Delhi Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni


The problem of land disputes in India is quite common. The ownership issues are usually at a high peak due to the lack of records management. That is why thanks to the technology improvement, now the government of India has started digitizing all things that even include the registering of the property and land record management. Talking of which in cities like Delhi, Delhi bhulekh has been initiated which is nothing but online land record management. This means, the details of the property can now easily not just be accessed but also verify different property or land records with just a button click. It is a property step for cleaning any kind of fraudulent transaction.

In March of last year, there was record of the land that was made for around 192 villages out of 224 villages of Delhi. This has been digitized by the government of Delhi. Many other villages were about to get included as per the revenue department once the issue got resolved that was affecting the digitalization of the remaining 32 villages' land records. The signed records of rights at the digital platform are now available 24x7 in the public domain. Besides, it can also be downloaded by the citizen anywhere.

Know more about Delhi bhulekh

Delhi bhulekh also called popularly Delhi land records at the digital platform are maintained at DLRC official website ( It is also called the Indraprastha Bhulekh wherein the digitized land records are protected against any kind of manipulation and data corruption. It is possible to check the records of the land in Delhi using such an online platform using the citizen service centers at respective district offices or Indraprastha Bhulekh portal. It is not just the land records but also it is possible to check the Jamabandi, Khasra, & Khatauni records on Delhi bhulekh official website.

How to check Delhi Land Records Online

The process is quite simple. However, it is important to follow it as per the steps given below so that you can save time and also get the task done easily. The steps include seeing the land records

  • Visit and log in to the official website (

  • From the given list, select the district and click on View Details 

  • Fill in details such as District, Subdivision, Village, and Khata Type 

  • The record can be searched By Khata No, By Khasra No, and By Name

  • Search-by-khata-no-by-khasra-no-and-by-name

  • Click on View Khata Details to obtain land record information

Benefits of Delhi Online Land Records

The best part is you can get the details of the Delhi bhulekh in Hindi or in English as per the convenience. Thanks to the land records digitization, the government has managed to help many people to see all the information online. This has lessened down the corruption at the same time and saved ample time for many because of the online facility. Before however the digitalization existed, the people literally and to get the land record by visiting the Patwari. The citizens however now can even check the land maps online which clearly shall show the property boundaries’ for which all they have to enter is the khasra number.

Property Mutation in Delhi

Even though Delhi bhulekh khatauni is available, you need to understand more about the mutation. Well using the Delhi bhulekh online the transfer of property process can be easily done from one person to another. The freehold and leasehold properties can also be mutated in a better manner. Basically, the process of mutation is carried out at the Municipal corporation Delhi, &DO (Land and Development Office), and DDA (Delhi Development Authority).

List of documents required for property mutation

Whether you want to check Delhi bhulekh Khasra Khatauni In Hindi or another language, not a problem, listed are some of the documents that are needed for the mutation. This includes:

The documents required for mutation are:

  • Apportionment fee of Rs.100 and composition fee Rs.50

  • Owner death certificate

  • No objection certificate from the housing board

  • Sale deed copy

  • Will copy

  • Power of attorney papers

  • Copy of payment registered with sub-registrar

  • Duly attested undertaking form from the transferee on Rs.10 stamp paper

  • Property tax clearance receipt

  • Duly attested indemnity bond on Rs.100 stamp paper

  • In case if the property is inherited, Will copy should be submitted

  • In case if the property is registered through power of attorney (POA), Will copy should be submitted

Listed are some of the important documents which can be submitted to the sub-registrar office. Such documents can then be verified and the certificate of the mutation shall be issued within 15 to 30 days.

The benefits of digitizing land records

  • Convenient access to land information:

Thanks to the online database, the citizens can be able to see the property land records and also the legal status by simply avoiding the personal visits to the revenue offices. They can cross-check the status of the land using the maps that are put up highlighting the situation of the ground and thus can raise the concern in case of emergency.

  • Better transparency: 

There is a new system that focuses on implementing the land titling system with the title assured to prevent the land records and thus make it damage proof. This way the litigation and disputes can be avoided. The primary aim is to offer the citizens the right information of the land under the single window using the data integrity assurance. The friends and encumbrances in the copies issuance can also be under verification.

  • Better maintenance: 

Using digitalization, there is also the elimination of any kind of governance that usually is caused because of the delays. It would thus make sure there is smooth maintenance and the land databases are well updated too.

Points to remember

There is different information that you can find under online land records such as:

  • Measurement of the land parcel (area in bighas)

  • Mortgage applicable or loan released on/ against the land

  • Name of the present owner with registered address

  • Land use pattern, specifying if the land is an agricultural, residential, passage, government-owned, wasteland, village land, or a commercial plot

  • Any land-use conversion that has taken place

  • Government orders issued concerning the land

  • Land transfers or transaction related to land


There is a periodic update of the online land record. The document must be attested by the Tehsil office or else it will not be considered as valid documents which then can later be used in the court as evidence. The copies that are authorized later can be taken from the concerned revenue department or Tehsil office. For this, there is a formal application that needs to be created along with a nominal fee to be paid.

Questions and Answers

How to Search Registered Deed?

The details of the registered deeds on the land ownership or any other transfer and activities performed on the land can be known. It is quite an easy way for scanning the registered documents. It is also a record on the lad maintained by the government. You can thus now get the registered Deed of Delhi lands on the official website of the Bhulekh. The sites for the same are:

  • Visit Official Website, and click on “Search Registered Deed”. 

  • On the next page enter details like village or city name, Registration number, registration year, and Book number.

  • Click on “Search” to get the details.

How is the Process of DORIS BBOOK followed?

This is the option that basically is used for booking an appointment at the SR office to get the required land documents. The steps to get the Appointments on Delhi land records are:

  • Visit the Official Website

  • Open the DORIS BBook Homepage.

  • Find a list of steps mentioning the procedure in the BBook to make appointments. 

  • Proceed yourself as a registered user to enter the needed details 

  • Book an appointment.

  • If you choose the new user option, you first must finish the process of registration and then enter the details to make the appointment.

  • You then must put the details like Sub Register office location, Login ID/ mobile number, password, code, and then click on submit.

  • You can get the required details.

How is the process of e-Valuation done?

e-Valuation tab is to calculate duty payable to the government in the form of Stamp duty and registration fees. Follow the steps to proceed to the e-Valuation calculator on the Bhulekh portal.

  • Visit the official website eval.Delhi

  • Open the “e-Valuation” homepage.

  • Enter the needed details sub-registrar, locality of the land, Deed name, sub-deed name

  • Click on the register option to get the duty value.

How is the process of Deed Writer Followed?

Basically, a deed writer is an option on the portal which is required for writing down a legal document for any kind of deed. There is a certain process that needs to be followed to get the option of the deed writer on the portal and then write the deed of the land record. This includes:

  • Visit the official website

  • On the homepage, click on the “Deed Writer” option.

  • Then select deed type and Sub-Deed type.

  • Choose the type of party and enter the personal details section

  • Now enter the value of the property and click on “submit”.

  • You will get the deed details.