Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll

Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll

Elections are on edge and people are preparing for their voter IDs to be ready with them. The ones who don’t have one are trying their best to apply for a new one and achieve it before the 2021 elections. In such circumstances, a major part is played by the electoral roll. An electoral roll is a list of all the eligible voters of a particular district or area. 

This list gets updated for every election, which is a very crucial part of the complete election procedure. Many people get added to the electoral roll each year while many others get reduced from it due to their respective reasons. The same process continues in almost all states of India, including Himachal Pradesh. The Himachal Pradesh Electoral roll performs the duty of enlisting all the people who are eligible to vote from different districts or regions of Himachal Pradesh. 

For getting your name included in the HP electoral list, you should register for the same in the first place. Below are the steps that need to be followed to get yourself registered in the Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll list and get your right to vote in the first place for sure-

  1. Search for 'Registration for Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll' on the Internet and check for Form 6 on it. 

  2. Fill up the form properly with all your details and make sure that you have Xerox copies of all the necessary documents. 

  3. Tick the documentation checkboxes according to your collection of documents and then click on the 'Next' option.

  4. Form 6 can be scanned and filled up manually as well. Then this form can be sent to the HP Electoral Roll department through the post. However, due to the pandemic situation, this process is mostly made available on the online medium itself. 

By following all the above steps, people can get themselves registered for the HP electoral roll list and also get notification about the release of the respective list accordingly. 

Every legal work needs the documentation to be very perfect and up to the mark. The same goes with the electoral roll application as well. For registering to the Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll List, you should have a particular list of documentation ready with you otherwise you may face a lot of problems while completing your registration process for the electoral list itself. 

The documents that are required to be present with the people who want to register for the HP Electoral Roll list are:

  1. One current passport-size photo of the applicant.

  2. Age Proofs (anyone from the following):

  • Copy of the 10th or 12th mark sheet, if the applicant has passed the 10th and 12th classes.

  • 5th or 8th class mark sheet if it lists the date of birth of the applicant. 

  • Aadhaar card, Passport, or any other government document that shows the applicant’s age.

  • The age certificate of the applicant is assured by the Sarpanch of the respective district or region. 

  •  Applicant’s original birth certificate given by his/her school authorities. 

  1. Residential Proof of the applicant (may include an Aadhaar card, driving license, any postal letter that has the applicant’s name present on it, or the applicant’s bank passbook). 

In case of trouble or concern with the electoral roll list, people can visit the official website of the electoral roll, https://electoralsearch.in/ and check for the queries or questions option on it. As another way, people can also call on 1950 and talk to the executives for their respective queries. This will be an easier way to resolve the problems or troubles of the applicants. 

It may happen sometimes that after the completion of the registration process when you check for your name in the electoral roll list, you find out that your name is entered in the wrong way. This means that you will now have to bring this to the notice of the electoral authorities and make them change your name. This also takes a small but compulsory application procedure which can be stated as below-

  • Take the help of Form 8 to apply for your name change in the electoral roll list. 

  • Attach your birth certificate for the appropriate name and spelling with Form 8 and wait for any reply or notification from the department’s side. 

When people follow these 2 steps properly, they will get their name changed in the electoral list very quickly and without having much trouble for themselves for sure. 


When people avail themselves of the HP electoral roll list, they declare themselves as the responsible citizens of not only Himachal Pradesh but the whole Indian country. This gives people their deserved right to vote and select the best representatives for themselves for the next 5 years. 

Therefore, you should showcase your responsibility towards India by registering for the electoral roll list and including your name in the same in the first place for sure. This will also help you in your loan validations and other legal or professional works. So, this is the thing that no one should ignore in their lives when they turn 18 for sure. 


  • Can the Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll be availed of by the people without registering for the same?

No, availing yourself of the Himachal Pradesh Electoral Roll is impossible without registration. You have to follow the complete electoral roll registration procedure properly to get your name included in the HP  Voter List Online. 

  • Does enrollment for the Electoral Roll affect the approval or rejection of any kind of Loan?

Having your name on the electoral roll list will be very beneficial for you when you want to get any kind of loan. However, if you don’t have your name on this list, then it depends on the loan-lenders whether to offer you the respective loan or not. Therefore, having your name in the HP Voter List Online will undoubtedly decide whether you get any kind of loan with ease or complexity. 

  • Is there any particular website for the HP Voter List Online Check?

When people search for the HP Voter List Online Check, they are redirected to the website where they can check their names on the electoral roll list with the help of their details and registration number. 

  • What if the HP Electoral Roll List does not have your name even if you have registered for it?

If a person is not able to find their name in the HP electoral roll list even if they have registered for the same, then they can put a request or problem about this on the same website or can directly contact the respective department personally for further procedure. 

  • Is the HP Electoral Roll List district-wise or state-wise?

The HP Electoral Roll list is district-wise and is different according to different districts or regions of Himachal Pradesh. 

  • How can people download the HP Electoral Roll List?

To Download HP Voter List, people simply have to search for the list on the Internet and then click on the 'Print' option present either at the top or bottom of the list. This will redirect you towards the print as well as the Pdf download option. By clicking on the download icon, you can download this list on your mobile phone or computer in the form of Pdf. 

  • Is availing to the HP Electoral Roll List compulsory?

Availing of the HP Electoral Roll list is not compulsory but to make all the legal works easier for you, you should enrol yourself on this list as soon as you turn above the age of 18 years.