SSMMS- How To Book Sand Online In Telangana State?

Telangana State Minerals Development Corporation (TSMDC) has initiated the system of selling sand at a lower cost. This system is said as SSMMS that is, Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System. This method of selling favours the government, nature, public. The Telangana government has started this because all sand is available for lower rates. This is facilitating 
  1. Relevent stakeholders,
  2. revenue plug leakages
  3. improve the income of government and
  4. protecting damages to waterways, streams, and condition.

What Is SSMMS?

The online booking of sand is a function of SSMMS The Telangana Government moved a step forward to favor their public by sand booking, selling it through online easily and their management. This is to facilitate both the government and public with the revenue that is acquired. They are monitored by individuals. The following article elaborates in detail about all these through certain procedures.

Detailed knowledge About SSMMS Portal 

First facility- Online sand booking
The best among all other business is sand selling without sand construction work cannot be done. So just by booking online, we can book as and when required and receive our goods on time and complete our work peacefully without any confusion.
Second facility- Tracking the order
The Facility for tracking the order can be checked with the mobile number/vehicle number that has made the work, even more, easier and the reliability is excellent.
Third facility- Transport booking
This facility is the availability of online transport booking for interstate clients. As moving from one place to another is the toughest job when talking about these heavy load goods. 
Fourth Facility- order tracking (mainly for Interstate)
For interstate customers, the orders can be tracked with the number or id that is allotted for every order they place. This makes the work simpler and consignment is shown on the tracking.Note:- How To Apply Samagra ID SSSM ID

SSMMS Customer Registration - How To Register?

For any online booking, registration is the first and foremost step to be followed. Even in SSMMS Customer Registration portal for online and booking, we need to register which is to be done stage by stage.Stage1- We need to get registered as a customer from this link We need to enter our mobile number and get checked to receive an OTP. A form asking for the details such as your name, Aadhar number, Address, district name, village, email etc. following which your Username, a password is to be submitted and your profile is created successfullyOnce done with all these you can check your name in the customer registration. Showing a message saying that you have enrolled successfully on a sand portal and you can verify in the link too for your name and mobile number. If it is shown, then, the name is registered and now that you can place your order through online for sand from Telangana state.

Book Sand Online- Step By Step Guide

Let us now read the procedures to follow for online sand booking.Step1: Check on the online sand booking site, that is, enter a valid username and password that you have already created when the registration procedure, then click on the Login button.Step3: Select your District from the drop-down listing columnStep4: Later, select the Stock Yard radio button.Step5: Fill in all the starred or compulsory column details and click on the Register button.Step6: Confirmation will appear on your window screen Click OK button to continueSand booking process will be done. Please note the booking number for future purpose.Step7: You can click on to the Receipt button for your receipt to confirm your booking and payment made for concerned the order.

Track Your Order Online

Step1: You can verify your order tracking page to track the order for its arrival.Step2: Just Enter your order ID in the provided toolbar.Step3: Now, Click on to the ‘Get Status’ to find the Status of your order and details are disclosed on the below-given space.If you are willing to check the status update through Mobile Number then initially you can go to this page to track your order by using the registered mobile or vehicle number within minutes.Then, You may enter the mobile number that is pre-registered to track your consignment details.In the same way, the status is updated on your screen.


So, the online sand booking has made the availability of sand in hand over a small registration procedure. The TSMDC is provided ‘sand for sale’ at the lowest and best price among all other places. A tracking number is also assigned for tracking the order and to facilitate their client’s. Thus, these developments have favored a lot of people.   Also Read:-Check Maharashtra Land Record MahabhulekhCheck Uttar Pradesh Land Record Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh