Jharkhand Caste Certificate Online Apply


The reason why a caste certificate is of prime importance is that it legally states that the person is belonging to a particular caste or the community which is under the Indian constitution. If you are planning to apply for the Jharkhand Caste Certificate Apply and want to know more about it, well first then you need to understand what exactly is this caste certificate all about. Basically, the respective state governments have come up with a caste certificate to the residents residing in the same state who belong to scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and other backward communities. The government offers different provisions for such people and can avail those privileges and citizens can even possess it as a legal document.

Know more about Jharkhand Caste Certificate

The state government is coming up with SC/ST/OBC Caste Certificate Form Download facility for its citizens so that they can make the Jharkhand caste certificate. The state government has come up with a website for the applicants who belong to such a caste and deserve the certificate, If the Jharkhand citizens wish to have their caste certificate online, they can simply follow the process online. They don’t even have to visit any office and spend their time and money travelling. Citizens of Jharkhand can apply through such an online portal and avail many other online facilities. However, it is only meant for those citizens who are from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes category.

With such a caste certificate, the state citizens are then identified officially from that caste. The beneficiaries who are interested in this certificate and look forward to SC/ST/OBC Caste Certificate Online Apply can apply online by visiting the official website of the e-District Government of Jharkhand. With a country like India which is progressing on a faster page, there is no doubt that the government is making complete use of digitization. With regards to the online processing of the application as well, the certifications through this can be done in less time.

Purpose of the Certificate

The primary objective of starting with such a scheme is to offer the SC, ST, and OBC category people an appropriate caste certificate for getting the advantages of the reservation along with a relaxation facility which shall be given by the State Government. The person who would get the caste certificate for different reasons will be eligible for different benefits. However, some of the objectives are stated below:

Students need a caste certificate for fee concessions in schools/colleges.

  • To avail seats under reserved quotas in certain educational institutions and Government entities.

  • To get advantages from scholarships provided by the Government.

  • The government needs a caste certificate for subsidies disbursement for special reservations.

  • To apply for schemes implemented by the Government exclusively for the underprivileged, a caste certificate is necessary.

  • In terms of employment, a caste certificate is important for job seekers, who apply for Government jobs as appointments under reserved quotas.

  • A Caste Certificate should be given to reserve seats in the Legislatures.

Eligibility Criteria

There is an eligibility criterion that has already been set in which the person applying for such certification process is expected to be fit in. This includes:

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India.

  • The name of the applicant should be in the SC/ST, SEBC and OBC list issued by the Government of Jharkhand to apply for a caste certificate.

  • Applicants should have permanent residence in the state for a minimum period of five years to get a caste certificate in Jharkhand.

Documents Required

Along with the Caste Certificate Apply Form, there are also some documents that need to be uploaded online. Some of them are:

  • Genealogy (Mandatory for S.C, S.T and BC1, BC2)

  • Land-related certificate in which description of caste has been mentioned (Mandatory for O.B.C)

  • Caste Certificate(BC1/BC2) (Mandatory for O.B.C)

  • Self-declaration of Applicant 

  • Residential Certificate

  • Applicant Photograph

  • Photocopy of Khatiyan

  • Recommendation letter from elected member to verify the caste

  • Report of concerned Patwari or Tehsildar relating to the caste of the applicant.

  • Other caste-related documents

  • An affidavit that mentions all details and documents are correct.

  • Income Certificate (Mandatory for O.B.C)

For those who wish to apply for Tatkal Service, it is important to upload the proof showing the reason for Tatkal as the enclosure. It should be a recommendation given by the Local Circle Officer / Block Development Officer /Executive Magistrate/Sub Divisional Magistrate/Additional Collector/Deputy Commissioner for the eligibility of Tatkal.

Benefits of caste certificate Jharkhand

  • A caste certificate is a very important document for people related to SC, ST, OBC Caste Certificate.

  • A caste certificate is availed for getting a government job.

  • Jharkhand caste certificate paper use, you can also receive scholarships.

  • Through this document, people of Uttar Pradesh can use them for getting admission in state government services and schools/colleges or universities etc.

  • A caste certificate is required for the application of jobs issued by the Central and various state governments under the reserved quota.

  • A caste certificate is required for the application of reserved seats.

What is the Application Procedure for the caste certificate?

The process is quite simple. However, there are two ways. The first one is the Offline Application Process.

  • The applicant needs to visit the nearby Teshil office with the necessary documents and passport size photograph.

  • The application form must be collected from the concerned officer 

  • The citizen can download a copy of the application form for the Jharkhand caste certificate 

  • The form needs to be filled up by affixing the photograph on the form. 

  • the mentioned documents should be attached along with the application form 

  • The submission should be made and an acknowledgement slip will be granted which the citizen should show during certificate collection.

  • concerned officer after submission of application conducts an enquiry and then forward the report to the Revenue Department officer

  • Once the details in the form are re-verified, the applicant gets a notification to the mobile number or email regarding the status of a caste certificate.

  • The applicant needs to visit the concerned office and collects the caste certificate

  • The other way by which the caste certificate can be received is through the Online Application Process. It includes some steps that need to be followed which include:

  • Visit the official online portal of Jharkhand, JharSewa jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in.

  • If already a registered user, click ‘Login’. 

  • The new user should click ‘Register yourself’ on the homepage of the portal. 

  • Upon Clicking JharSewa, the registration Page appears. 


  • Fill in the following details.

  • e-KYC details (Aadhaar details)

  • Personal details

  • Login details (user id, password)

  • Enter the captcha and click submit.

  • On registration process completion, click Login that redirects to the login section. 

  • Enter the registered user id and password. 

  • Enter the captcha and click submit.

  • The list of online services available will be displayed. 

  • Select the caste certificate.

  • The application form for the issuance of a caste certificate appears.

  • Fill out the form properly. The form contains details as follows.

  • Caste details

  • Relation details

  • Personal details

  • Authorization details

  • Address details

  • Additional details

  • Choose the applying office (urban/rural), enter the captcha in the word verification area.

  • Once the verification is done the applicant will get an acknowledgement number to track application status.


Before even the online facility was introduced, the state citizens had to visit the government offices for getting their respective family members caste certificate and even face ample issues. With regards to the problems, the online website has been launched to ensure the Jharkhand Government SC / ST / OBC Caste Certificate Jharkhand is issued. People can apply online by visiting the website and avail the services. They don’t have to visit the government offices to get caste certificates and wait for long hours too.

Question and answer

How to apply for the Jharkhand caste certificate through CSC Pragya Kendra?

  • Use the following link to find the centre. 

  • Visit the respective office.

  • The application can be gained from the authorities.

  • Please pay for the application form as authorities quote.

  • Submit the whole application along with required documents to the operator in the centre.

  • An operator will go through the details and start to process online using the computer.

  • The applicant will get the transaction ID for the application made. 

  • This application will be processed by the respective department as per how it will be processed in person.

  • The applicant will be notified about the status of his registered mobile number that was given at the time of application.

  • Applicants must meet the respective authorities upon notification with documents as advised for getting a certificate as per notified date.

How to Track Application Status?

In order to track the application status, you need to:

  • Visit the official website https://www.jharsewa.jharkhand.gov.in/

  • On the home page click on ‘Know the status of your application’

  • Enter the acknowledgement number 

  • Click the search button to view the status of the application.

How to Download Certificate?

  • You can even download the certificate but for this, you will have to wait for the application to get approved by the concerned officer.

  • Upon approval, the concerned officer will intimate the same through SMS on your registered mobile number.

  • The applicant will then have to visit the official portal 

  • Download the certificate by entering the acknowledgement number and date.

  • Once downloaded, the applicant will have to print the digitally signed certificate and use it for the purpose