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Updated on Apr 26, 2020

In every state of India, the food and ministry department offers aid to those who are less privileged or come under the poverty line. This aid is given to them in the form of grains and other edible products. Also, in order to make sure that this aid is not used by any third party or by someone who has the monetary power to sustain themselves, ration card is offered to every family.

About AP Ration Card List

As for Andhra Pradesh, AP Ration card is given to all the families living in Andhra Pradesh so that they can purchase these products at a cost-effective price which is very low compared to the actual cost of those products in the market. The food and civil supplies department of AP has their official website which is https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds where you can apply for AP ration card and can also search for ration card details in AP.

Following are the names of the districts for which the AP ration card list is prepared:

  • S.R (Kadapa)
  • Krishna
  • Chittoor
  • Srikakulam
  • Prakasam
  • East Godavari
  • West Godavari
  • Vizianagaram
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Anantapur
  • Kurnool
  • Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore
  • Guntur

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How to check AP ration card list online?

Checking the ration card list for the people of Andhra Pradesh is made very easy. Thanks to a national level digitalization, all the details are now easily available on the Internet. So, if you are looking for the AP ration card list then all you have to do is to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: To Check The AP Ration Card List First Visit To The Official Website EPDS APAp Ration Card List

Step 2: On the official website of Andhra Pradesh Ration card or Food and civil supplies department, search for the button saying ‘Public Report' on the Main Menu bar

Step 3: In the newly appeared options look for the button of ‘Key Register' and click on it.Ap Ration Card

Step 4: Now in the new window fill all the select all the appropriate option regarding District name, Block/Village name and FPS No.Ap Ration Card List

Step 5: The following window will be the AP Ration card list where you can search your name.Ap Ration Card List  

How to check AP ration card list 2019 with Adhaar Number?

As we all know that most all of our personal documents are attached to our Adhaar card, it is quite easy to find your AP ration card details with an Aadhar card. So, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Food and civil supplies department which is https://epds2.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epdsAp Ration Card List

Step 2: Now, on the homepage search for the button saying Public Reports on the header and click on the Key register (NFSA)Ap Ration Card

Step 3: Next, you need to select the desired District name, then select the official name (as in the NFSA Mandal report) and at last select FPS no.Ap Ration Card List

Step 4: Once done, you will reach the complete list of those who are eligible for Ration benefits. In the list, you will find details regarding RC number, Gender, UID number, Card Type and Aadhar number with which you can search the desired one.Ap Ration Card List

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How to search for New Ration Card List of 2019 in Andhra Pradesh (District Wise)?

Once you apply for your AP ration card, the governmental departments start the verification procedure and once they are satisfied with all the given information, they issue the ration card on your name. To make the work for both people and government employees easier, all the data is uploaded in the form of NFSA list on the food and civil supplies department's portal. So, following are the steps to check ration card status AP district wise list:

Step 1: Firstly Visit The Portal Of  NFSA details. Ap Ration Card List

Step 2: Now, on the header search for the ‘Public reports' button and click on the ‘Key register' Ap Ration Card

Step 3: on this page, you can choose the desired district for which you want the results and also, choose other details like office name and FPS no. Ap Ration Card List

Step 4: With all this done you will reach the AP New ration card list for 2019 Ap Ration Card List

How to check your AP ration card details with applicant’s name?

In order to search for a ration card in the ration card list AP you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the official web portal of AP ration card department - https://epds2.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epdsAp Ration Card List

Step 2: On the header, go to the 'Public reports' and click on the 'Key register' option. Ap Ration Card

Step 3: Choose all the desired options which include the selection of District, Office name and FPS no. Ap Ration Card List

Step 4: On the next page, a list of the candidate will appear with multiple AP ration card details, here you can search for your desired details by name and several other ways too. Ap Ration Card List

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How and where to apply for ration card online in AP?

With the digitalization, the burden and ruckus of visiting offices and standing into long line have become quite less. Nowadays, anyone can easily apply to ration card from their home by using any internet-accessible device such as a mobile smartphone or a PC. So, if you are looking for an easy way to apply for AP ration card online then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your web browser and search for the link https://ap.meeseva.gov.in/

Step 2: In case you are not registered, you are required to make an account, otherwise you can simply log into your previous account

Step 3: Prepare all of your documents and fill the application form with its help

Step 4: Review all the information filled in the form and submit the application Once the submission is done, you will receive a transaction number which you should write down as it will help you in future issues or queries.

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