Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card

Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card is the scheme launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the betterment of their people. The people who are poor or below the poverty line can undoubtedly take advantage of this opportunity to purchase grains and other grocery items at much cheaper and affordable rates. 

A ration card is proof of people's nationality and proves that a person is Indian by residence. It also lists the economic status of a person and indicates that the individual or all the people listed on it are below the poverty line and need full economic and financial attention from the Government's side. 

Categories of ration cards:

There exist 3 different categories of ration cards. They come under the latest and excellent Tricolor Ration Card Scheme. These categories are sorted and provided to the people according to their economical level and the ration is provided to them at the rates as mentioned on these cards. These 3 categories of UP ration cards can be listed as follows-

  • Yellow UP Ration Card:

The yellow-colored UP New Ration Card is available for those people or families whose annual income is about Rs. 15,0000. The people living in the urban areas can avail themselves of this ration card type. 

This ration card also has professional restrictions. These restrictions are that no family member holding this ration card should be an architect, doctor, a chartered accountant, or even a lawyer. Also, the people should not have any residential telephone connection or even a 4-wheeler vehicle. 

  • White UP Ration Card:

The ration card of this color is issued by the people who have an annual income of Rs. 2 lakh or more than that. The family members holding this ration card can have a 4-wheeler or even a small land of almost 3-4 hectares. 

  • Saffron UP Ration Card:

The income limit of the people holding this ration card and also their families are from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. Even in this ration card, the cardholder or his/her family members should not have a 4-wheeler. This is the most important requirement for holding this ration card and for the same reason, this ration card can be held by a lot of people who are considered middle-class or have annual income on a balanced scale, i.e., not too high or too low. 

The tricolor ration card scheme has offered help to a lot of people till now and many improvements have taken place in this as well. 

With the new technologies, new creations and improvements take place and this is practically proved by the new scheme launched by the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman. This scheme is called 'One Nation, One Ration Card' which provides a universal ration card to all the states and union territories of India. A lot of states including UP, Haryana, Gujarat, and so on. This scheme is the new version of the UP ration card policies and has provided great comfort to the people who are struggling for their food and living. 


Availing of the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card has now become much easier for the people in the first place and for the same reason, the UP ration cards should be availed by as many people as possible. This will enable them to get great benefits in the purchase of their groceries and other items and will help the poor people a lot in their financial aspects for sure. 



Is it possible to add new members to the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card?

Yes, it is very easily possible to add new members to the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card. This facility needs some particular steps to be followed properly and then the new name is permanently and legally added to the ration card for sure.

In how many days is the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card made available to the people?

The Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card is made available as well as applicable to the people in almost 15 working days from the date of application and processing. 

What about the application fee for the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card?

There does not exist any application fee for the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card and for the same reason, more and more people are being able to avail of it in the first place. 

What is the procedure for collecting the ration card?

After applying for a UP New Ration Card, people will have to wait for at least 10-15 days till the whole application process of the same gets completed. Then they will receive a message on their registered mobile numbers about the day on which they have to collect their ration cards. While collecting them, people will have to pay a total of Rs. 100 to the concerned authorities and then take hold of their ration cards there itself. 

Is it possible for people to track their ration card application online?

Yes, people can regularly track the progress of their ration card application and through the ration card list, they can even know their ration card details before the hard copy of the same arrives at the respective office. 

What if I lose my Ration Card and want to apply for the new one?

Ration card is undoubtedly an official document and losing it can bring the respective people in a lot of trouble. However, the ones who have lost it anyways and want to apply for a new ration card now, should visit the search ration card website and try to search for their old ration card first. After that, they can apply for the new ration card option in the respective column and follow all the steps properly to get a new authorized ration card. 

Is there any expiry date for the Ration Card?

Yes, the ration card has a specific expiry date and needs to be renewed before the date is crossed. For doing so, people can visit the official website along with some important documents such as the Aadhaar card, current ration card, LPG consumer book, etc., with them and enter the details as and when required. 

The renewal procedure may also take some time to get completed and then the renewed ration card is received by the people.