CM Yuva Nestam Apply Online


One prominent scheme that the Indian Government has launched is Yuva Nesta. It has been issued for the unemployed masses in the Andra Pradesh state. The scheme is also known as many other popular names such as Nirudyoga Bruthi and Unemployment Allowance Scheme to name some. Government launched this scheme to offer help to the younger generation who have been facing the unemployment issue. By the year 2019, the statistics estimated that this scheme shall be helping more than 15 lakh of the people who have been facing the problem of unemployment.

CM Yuva Nestam is believed to be a helpful scheme for those people who have been facing a lack of jobs. This scheme would make sure every person can avail the advantages of the scene and hence it has been majorly released in nine districts of Andra Pradesh

  • Krishna

  • Anantapur

  • East Godavari

  • Vizianagaram

  • Kadapa

  • Chittoor

  • Nellore

  • West Godavari

  • Visakhapatnam

  • Kurnool

  • Srikakulam

  • Prakasam

  • Vizianagaram

  • Guntur

The objective:

The primary objective of cm yuva nestam apply online scheme is to offer help to those people who are unemployed yet and would want to look for a better job in which they can fit. However, the lack of job opportunities and openings would have made it difficult for many people, especially during the pandemic rises. However, with this policy, a person can get the monthly allowance who will not just get the employment but also the motivation to those graduated youth residing in the Andhra Pradesh state. The amount would help those who have been looking forward to studying some of the provisional primary courses for a better job. This would enhance their living standards and help them to maintain better usability in the family accordingly.

Age criteria to apply for Yuva Nestam Online?

Just the way any other scheme is, even this scheme comes with an eligibility criterion especially for the age. Only certain age people would be able to register themselves to get the funds. The qualification of age is:

  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 22 years

  • The candidate registering scheme should not have crossed the age limit of 35 years.

  • Other eligibility criteria for CM Yuva Nestam Scheme

  • To apply for such a scheme, there are different criteria that have been set for the qualification. The criteria are to be fulfilled by the candidates to avail the advantages in the form of monthly allowances. The applicant who shall be applying under the scheme would have all the relevant certificate’s custody of the proof. The selection criteria are:

Domicile criteria:

  • The candidate who shall be applying for this scheme must be an Andhra Pradesh native resident

  • The candidate should have issued a domicile approved by the authorities who would be working under the Andhra Pradesh state Government supervision

  • The candidate who would be wanting to do the Yuva Nestam registration must have the white ration card with the name

  • There is also the educational qualification of the applicant in which the candidate must e:

  • Diploma holder in any educational field with the duration of at least 2 years

  • In case the candidate doesn’t have any diploma, there has to be a radiation degree in this stream expected

  • Applicant should not be part of any employed category which means she or she must note retaining any position under the Government or private organization

  • The financial criteria of the people should be under the poverty line for the annual income and should not have any vehicle above the category of two-wheeler vehicles

  • The candidate should not have a land of more than 5 acres of dry land in the family

  • The candidates from the Anantapur direct should have the land limit of 5 acres of wetland and that of the dry land of 10 acres.

  • The candidate should also have an Aadhar card linked with the bank account.

  • Applicants with a loan of more than 50,000 rupees are not eligible to register for the CM Yuva Nestam scheme

  • Applicants who were dismissed from their service through Central or State government are not eligible

  • Applicants who have any kind of criminal record are not eligible for such a scheme

  • The freelancers or the self-employed are also not eligible for this scheme

  • There is also a cast preference which means the person must have finished Biometric eKYC under the enrolment of Praja Sadhikara Survey or PSS.

How to apply for Yuva Nestam Online?

  • Those who wish to apply for this scheme if fits the eligibility criteria stated above can then go ahead further to apply for Yuva Nestam online registration

  • It is important to open the web browser on PC or mobile and then looks for the official website of the CM scheme of Yuva Nestam which is

  • On the homepage of the portal, there will be an apply button that needs to be clicked.

  • Once the candidates are on the page, the Aadhar number needs to be entered while filling up the captcha value and then the button of click here needs to be pressed right after OTP is verified on the mobile number which is linked.

It is time to enter the OTP and go further to fill up the reiteration form. There are some documents that need to be uploaded along with it like:

  • Photo

  • Aadhar card

  • Ration card

  • Educational certificates

Lastly, all the information should be reached and then submission should be done. For safety, it is better to take print of the final form along with the receipt.


This is certainly one of the best schemes that the government has come up with. The focus of the scheme is to offer youth with better employment scope. With more than 10 lakh of people who are unemployed and registered in the state, it is expected that the target to make them all employed shall be achieved sooner.

Questions and answers?

Is there any kind of Application fee to be filled up?

The applicants can register free of charge besides there will not be any other fee applicable

How active is Yuvanestham on Facebook?

Yuvanestham's page is partially active on Facebook. In case of any update regarding Yuvanestham, Facebook is the right page to find the source.

What is the application name to apply?

The official Application name is “Mukhyamantri Yuvanestham,” which was launched by Chief Minister N Chandrababu.