also known as the smart ration card for the people of Tamil Nadu. People who want to add, remove, or modify their names in the tnpds smart card correction ration card list can do so with the help of online as well as offline mediums. There are a lot of ways in which people can avail themselves of this facility and the benefit of this facility is that you can enlist your and your family member’s names in the ration card list of Tamil Nadu. 

People are facilitated to change their names, mobile numbers, addresses, and some other things in this ration card list for sure. The tnpds smart card name correction online facility can be used by the people by availing to the following steps-

  • Visit the official website of TNPDS correction and select the name change option on the visible screen. 

  • Enter the current and the new name to be inserted on the TNPDS ration card.

  • Make sure that you provide the required change of name documents by either submitting them in the office or by scanning them while filling the online form. 

  • Fill in all the checkboxes that ensure all the documents being submitted properly and all the terms and conditions to be read and followed properly. Then click on the Next and Submit button to get your name changed on the TNPDS ration card list. 

Changing your address on this list is also as easy as changing your name. You just have to provide the appropriate tnpds ration card address change proof on the respective website and make the necessary changes as per your convenience. However, there are some specific requirements or eligibility criteria for applying for the TNPDS correction facility. These requirements or eligibility criteria can be listed in brief as below-

  • The person applying for the TNPDS ration card list should compulsorily be an official ration cardholder. A person who does not have a ration card is not at all eligible to apply for this ration card enrolment list in the first place. 

  • The applicant and their family members should be compulsory and permanent citizens of India and Tamil Nadu. Without authorized citizenship, they can’t be eligible for availing of either the tnpds smart card address change feature or even the ration card list application. 

  • For applying to this ration card, all the family members of the respective applicant should be free of any family card. If any one of them has a family card, then they should withdraw it immediately and then apply for the TNPDS ration card. The same goes for the tnpds address change proof submission and its application in the first place. 

  • Only close relatives of the applicant are allowed to be added to the TNPDS ration card list. Also, if any newborn is present in the family, then their name can be enrolled after he/she turns 5 years. A new member in the house can be enrolled in the list with her full name after marriage as well. 

After fulfilling all the eligibility criterion for applying to the TNPDS ration card correction facility, you must have the following documents and their Xerox copies available with you at the time of your application-

  • The application form includes all the details to be filled by the applicant for the TNPDS ration card list enrolment application. 

  • Identity Proof such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, or any other document that recognizes the applicant according to their name and details. 

  • Original as well as Xerox copy of the ration card of applicant and their family members. 

  • Passport size photograph of the applicant.

  • Either Birth or Pass Certificate that proves the authenticity of the date of birth of the applicant. 

  • Residence proof such as electricity bill, etc.

  • Original Surrender certificate if present and required in any case. 

Apart from these documents to enroll your name in the TNPDS ration card list, if you want to delete the name of any of your family members, then you should have their death certificate as proof and that too in its original as well as Xerox form. All these documents are necessary for those who are already part of a particular family and want to include their names in the TNPDS ration card correction list. 

However, for the ones who have newly entered a family, the requirement of the documents may be a bit different, which can be listed as follows-

  • Parents of the bride should issue a name deletion certificate to avail her of the new family’s ration card list enrolment. 

  • Marriage certificate.

  • Original copy of the new ration card of the bride (containing her husband’s name in it).

  • ID proof of the bride’s parents (original + Xerox). 

  • Original copy of old ration card of the bride with her parents’ name on it. 

  • Age proof, such as a Pass Certificate or Birth Certificate of the bride. 

Apart from the marriage certificate, all the above documents are also eligible for the newborn family member to be included in the TNPDS correction list, but only after he/she becomes 5 years old. This is because the biometrics of the child may change after they cross 5 years of their age and this may make it difficult for the authorities to recognize them in case any necessary situation occurs in the future. 

Therefore, availing yourself of the TNPDS correction list will be very easy when you follow all the rules of the same properly and make yourself open to any kind of changes or modifications in the first place for sure. 


The tnpds correction status can be checked from time to time with the help of the official website of the same. That is why it becomes much easier for everyone to avail themselves of this website and take the opportunity to either change their name or add or remove their names from the TNPDS ration card list. Therefore, this opportunity should not be missed by anyone in the first place at all. 


  • Is it compulsory to have your mobile phone present with you when you are registering for TNPDS correction?

Yes, it is compulsory to have your mobile phone present with you if you want to register for the TNPDS correction process. 

  • Can people change their TNPDS registered mobile numbers?

Yes, changing your TNPDS registered mobile number is possible if you follow all the rules and regulations for the same properly. To get yourself availed of the mobile number changing method, you will need to call the toll-free number of the TNPDS service helpdesk. The toll-free number is 1967/1800-425-5901. 

  • Is there any procedure to remove a person’s name from the TNPDS ration card list just like it is to get the name inserted?

Yes, a particular procedure needs to be followed to remove a person’s name from the TNPDS ration card list just like it is to insert their names in it. The procedure can be stated as follows-

  • Use the official link of the TNPDS ration card

  • Select the 'Remove Member' option present on the screen. This option is present on the right side of the other option 'Smart Card Related Services'.

  • You will receive an OTP on your provided mobile number. Enter the respective OTP and click on the Submit option. 

  • Some details related to the member to be removed need to be inserted on the screen and this will take you to the next remove member category. 

  • The details of all members registered on the provided mobile number will be shown on your screen and a checkbox will be present at the left-hand corner of the same. Select the check box on the name of the member who needs to be removed and click on the Next option.

  • After the completion of this process, the respective member’s name will be removed from the tnpds smart card correction ration card list for sure. 

  • Is it compulsory to submit an original copy of the documents along with the Xerox copy?

Yes, people should carry their original documents with Xerox copies of the same with them. The respective authorities will check the authenticity of your original documents and then they will accept your Xerox copies for further process. Your tnpds name correction process will not complete till the initial authorities check the authenticity of your original documents. 

  • Can people change their addresses on the TNPDS ration card list?

Yes, changing your address on the tnpds online ration card correction is possible with the help of a particular procedure on an online medium itself. Follow the respective steps of the address changing procedure and you will easily be able to change your current address and add the new one in it in the first place. 

  • Is there a particular fee for applying for the TNPDS ration card correction procedure?

Yes, there is a fee that needs to be availed for the application of the tnpds ration card correction procedure. However, this fee is not fixed for all the applicants. The respective fees of the applicants are displayed on their screens at the time of their application itself. 

  • What is the validity of the TNPDS ration card?

The validity of the TNPDS ration card is limited to about 5 years. If anyone wishes to remove their name from the ration card list before the completion of this period, then they can do this with the help of the necessary procedure in the first place for sure.