Airtel Tower Installation Apply Online

Airtel Bharti becomes the world's third largest and India's first telecom operator, offering internet broadband (Airtel V Fiber), DTH, WiFi, 3G/ 4G SIM, and a variety of other services. Airtel is currently launching the Airtel 5G SIM/ Spectrum and Airtel 5G Tower Installation, and anyone interested in applying online for the Airtel 5G Tower Installation Form can do so here. This article will provide you with comprehensive information about the Airtel Tower Installation apply online process, registration process, and list of required documents.

Airtel tower installation apply online 2021

  • Bharti Airtel will install Airtel 5G Towers across India, and those who want to apply online for this 5G Tower Installation can do so by filling out the online form before the deadline. Airtel is now only using the Multiple Input Multiple Output/MIMO Technology in Bengaluru and Kolkata, but it will be spread to the rest of the country soon.
  • Airtel, in a meeting with Telecom Minister (Manoj Sinha) a few months ago, decided to construct 25,000 mobile towers in the following six months to boost its network. As a result, the concept Telecom Operator has launched a new service, which is the installation of a mobile tower in your building, community, or agriculture field. You must visit the official website to apply for the Idea Tower Installation Process, Contact Number, and Application.

Airtel tower installation rental

The minimum area necessary for Airtel 5G Tower Installation in the rural region or Grameen Kshetra is 2500 sq. feet (non-fertile), while the minimum space required for the tower installation in the urban area or Shehri Kshetra is 2000 sq. feet. Stay with us to learn more about Airtel Tower Monthly Rent.

The rental rates for 4G and 5G tower installation are as follows:

Airtel Tower

Rural Area (Grameen Kshetra)

Urban Area (Shehri Kshetra)

Rent per month

42,210/- to 54,060/- INR (Probable)

47,000/- to 88,700/- INR (Probable)

Space Required (Square Feet)    

Non- Fertile land at least 2500 sq. feet                  

At least 2000 sq. feet.

Lease Duration

Minimum 11 Months

Minimum 11 Months

Civic Approving Authority

Panchayat Samiti

Local Civic Body


Airtel Mobile Tower Installation Details    

Urban Area

(शहरी क्षेत्र)

Rural Area

(ग्रामीण क्षेत्र)

Rent per month

48,000/- to 85,400/- INR

43,000/- to 55,400/- INR

Space Required

(Square Feet)

At least

2000 sq. feet.

Non- Fertile land at least 2500 sq. feet

Lease Duration

Minimum 12 Months



12 Months


Civic Approving


Local Civic Body/ Local PS   

Panchayat Samiti

/ Local PS

Documents required

You'll need a few crucial documents to fill out the online form for Airtel Tower Installation. We've put together a list of all the important documents you'll need for the Airtel tower installation process.

  • Xerox copy of Land Papers

  • Valid ID of the Owner

  • An Expression of Interest Letter from Owner

  • NOC of the Civic Body

  • Recent Land Survey Report

Airtel tower installation apply online

To fill out the Airtel Tower Installation apply Online Form, simply follow the steps below.

  • The notification for tower installation will be published on the Bharti Airtel or other official web domain.

  • To begin, go to Airtel Bharti's official website and fill out the application.

  • Submit the form after filling in all of the necessary information, such as your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

  • The entire will view the report and will come or survey, and the tower will be installed when certain formalities (single agreement, leasing time, and rent decision) are completed.

Frequently asked questions

What Documents Are Required For The Installation Of An Airtel Tower In India?

The following documents are required.

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of Address

  • Proof of Property Documents

  • No Objection Certificate

Who is eligible to apply for an Airtel tower installation?

Airtel Tower Installation can be applied for by any Indian citizen who owns property.

How much money can I make after an Airtel tower is built on my property?

  • After the installation is completed, you can earn between 35,000 and 50,000 INR each month.
  • You will also be given an advance payment.

What Should I Do If My Application For An Airtel Tower Installation Is Rejected?

We will contact alternative network providers and apply for tower installation there if your application for Airtel Tower Installation is refused.