Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra Online Application Form

We all know how important these days the role of social security pension schemes has been playing. Considering the importance, the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has also inaugurated the blend of social security pension schemes, the Family Identity Card – Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra portal, and the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment in Chandigarh. The scheme beneficiaries of the Social Justice and Empowerment Department will have to register themselves through the Family Identity Card for certain schemes. Once all these schemes are linked, there will be family detail that shall be readily available to issue the pension to the applicants.

What is Parivar Pehchan Patra Yojna

It is one unique Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra Scheme that the Haryana government has initiated. The scheme focuses on securing the future of the underprivileged sectors of society. It is one of the largest social security programs in the country designed under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana. It is also a security measure with Accidental Insurance for all EWS of Haryana and the assured Family Provident Fund for Farmers and Unorganised workers

Parivar Pehchan Patra Unique ID Card contains:

This Parivar Pehchan Patra Scheme Unique ID card consists of 14-digit unique numbers assigned for each family. Other than this the mobile number will also be updated on the card. Once the right card registration is done, it will then be submitted to the family. The family head member's name shall be mentioned on the card top along with other details of the family.

Purpose of the Mera Parivar Meri Pehchan Scheme

The Aadhaar card shows a person’s identity, but now it is an essential part of this system that identity cards will be issued to all Haryana families. You will be able to obtain the entire family’s data via this identification card. Under this program, 54 lakh families have been covered. This system is useful Only for the people of Haryana. The state is planning to open 500 registration centers for family identification cards later. Under this method, it is mandatory to use the Aadhaar card.

How to apply for a Haryana Family Identity Card

The process is quite simple but it can be easy if stepwise it is followed.

  • The beneficiary who is interested and wishes to apply to get this identity card can visit the Gas Agencies, SDM Office, Block Office, and even the Schools to get their family identity card form.

  • Once all the details asked in the form are written such as name, Aadhar number, address, and filled up well, then it is time to attach the documents asked and then submit it.

  • The submission of the form should be done to the same office from where the form of application is taken. This way you would be able to apply rightly under this scheme.

How to Apply Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra Online

  • Steps that your read above is for the offline process for which you may have to visit the desired location. But you can also apply online. For this

  • Visit the Official Website Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra https://meraparivar.haryana.gov.in/.

  • At the portal, people shall verify, apply, and even go-ahead to get better knowledge about the pension scheme. As per the CSCs operations, the pension scheme form can be filled out online

  • Once the form is filled up the respective illustrations will update it and the applicant can then take two printouts.

How To Check Family Name In Parivar Pehchan Patra List

For this, verify if the family is in the SECC-2011. In that case, the Haryana Government will add you to the scheme automatically.

In case you don’t belong then there is a section process to avail the benefits Scheme.

How to check Parivar Pehchan Patra's status?

Every applicant under the Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra scheme can check the status of online applications through the Saral Service Center website. However, like the Aadhaar card, the Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra Unique ID card has also been made mandatory by the state government that will help recognize every family of the state.

Important Document for Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra

You must have all the important documents so the process goes smoothly. This includes:

  • All Family Member Aadhaar Card

  • Family ID Form

  • Address Proof

  • Identity Proof

  • Haryana Family Identity Card Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Haryana.

  • The Haryana Family Id in Haryana will be marked as BPL Survey

Major Beneficiary Benefits

  • Ensure zero balance is the primary agenda of this card

  • The person finishing 60 years of age can then be eligible for an old-age pension

  • Right after when youth are 18 years of age, they need to be informed about the eligibility

  • Migrant families can upload their information on this portal once they leave the place

  • There would be 3 digits for the village and 5 digits for a family in Parivar Pehchan Patra.

  • No individual digit will be there for the citizen.


Mera Parivar Meri Pehchan can offer the whole family the identification card. Such cards shall be made ready for the separate and even the joint families. To use the family identification theme, the applicant shall have to visit the office. There is an online application service accepted on the official portal. You can apply by entering your id card setting using the portal. This would help you realize its in-depth application process.

Question and answer:

What is the objective of the Haryana Family Identity Card Scheme?

This scheme focuses on providing the family identity card to all the people who are eligible for the government scheme to get the advantage of the scheme automatically. They will not even have to wander around to apply for the scheme benefits.

How many people shall benefit from Haryana Family Identity?

This card shall benefit at least 54 lakh people of the state without any problem at all.

How to apply for HARYANA Family Identification?

There is a process that needs you to visit online or visit the SDSL office personally where you can get the form to further apply for Family Identification.