Up Voter List 2021

Elections for Panchayats, Blocks and Zila Panchayats in Uttar Pradesh will be held in four phases beginning April 15. The State Election Commission released a comprehensive schedule last month, stating that the first phase of voting would be held on April 15, the second phase on April 19, the third phase on April 26, and the fourth phase on April 29. The results will be announced on May 2nd. This contest, which is seen as a warm-up for the assembly election next year, will be conducted using ballot papers.

Up panchayat election voter list

In our country, elections are a huge deal. India, as the world's largest democracy, attracts a large number of voters to the polls each year. Elections, such as Parliamentary Elections, State Assembly Elections, Local Municipal Elections, and others, are held regularly in this country.

The Election Commission of India is in charge of overseeing and regulating all elections in India. When you reach the age of 18, you are entitled to vote in the region where you live if you are an Indian citizen.

A voter list is a list of all registered voters in a specific constituency or ward. The Election Commission of India maintains and updates this list through its regional offices. And if your name appears on the voting list are you permitted to vote. Since the voter list is so relevant, you don't need a Voter ID card to vote if your name appears on it. You can vote using any government-issued valid proof of identification.

It is not only your right but also your duty, to exercise your right to vote. The Election Commission of India maintains a constituency-by-constituency voter list on which all eligible voters are registered. You will not be able to vote if your name is not on the voter list. As a result, it's important to make sure your name is on the voter list.

Download uttar pradesh voter list 2021

  • Applicants must first go to the Uttar Pradesh State Election Commission Voter List website http://sec.up.nic.in/ and hover over the heading "Election." 

  • A drop-down menu will appear, with ‘>Voter list' as one of the available options. Applicants must select this option. 

  • They must then further refine their quest by selecting ‘EPIC Number,' ‘Name,' and ‘Name of Father/Husband.' They can also scan for the appropriate voter list by simply selecting ‘Name' as one of the parameters. 

  • They must then click on ‘Search' once the choices have been filtered.

  • Applicants would then be able to see all of their voter ID details, including their EPIC number, name, father/name, husband's and so on. 

  • You can also download the voter list on your computer.

Search by epic number

This choice is only available if you are already a registered voter.

  • Enter your EPIC number as it appears on your voter ID on the phone.

  • Choose the state where you live.

  • Click the "Search Button" after entering the Captcha code.

  • You will be guided to the result page regardless of which of the two methods to find your name in the voter list you use.

  • You would be able to see the details on your computer if your name is on the voter list.

  • If your name does not appear on the list, you must contact the local Electoral Officer and inform them of the discrepancy.

  • To process your application, you will be asked to complete the required forms and submit the required documents.

Question and answers

Will I be able to vote in the upcoming election if my name is accidentally omitted from the voter list?

No, you won't be allowed to cast a ballot in the forthcoming race. As a result, it is important to check your name and details on the voter list.

May I vote even though I don't have my voter ID card?

Yes, you can always vote by displaying your Aadhaar card if your name is on the voter's list.

Is it necessary to link aadhar to a voter ID card?

Yes, linking the Aadhar card to the voter's ID card is required.

When I apply for my voter ID online, how long does it take to process it?

If you apply online, it will take about 30 days to receive your voter ID.


e-PIC is a PDF-based photo identification card that can be carried around. The document is issued by the Indian government, and you can either print it or keep it on your smartphone. For new registrations in Phase 1, this service is included with your PVC Voter's ID card. The e-PIC is a self-service model that is equally accurate as voter identification evidence.