RKSY 1 Ration Card Facilities

WB RKSY 1,2 Ration Cards, sometimes known as Digital Ration Cards, are a scheme launched by the West Bengal government to make Public Distribution Services available online. The major goal of the government's initiative is to make rationing services available to the general public online.

What are RKSY 1 ration card facilities

In the state of West Bengal, the department of food and supplies distributes ration cards. One of the most significant documents is a ration card. You can acquire subsidised goods and other benefits of certain government initiatives with the use of a ration card. First and foremost, the state of Bengal pioneered the notion of computerised ration cards. The implementation of a digital ration card provides various benefits to the state's beneficiaries. People no longer need to gather outdated paper ration cards because they now have a digital ration card at their fingertips.

The Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana provides a variety of services and benefits to the state's residents. There are many facilities at fair price shops under the two categories that are RKSY 1 ration card facilities and Rksy 2.

  • The monthly allotment of RKSY-1 commodity wheat is 3 kg per head, with a price of rupees 2 per kg.

  • RKSY-1 rice is commodity rice with a monthly allotment of 2 KG per head and a price of Rs. 2 per kg.

  • RKSY-11 is commodity wheat with a monthly allotment of one kilogramme per head and a price of Rs. 9 per kilogramme.

  • Rice is the RKSY-11 commodity, with a monthly allotment of 1 kilogramme per head and a price of Rs 13 per kilo.

For the duration of the lockdown, the government has established subsidised pricing. People will receive rations at a rate of rupees 2 per kg for the next six months following the lockdown. This scheme benefits approximately 7 crore individuals in West Bengal, which accounts for 90 percent of the state's population. The government will also provide rations to 50 lakh people at half the market price. If you wish to apply for this scheme, you must first go to our official page, where we provide details and instructions on how to apply.

RKSY 1 ration card facilities online application process

Follow the steps below to apply online for RKSY 1 ration card facilities.

  • Visit the West Bengal Public Distribution System (PDS) Portal https://wbpds.gov.in/.

  • The applicant is redirected to the Home Page.

  • Click the Application Form for Non-Subsidised Ration Card or Conversion to Non-Subsidised Ration Card on the Home Page.

  • It takes the applicant to a web page where he or she is asked to input their cell phone number.

  • Get OPT by entering your mobile number.

  • Now, enter the OTP that was sent to your phone number and click the Validate button.

  • After the applicant's Mobile Number has been validated, he or she should choose one of the alternatives listed below.

  • Select the appropriate Button based on your application's needs.

  • Then select New Applicant from the drop-down menu.

  • You will now be taken to the application form.

  • From the drop-down menu, choose District, Block/Municipality, and Grama Panchayat.

  • Fill in the complete address for correspondence in the next area.

  • Also, fill out the form with your locality's Ration Card Shop information.

  • The applicant is then directed to the Personal Information section.

  • The applicant must fill out this area with information such as relationship to the family head, father/name, mother's gender, old ration card number, Aadhar card number, voter ID, PAN card, mobile number, and email address.

  • Then select Show Member from the drop-down menu.

  • It displays the applicant's information, such as name, father's name, relationship, gender, and age.

  • By selecting the Add Another Member tab, the applicant can add another member.

  • To store the information, click the View and Save Application Button.

  • Following that, the applicant can see the details of the District, Block/Municipality, Address, and Ration Shop, as well as the Head of the Family.

  • Check all of the information and then click the Declaration Checkbox before submitting the application form.

  • The Download Application appears once you click the submit button, as seen below.

  • You can save/print the application for future use.

RKSY 1 ration card facilities Status

  • To begin, go to the West Bengal PDS portal https://wbpds.gov.in/.

  • Select the application and status option from the home page.

  • If you have already completed the rksy Ration card application form, select the form type.

  • Choose your municipality and district.

  • Fill in the last eight digits of your West Bengal Rksy 1 or Rksy 2 ration card.

  • To check the status of your RKSY 1 ration card facilities online, go to search.

  • After that, the beneficiary can view his information on the internet.

  • You may also print or download the search results.

Frequently asked questions

What commodities are available to RKSY 1,2 Ration Card recipients?

The RKSY 1 ration card facilities Scheme provides Wheat and Rice to the recipients.

Is it possible to look up a list of beneficiaries on the WB PDS Portal?

Yes, the list of beneficiaries is available on the WB PDS Portal.

Can we use the West Bengal PDS Portal to print or download the application?

Yes, the applicant may print or download the application from the West Bengal PDS Portal.

Is it possible for the applicant to provide information about his or her family members in the portal's application process?

Yes, throughout the application process on the portal, the applicant can include facts about his or her family members.

What is RKSY's full name?

Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana is the full name of the scheme.

What's the difference between RKSY and NFSA?

RKSY is a West Bengal PDS scheme, whereas NFSA is the National Food Security Act.

What exactly is RKSY I?

In West Bengal, RKSY I or RKSY-1 is a ration card type. Wheat and rice are distributed to impoverished people at a reasonable price of Rs.2/KG under this scheme.

What exactly is RKSY II?

RKSY II is another West Bengal Ration Card that provides wheat at a rate of Rs.9/KG and rice at a rate of Rs.13/KG.