UP Curfew ePass Online

UP Curfew ePass Portal: On the main site of the Uttar Pradesh authorities, the procedure of submitting an online request for such UP-Curfew E-Pass has already officially started. The necessity for the curfew pass arose solely as a result of the COVID-19 locking. Those involved in the transportation of critical products through Uttar Pradesh must request such a UP curfew pass.

Considering how the world is currently experiencing a downturn, additional accountability has also been assigned to those employed in the medical care, critical food, and sanitation service sectors. When you're in the critical service group, you must register for the UP Curfew ePass upon this UP department's portal. must complete Several procedures to receive the E-pass, which will be addressed further in this post

  • The administration of Uttar Pradesh has undertaken several measures to prevent the spread of the dangerous CoronaVirus, some of which have been mentioned below:
  • The Uttar Pradesh ministry established contact numbers to respond effectively to the coronavirus and also to immediately reply in the emergency:
  • All hotspots throughout the state are being sealed and sanitized.
  • The construction of a control center to track and punish those that do not adhere to the lockdown protocols.
  • Putting together a group of doctors to conduct systematic testing for coronavirus testing.

To request a UP Curfew Pass, you must meet the following criteria and submit the following documentation.

Those who are presently providing services to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh and are in charge of the transportation and development of critical commodities proclaimed during the lockdown should request a UP Curfew E-Pass. Those who work in the critical industry are entitled to apply for an online curfew pass. We've compiled a list of the industries that are operating in the event of a disease outbreak for your convenience:

Individuals who do have direct or indirect participation throughout the health field, such as scientists, manufacturing labor quality assurance, shipping, and so on, must apply for a curfew pass on the Uttar Pradesh state's website.

Food and the production of many other important materials – This may include everything necessary to produce medium to large products. Employees who work throughout the chemical sector, food products, and other industries can request a movement's e-pass via the UP administration's authorized website.

Worker in Nagar Nigam – Those who have been regularly responsible for cleaning our habitats by sanitizing our communities and residential places would be permitted to use the UP-Curfew E-Pass.

Note: The UP administration officially announced that workers in MNREGA, agriculture, and horticulture would've been eligible to function during the lockdown and be eligible for a curfew pass.

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When applying for a UP Curfew E-Pass, you must submit the required documentation:

  • Person voter identification card 
  • Aadhar card Letter of recommendation from the employer
  • Recent passport-size photo
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number

How to Get an Authorized COVID-19 Curfew E-Pass

The Uttar Pradesh Curfew E-Pass applicant must properly complete out the details requested throughout the registration form; any inconsistency discovered in the information submitted at their time of submitting for the UP-Curfew E-Pass registration form can result in the request being rejected.

The following are the measures for obtaining a UP E-Pass:

Step 1: Anyone interested in applying for the Uttar Pradesh Lockdown E-Pass should go to the Uttar Pradesh administration's official site

Step 2: Once you've opened the official site, look for such Apply e Pass address on the UP-department platform's webpage. 

Step 3: After clicking the Apply e Pass connection, you must be registered with your mobile phone number. 

Step 4: After entering the specified box's phone number, you would be asked to enter the OTP sent to the verified mobile number

Step 5: After entering the OTP in the appropriate portion, you would be forwarded to a new display in which you must complete the request form.

Step 6: Upon its UP-Curfew E-Pass request section, you would be required to enter details such as the claimant's birth date, home address, routes map, passes for oneself or organization, justification for E-Pass, mode of operation, Aadhar card number, vehicle details, and so on.

Step 7: After you've completed the previous steps, you'll need to insert relevant documentation for the movement, such as identification evidence, a profile photo, and a recommendation letter.

Note: When registering for the permit, you must state the justification for the E-Pass, and then after effective confirmation of the submitted documentation, the Uttar Pradesh department will provide a curfew pass.

Method to Monitor Request For UP Curfew ePass

We're going to show you how to review the request status for all those who requested such Uttar Pradesh Curfew E-Pass, and the procedures are just as follows:

  • To review the status of your E-pass request, go into the Uttar Pradesh department website, and then go to the connection underneath to verify your status: 
  • Crew ePass Application Status Tracking Link: To learn more, go to this page. 
  • When you visit the UP-administration’s portal, you will be requested to enter your verified mobile number and the request number issued to you since you completed the request form. 
  • To find out the status of your submission, click the submit key while filling out all of the necessary information.

Note: It is recommended that you download the UP-Curfew E-Pass, which you would be allowed to present to police investigators when moving.

Corona Helpline: 011-23978046, 10

COVID 19 (U.P. Toll-Free): 18001805145

Question Often Asked

1. What documentation is needed to obtain a Curfew Movement Pass in Uttar Pradesh?

Ans: When applying for a UP Curfew E-Pass, you must submit the required documentation:

  • Person voter identification card 
  • Aadhar card Letter of recommendation from the employer
  •  Recent passport-size photo
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number

2. What will we do if we forget our registration details for a curfew pass and need to retrieve it?

Ans: If you forget your UP-Movement E-Pass application code, search your identified mobile number's messaging window. The request for the E-Pass would be sent to the registered phone number for further access after it has been sent.

3. What does anyone do if they need a curfew -pass in the case of illness?

Ans: The administration of Uttar Pradesh has also established a system for the travel pass, stating that if anyone requires medical attention in an intercity or interstate location, they will be issued an e-pass with a curfew.