Advance Server Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Advance Server OB30: To sign up for the Free Fire Advance Server, follow these steps: Every two months, Free Fire delivers a significant update that adds new features to the game. Known as OB30, such an update is scheduled to hit worldwide servers soon. With the OB30 Advance Server now online, users can download the free fire Advance Server APK to take advantage of the game's new features. However, the global servers will not receive the update for several weeks.

Free fire advance server download

  • Users will be able to try out new features in the game thanks to the new update that Garena Free Fire has released. These are thought to function flawlessly in the official game. In terms of the game's goal, players/users will now be able to detect flaws and problems. These defects and flaws can also be reported to the authorities.
  • The official team can then work to fix the flaws and glitches using this new functionality. Finally, this will assist the team in making the game bug-free. The server apk has now been made available to users by the officials. Users may now download the apk and check out the features like characters, weapons, pets, and more. Players will also be able to test the FF Advance Server for issues before the official release of the OB30 upgrade.

Advance server free fire  registration process

When gamers assist the developers by reporting bugs and other issues with the update, Garena compensates them with free Diamonds and other goodies. This is your opportunity to join the OB30 advance server. For more information on the subject, read this article.

Pre-register for the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server and receive the APK file by following this step-by-step guide:-

Step 1: Go to the Free fire advance server's official webpage

Step 2: Locate and click the ‘Login Facebook' button.


Step 3: Players will now be sent to a form, which they must complete with information such as their name, email address, and phone number.

Step 4: Once the necessary information has been submitted, players must select the ‘Join Now' option to finish the pre-registration procedure.

Users will now have access to the APK that is available on the site after completing the pre-registration process. The APK file is 607 megabytes in size.

Users can also contact the team if they do not receive the activation code, according to the officials.

FF advance server activation code

The pre-registration procedure is described above. Now we'll explain how to obtain the activation code from the website. You can obtain your Free fire advance server Activation code by following the instructions outlined below.

  • To begin, users must first visit the Free Fire OB30 Server webpage.
  • Users must click on the Download APK option provided as soon as the homepage appears.
  • Before proceeding, select the ‘Install From Unknown Source' option after downloading the APK to your machine.
  • The players must proceed to the Free fire advance server after reading this far. They will be asked to enter the activation code there.
  • In terms of the ff advance server activation code, after finishing the website registration, the team sends the user an activation code. This code must be entered when the activation code is entered.

Frequently asked questions

What is the file size of the accessible FF OB30 APK on the website?

On the website, the APK file is 607 Mb in size.

What is the method for registering and logging into the Garena Free Fire website?

You can read the article above to learn how to register and log in to the Garena Free fire advance server.

Is it worthwhile to download the free fire advanced server?

Garena is a popular survival game with a wide following. It was one of the first survival games in this genre. The game's developers designed Free fire advanced server APK to give gamers all across the world a terrific experience following each update. This file contains fresh content, features, characters, and maps, and it allows people to test the game before it is published to the general public. Because the game is still in beta, users may expect it to have several problems and flaws.

What is the procedure for obtaining a free fire advanced server?

  • You will be taken to Garena's online platform once you have completed the Free fire advanced server download. You must use your Facebook account to log into the website. After you've completed the login process, you'll be able to access the download link. The current version of the advanced server will prompt you for an activation code after you've completed the installation.
  • While everybody may download Free fire advanced server APK, only a select few gamers will obtain the code. Developers analyse all applications after the registration procedure are completed and select players to test the game during development and testing. There is no other method to acquire access to the Garena Free Fire beta edition.

What can Free Fire Advanced Server users expect?

Garena Free Fire fans should be aware that the original game and the one released on Advanced Server are quite similar. Users can expect the game to be less robust and have minor errors and bugs because it is only meant for testing purposes. They may also look forward to new characters, skins, and maps. Every two months, the Advanced Server APK is released, often just one week before the game's official release date.