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  • It has been known that the Delhi Government announced the Night Curfew to mitigate the spread of the CoronaVirus. However, there is no improvement and the cases are rising high day by day. Thus, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr Arvind Kejriwal has announced a complete lockdown for one week in Delhi. Moreover, the government is issuing E-Passes for the citizens who are commuting during the restricted hours in the curfew and lockdown. Every individual must carry an e-pass that is being issued on the portal. 
  • Today our country is struggling with the rising number of COVID-19 patients. Not only metropolitan cities but rural areas are also greatly affected. Similar is the case with the capital of our country, Delhi. With the constant rise in COVID-19 cases, the Delhi government has once again announced lockdown.

Know more about Delhi Curfew Pass

  • As per the announcement, lockdown is extended till the 17th of May. People are requested to stay home and be safe. They are not allowed to loaf around without valid reason. But 100% lockdown is not possible. The essential items must be made available to the public, in order to ensure their safety as well as their health. Necessary items like groceries, milk, fruit, medicines, etc must be available to common people.
  • So in order to manage the needs of the public and also ensure that people do not fake it, the government has published new guidelines for proper and systematic management. As per guidelines, the people who are engaged in the profession related to the hospital and medical field can perform their duty without any restrictions.
  • The government officials as well as the other public workers can move around in order to perform their duties. Other than that the people engaged in the profession of providing daily necessities can also do their work but they have to own a Delhi E-Pass.

About Delhi E Pass Allotment

The Chief Minister of Delhi has announced this scheme because there are a lot of complaints regarding the freedom of movement in the city because as we know the situation in Delhi is such that the Supreme Court has now imposed section 144 in all the areas to stop the traffic and control the pandemic of Coronavirus. So, the Epass will be given to all of the people who are delivering essential food and services to all of the residents of Delhi. Also, the pass will be distributed among the people working in the media sector or any other sector which is still open.

Official Website Of Delhi Curfew Pass

The official website has also been launched by the Chief Minister of Delhi to help and to make available different types of incentives that are present on the official website which has been launched by the authorities. The following options are available on the website:-

  • Food required

  • Ration required

  • Pension Amount

  • 5000 rupees compensation for workers

  • E-pass for travelling

You can visit the website on a mobile phone or your computer and choose the option that you want to avail thus the facilities will be delivered to your doorstep.

Eligibility For E-pass

The benefit of the e-pass is available only for the people who are undertaking the following businesses:-

  • Manufacturing of essential items

  • Transport of essential items

  • Storage of essential items

  • Shops of essential items

  • Media

Documents Required

To apply for the e-pass you need to keep ready the following document:-

  • ID Proof

  • Visiting Card

  • Shop License

  • Business License

Know the objective

Delhi lockdown is in effect, as announced by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as daily COVID-19 cases continue to grow rapidly. Although the government is restricting normal movement and only allowing essential services, select individuals can apply for an e-pass to travel during the state lockdown. The Delhi government website has provided the provision to apply for an e-pass online to people involved in sectors including banking, food delivery, pharmaceuticals, and private security, among others. The aim of limiting e-passes to a handful of sectors is to reduce movement and curb the spread of COVID-19 in the capital.

Things to know about applying for an e-pass during the lockdown

Before going through the steps on how you can apply for an e-pass during the lockdown in Delhi, it is important to note that e-passes are only available to people related to essential services and will not be given to individuals who just want to move out of their homes for entertainment or social meetings. You also don't need to re-apply if you already have a night/ weekend curfew e-pass. Moreover, an e-pass isn't required in case of movement on foot to avail of essential services.

Types of movement passes in Delhi:

There are two types of e-passes, according to a notification of the Delhi Police:

1. For individuals having personal emergencies requiring visit to a doctor/hospital, buying essentials items or any other.

2. For individuals engaged in the delivery of emergency/essential services within and outside Delhi during the movement period.


  • Food items, groceries (fruits/vegetables/milk/ bakery items, meat, fish etc.)

  • General Provision stores

  • Takeaway/ home delivery in restaurants.

  • E-commerce of all essential goods including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment

  • Fair Price Shops (Public Distribution System)

  • Health (including Veterinary Health Care facilities)

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Milk plants

  • Cashier/Teller operations of banks (including ATMs)

  • Chemists and Pharmacies.

  • Caregiver for Person with Disabilities.

  • Print and Electronic Media

  • Pay and Accounts Office ( only for salary/wages/ contingent/health & essential services related expenditure)

  • Telecom, Internet and Postal services


The e-pass possessed by a person for movement connected to essential goods and services during night curfew shall also be valid for the weekend curfew period. The government has exempted certain sections of people, including pregnant women and patients, medical personnel, persons coming from or going to airports, students appearing in the examination, examination staff deployed for exam duties, judicial staff, electronic and print media, and government officials. These people are, however, required to carry their proof or valid identification card when travelling. The lockdown also has an exception for inter-state and intra-state movement/ transportation of essential goods.

Questions and Answers

How to apply for an e-pass during the lockdown?

  • Visit the Delhi government website.

  • Click the Click Here to Apply for ePass for Night Curfew from 10:00 PM to 05:00 AM & Weekend Curfew.

  • Fill in your details such as phone number, name, and address.

  • Select the type of service you do and then select the dates and the time during which you need to step out for that service.

  • Now upload your government-issued ID/ Aadhaar card soft copy.

  • You will also have to upload a letter from your employer or the owner of your firm or outlet.

  • Click on the checkbox asking for your acknowledgement.

  • Now, hit the Submit button.

How to check epass status?

How to apply via WhatsApp?

Now applicants can apply for the curfew pass for individuals and vehicles who provide essential service via WhatsApp. You just need to send your details on the number. Following details you need to forward:

  • Name
  • Address/ place of engagement
  • Period
  • Time
  • Detail of service/ purpose
  • Copy of id proof like Aadharcard, voter Id card, passport etc.
  • Vehicle registration card detail