Bonafide Certificate


Bonafide certificates hold high value and importance since time immemorial. The article covers various aspects of a bonafide certificate in detail. A bonafide certificate is a certificate issued by an organization to certify that a particular person belongs to that organization. Usually, educational institutions issue this certificate to their students. Companies may also do so for their employees.

Purpose of Bonafide Certificate

Bonafide certificates are essential for the following purposes.

For students

  • To apply for educational loans

  • To visit an industry for a project

  • To attend a seminar/conferences/workshops in other colleges

  • For availing travel concessions to students

  • Passport application

  • To joining the public library

  • Visa extension to students

  • For Employees

  • To take a loan from a bank

  • To open a bank account

  • To attend an official seminar or conference

Uses of a Bonafide Certificate

  • Since the bonafide certificate acts as proof of being part of an organization, it is usually demanded in the following cases:
  • A student seeking to obtain student concessions offered by public transport agencies such as city buses, local trains, and metros may be required to produce this certificate while applying for the concession.
  • A certificate may also be required while applying for a passport.
  • Visa applications sometimes require this certificate especially in cases where a separate student visa is issued to students who are studying abroad or where a work visa is issued to an employee of a company.
  • Certain lending institutions offer loans to students at concessional rates. The student may be required to produce this certificate to receive this benefit.
  • The documents produced before various traffic authorities to apply for a driving license may include a bonafide certificate as additional ID proof.
  • Certain conferences, seminars, or other such events are conducted exclusively for students/employees, and entry to such events may be granted on the production of this certificate.
  • To apply for various student scholarships.
  • Corporates may have tie-ups with businesses to provide additional perquisites. For example, a company may have a tie-up with a taxi service to provide a concession for their employees. The employees may prove their eligibility with the help of this certificate.

Application for Bonafide Certificate

To avail of the certificate, an application must first be made to the head of the relevant institution/organization. Some institutions may have a prescribed application form for this purpose. In case there is no application form, a letter may be written. An illustration of such a letter is available for download here.

Format of a Bonafide Certificate

While every college may have its format for the bonafide certificate, it will contain particulars such as the college name printed on the letterhead, date of issuing, details of the student to whom it is issued, and signature by the head of the institution.

Uses of Bonafide Certificate Letter

  • Shows association with an institute, organization, or company

  • Proof of association

  • Needed for several purposes such as visa application, foreign college application, new job application

  • For students, the certificate includes details such as the name of the college, class, and student’s rank

  • For employees, the certificate includes details such as the name of the organization, department of working and position held

  • Usually attested by the head of the organization or institution

Though the elements of a Bonafide Certificate application may vary depending on the purpose, some places already have a predefined format. If there isn't one, the individual is usually asked to compose a letter instead. To obtain a Bonafide student certificate, contact your institution's administrative department. You must submit a written request to the institution's head, requesting that the certificate be issued to you.

The word "Bonafide" comes from Latin, where its literal meaning refers to "in good faith," which ideally refers to a person who has no intention to cheat or deceive. Accordingly, the bonafide certificate is a piece of a document issued to an individual as proof of being part of an institution that they were once associated with over a certain period. Therefore, a bonafide letter is a general requirement when admission or joining a new organization. In this article, you can find valuable information regarding the significance of a bonafide certificate and its various applications and aspects.

How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate?

  • A bonafide letter issued to a student includes information on the student's college name, course name, and course duration. On the other hand, for an employee, the certificate contains information on the organization's name, the department where the individual was employed and the position held in the organization. The application form needed by individuals who wish to acquire a bonafide certificate is independent of the institution or organization. Some institutes make the application forms available online on their official portal. In contrast, others may require the individual to collect the application forms from their respective institute or organization's office.
  • Suppose the institute or organization does not provide the application forms. In that case, the individual must write a letter requesting the bonafide certificate addressed to the institute's head or organization or the respective person. The applicant may be required to pay a nominal fee amount for obtaining a bonafide certificate during the application process.

Bonafide Certificate Application

  • Most institutes and colleges have their application form for obtaining a Bonafide certificate.
  • Certain institutions have online application forms, where the students can register themselves via their identification number or roll number, and then request for a Bonafide.
  • Other times, the students will have to visit the Office or Administration, collect the necessary form from them, and then apply for the certificate.
  • If the institution has no prescribed format for the Bonafide Certificate Application form, the students write a letter requesting for the same and then specify what information they want on the certificate.
  • When the applications are made online, most websites will have options on what kind of information the student wants on their certificate, including name, section, branch, class, number of students, average score, and even rank.
  • Certain colleges, institutions, and organizations require the students or employees to pay a small processing fee for obtaining their Certificates. In that case, after filling out the information needed, the applicant must pay the required amount to procure the certificate.

Bonafide Certificate From School

The application for the same may be made by either student or parent. This certificate may come in handy when applying to other colleges, trying to obtain a passport or visa, or even opening a bank account. Sometimes, while shifting schools or joining a college, they ask for a Bonafide certificate from the previous place of study. Students can apply for it through the school’s administrative office, and the certificate will include details such as the name of the school, name of the student, year of passing out, class, and rank or aggregate score of the student.

Bonafide Certificate From College

A certificate from college is mandatory when applying for foreign universities, procuring a scholarship, opening a bank account, or even while applying for a bank loan. It makes it certain that the student is associated with a particular institute, and is even proof of their overall performance. Moreover, the certificate is of the utmost importance when it comes to applying for internships and jobs. As already mentioned, certain colleges need a physical application, while others have an online portal through which students can apply for a Bonafide. Make sure that the Bonafide certificate application is in the prescribed format, is clear and concise and that it includes all the necessary details.

Bonafide Certificate From Work

When it comes to employees, the certificate must have information regarding the individual, their job profile, and the details of the company or employer. In certain cases, the certificate also contains the date of birth of the employee and their traits or years of service. To get such a certificate, the employee must provide the following documents to the administration:

  • Payslip

  • Employee ID Card

  • Date of Birth Certificate


We have all had to get a bonafide certificate at some point in time in our lives. Whether it is for applying to a foreign university or seeking a Visa, a bonafide certificate acts as a sort of proof that we were once a part of some institution. Whenever we apply for a new position at a workplace or want to go abroad for our master’s, we need to prove that we studied or worked somewhere else before. This is where such a certificate comes into play.

Questions and Answers

What is the use of a Bonafide Certificate?

This certificate can be asked for multifarious purposes, which can vary for students as well as employees.

  • As a student, you might need one while applying for educational loans, attending seminars or workshops at academic institutions, visiting any organization for project work, availing of travel concessions, or joining a public library.
  • As an employee, you might require bonafide certification to open a bank account, to attend an official conference or seminar, or for any other company-related activities.

What is the difference between a Bonafide Certificate and a Study Certificate?

  • They differ as per their content as well as the purpose they are required for. While a study certificate only shows that an individual is studying at a specific academic institution and comprises their name and class or course details, a bonafide certificate elucidates that a student is/was studying at a school/college/university for a particular time and resided in a specific location.
  • Thus, a bonafide document not only includes the class/course that the person is pursuing but also details like their address, date of birth, etc. which are required to verify their candidature for educational loans, scholarship, government schemes.

How long is a Bonafide Certificate valid for?

It is generally valid for three months and is issued on a letterhead of the educational institution or the company with a duly signature and official seal.

What type of information should be given on the layout of the Bonafide Certificate for all job Professionals?

Important information is the Name of the Working organization on the writing paper, Issue Date, Head of the working organization signature, Employee Information like joining date, work experience, etc.