Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Online Registration


Before we move on to understand more about the Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Online Registration you need to first have clarity on what this scheme is all about. The scheme is Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Government Jobs Portal which has been now renamed the Rozgar Bazaar. It has been put as the domain name which was launched by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the state online portal to offer jobs to the job seeker and give Employers suitable candidates as well. This is a good platform especially after the pandemic crisis when the economy had quite a bad impact due to which the rate of unemployment had increased.

Know more about Delhi Rozgar Bazaar:

There is an online portal for Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Registration that has been designed only for Delhi residents. It is best for those unemployed and employers who are looking for the right service associated with the job from the Delhi government. The portal has easy registration wherein you must out all the important details. You must designate your role whether you are an employer or an employee and state the purpose and you shall come across abundant options as well.

The government has launched this kind of option for traveling the Delhi economy and make sure the job is returned to those people who have lost it due to some reason. This online job portal by the name of Rozgaar bazaar offers a good platform for job seekers wherein people who are looking for a job can get the job from the same portal by meeting those people who are keen to give the job.

There is an online Rozgar Bazaar Registration which all candidates who wish to apply must complete. For this, they must even download the official notification along with understanding the eligibility criteria, documents needed, and even the application process. There will be short information that you will be able to see like scheme features, eligibility, and advantages. You can even check your status and understand where your application has reached.

Online Registration Process of Delhi Govt Rojgar Bazaar

Candidates who shall register themselves with all the details including the experience and educational qualification will have their application posted on the portal online. The official website is where the candidate looking for a job needs to click on the link, I want a job. The candidate then must give the mobile number and even verify the OTP. There will also be a confirmation that you must put to the email id and education profile details. this way your login credentials will be created.

This job portal is more like a marketplace where the job seekers and employers both connect for better work opportunities. They would thus help in traveling the Delhi economy indirectly.

Rozgar Bazaar for Job Seekers:

  • If you are a candidate looking for a job then you can go ahead and register yourself on this portal.

  • You then must enter basic details, educational details, and even personal details.

  • You can even choose the job field and then apply for those companies that interest you.

Rozgar Bazaar for Companies:

  • If you have your firm or a company and want to hire a skilled person then this portal can be of great help to you.

  • You can fill up all the requirements and the details of the company and post the job ad.

  • In case you come across any suitable candidate who shows interest in your portal, you can get in touch with them.

Benefits of Rojgar Bazaar Delhi

  • It is a good platform for job seekers to improve their employment choices

  • The portal is helpful to the entrepreneur who wants to hire the right candidate

  • This portal works like a bridge between the job seeker and the entrepreneur.

  • The portal shall make a permanent job solution in Delhi for skilled people.

How to Access Rozgar Bazaar Delhi?

This Rozgar Bazaar Online Registration will not charge you anything. So, you can freely use it no matter from which state you are working. Rather, it has been designed for all the Indian citizens who wish to apply for the job or want to work in Delhi

Now the portal is best suitable for job seekers, employers, and for all those who wish to offer the service through their skills and get paid.

The recruiter can give all the job details whereas the applicant who needs it can offer the experience detail and qualification too.

How to apply for Employee Application Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Online

  • First, visit the official site of Delhi Rozgar Bazaar 

  • Then click on the option ‘I want a job’ that would take you to the registration form 

  • Now fill-up the form and add your mobile number                                       

  • Once you get OTP verify the same by submitting it

  • Then another page of a category will open where you must choose as per your skills and experience

  • Fill in all the details like gender, name, and even region or nearest District

  • The list of all available jobs will come from which you have to choose a certain rile that you wish to apply

  • Now go ahead and connect with the employer on the mobile number that has been given

  • In case you wish to update your profile, you can do so in the My profile section

Procedure to Apply Online Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Recruiter Application Form 2020

  • First, visit the official site of Delhi Rozgar Bazaar 

  • Then click on the option ‘I want staff’ that would take you to the registration form 

  • Now fill-up the form and add your mobile number                                         

  • Once you get OTP verify the same by submitting it

  • There will then be another page that shall open in which you have to mention details like job title, category, qualification, and then click on the submit option

  • This way application process for your Delhi employment market job will be accomplished.

Required Document for Delhi Rozgar Bazaar

Important Document to Apply Online

  • Aadhar Card

  • Experience certificate

  • Residence certificate

  • Educational qualification certificate

  • Mobile number

  • Email ID

  • Passport size photo

Delhi Rozgar Bazaar Eligibility Criteria

  • Permanent resident of Delhi State.

  • Unemployed candidates can apply for jobs


After Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched this portal, there has been quite a lot of demand for it amongst the top-notch industrialists and traders, and even job seekers who are now contributing to Delhi’s economic revival.  It is the best platform for recruiters and job aspirants and maintains an economic balance.

Questions and Answers

What is Rozgaar Bazaar Portal?

This is one efficient job portal service which is free of cost and has been designed for job seekers and recruiters. The person registering here shall be applied through Delhi Rozgar Bazaar and can also apply to many other jobs.

What is the right process to register Rozgar Bazaar Jobs?

There is Rozgar Bazaar Jobs Portal by the link which is an official site. If you are a candidate you must register with details, qualifications, and experience. If you are a recruiter you must put job title, details, and requirements.

How to get a job from this portal?

You first must register yourself and look out for the jobs that belong in the same category where you have posted the skills. For better quick response and approach, you are advised to include your email id and mobile number so that the Employer can contact you for further processes related to your employment.