Free Ration Card Apply Online

The policy of Free Ration Card Apply Online has been newly launched by the Government of India to provide ration card facilities to all classes of society. The people who are below the poverty line or even those people who earn a living but it does not last for a longer period can take advantage of this scheme.

Documents required 

For applying to this scheme, people are required to have some specific documents with them that can be listed as below:

  • ID Proofs:

The people who want to apply for a free ration card should have at least one ID proof with them. This proof can be their Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, etc. The ID proofs are very important to detect the authenticity of that person and without proper ID proof people are not allowed to apply for availing their ration card even on an online medium. 

  • Income Certificate:

To decide the category of ration card that needs to be offered to the person, he/she should undoubtedly have their income certificate with them. This income certificate shows the annual earnings of the person and according to that, they are listed to avail for the respective category of ration card, and this decision is taken by the authorities themselves. 

Along with these 2 important and most crucial documents, some other documents also have importance in the application process of the free ration card. These documents are-

  • Passport,

  • Voter ID,

  • Identity card as an Employee of a particular company or firm, etc. 

Without the availability of all these documents, the application process of the ration card remains incomplete and the ration card is not issued for the respective person. 

Application Procedure

There exists a step-by-step procedure for applying for the free ration card on an online medium. All the steps included in this process can be listed as-

  • Step 1 : People are required to login into the with all of their details. 
  • Step 2 : There appear various columns on the screen from which people need to select the 'Services' column. In this column, click on the 'Food & Public Distribution System' option.
  • Step 3 : The list of required documents is shown on the screen and these documents should be scanned and uploaded there themselves. After completing the upload of all documents, people can click on the Apply option and move to the next screen. 

  • Step 4 : A form for applying for the free ration card appears on the screen and people need to fill the whole form properly and click on Next. 

  • Step 5 : After the whole procedure is completed, people should download the e-coupon that occurs on the screen and take a printout of the same as well.

  • Step 6 : After the completion of this process, people can also check the status of their application, i.e., their e-coupon by visiting the same site and clicking on the 'Transparency Portal' link. 

  • Step 7 : After that, the 'Allocation Generation Status' link needs to be clicked upon and there, by entering the further details of the ration card, people can check their ration card application status from time-to-time. 



The availability of Free Ration Card Apply Online facility is for the betterment of the people itself and this should be taken into proper consideration by them as well. All the different categories and types of ration cards are sorted according to the needs and presence of people in a particular area or locality and for the same reason, the applicants and receivers attain perfection in all of their ration card-related works. 

Therefore, everyone who is not in a comfortable economical stage should take the advantage of the ration card scheme and get their food items at very cheaper and convenient rates. It is also made sure by the Government that these cheaper items don't come to people with low qualities and for this same reason, people should trust the Government of India and use this card for making their life happier and much better for sure. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How many different types of Ration Cards are there in India?

There exist a total of 5 different types of ration cards in India. These types can be listed as-

  • BPL Ration Card,

  • Nirashrit Antordoy Anna Yojna Card,

  • APL Ration Card,

  • Annapurna Anna Yojna card, and

  • Antordoy Anna Yojna Card. 

How is the Kerosene Distribution done to the people holding the Ration Card?

The kerosene distribution to the people having a ration card is done based on the requirement of the people monthly. This distribution is carried out by the Kerosene Wholesale Dealer (KWD) of a particular district and this does not go out of order at any costs. 

What is the quantity of 1 unit Ration in Kg?

Currently, 1 unit ratio is equal to around 1 kg. This value keeps on fluctuating according to the changes taking place in the food market. 

To whom are the Temporary Ration Cards availed?

The temporary ration cards are availed to those people who are not going to stay in a particular district or state for a longer period. After availing of the Free Ration Card Apply option on the online medium, people can choose the temporary ration card option and avail themselves of the temporary or limited ration card. 

Can Ration Cards be used as ID Proof?

Yes, apart from its usage for buying food items and other goods, a ration card can also be used as ID proof by those people who have lost or misplaced their Aadhaar card or any other authentic ID proofs. 

Are the Non-residents of India allowed to apply for the Ration Card?

Yes, the Non-residents or expatriates of India are allowed to apply for ration cards as well. However, during the process of verification of their identity and their details, their presence is mandatory otherwise their application will get rejected for sure. 

Is it mandatory to get a new ration card if people want to add a new family member's name to it?

No, it is not mandatory to apply for a new ration card whenever you want to add a new member to it. It is advised to the people that they directly apply for adding the new member's names to their existing ration card instead of trying to get a completely new ration card for the same purpose. This reduces a lot of stress of the Government as well as the people in the first place.