Pay Manager Rajasthan Portal


  • Under the working of the Pay Manager Rajasthan portal, Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot is the head of the administration team and he launched this scheme by showcasing his idea.
  • The idea behind launching the portal is to assist the employees who are indulged in government work or who hold up a post in a government department. The employees can visit the portal to check up their monthly salary, other important bills, their tax payments, and tax return amounts, access the upcoming bonus payments, the amount after or during the staffer's retirement. 

Features and benefits regarding the Pay Manager Rajasthan portal

  • The portal is operated on a digital platform that stores all the data in an organized way which saves time because to search for any data, the user just needs to type it on the search bar and access the files rather than finding papers and files manually in an offline working department. 
  • The portal was integrated in the year 2011 and since then it's been working remarkably as its working keeps on getting updated. 
  • The scheme is for both the gender I.e male and females which proves the point that the system is away from gender partiality. 
  • The portal works for only the authority-associated employees working in the parliament department within the State Rajasthan as this has been initiated by the administration of Rajasthan. 
  • All the Rajasthan government departments are added to the portal and work through it. 
  • The pay Manager can solve all of the salary issues of the employees and help them with their problems regarding commissions and bonus amount for extra work.
  • This PayManager Rajasthan provides a wide range of services to representatives such as Receipts are arranged in a certain way, Destination Address networks get packed, data gets awarded, recognizes extraordinary data, provides knowledge on business vouchers, loaded with information about each individual on a separate basis, also contains data on annual expenses and delivers knowledge on the GA 55. 

How to register and fill up the application form regarding the Pay Manager Rajasthan 

  • For getting registered, the applicant should analyze the eligibility test and analyze whether they're eligible for the policy or not, and if they're eligible then they can stop at the authorized website of the Pay Manager Rajasthan.
  • From the homepage of the website, there would be a pop-up page on which all the necessary details should get filled up like the name of the user, age, citizenship, mobile number, email address, caste, occupation, etc. After filling up these details the system would send the verification code to the mentioned mobile number through the message to continue. After stating that code on the website, a username and a password would be allotted to the applicant and after this, their username would get registered. 

Online mode

  • If the applicant is eligible then he/she can go ahead and up the application form. To fill it up, the applicant needs to again visit the authorized Pay Manager Rajasthan. From the cover page of the website, the user needs to log in through their registered username id and password. 
  • After logging in, the user can check up on the page and read out the eligibility criteria or guidelines to cross-check it.
  • To access and get enrolled in the scheme, the user should fill up the application form.
  • On the home page, on the top right corner, there would be an option with a symbol of three dots. From that option, the application form would get opened then it needs to be downloaded. 
  • After getting it downloaded the form needs to be printed out from any nearby print shop for filling up the details. 
  • After filling up the details, the form should be scanned and then it can be submitted on the website or mail it on the authorized mail id of the government. 

Note: -

  1. There’s no offline registration process available under Pay Manager Rajasthan.
  2. All the necessary documents should be attached at the time of setting the account.
  3. Pay and are the official address of the portal.)

The procedure of registration if the user is head of the department 

The registration process for employees and heads of the department varies slightly. If the user wants to register as the head, then the following steps need to get taken care of: -

  • Firstly, the user needs to make sure that he/she is connected with a good internet connection and after making sure of that they need to visit the website which is the authorized address of the Pay Manager portal. 
  • After logging in, the cover page of the portal would open and for signing up the person would need to fill in the details regarding their departments such as the name, the city, the address, etc.
  • Integrated Financial Management System credentials also need to be ascertained. 
  • After the details get verified, the user needs to attain the Digital Signature Certificate.
  • After attaining the certification, a one-time code would get sent to the mentioned mobile number of the user. That code then needs to be filled on the portal immediately after receiving it. 
  • Then the system would read the code and after it passes it, the account as the head would get set up on the portal.
  • Now the user can log into by mentioning the Id and password. 

Process of resetting the forgotten password of Pay Manager Rajasthan account 

In case the employee has forgotten their account password through which they can log in to the portal, then they can reset it by establishing a new password. The process of resetting the forgotten password is: - 

  1. First, the applicant needs to visit the official address of the Rajasthan Pay Manager portal which is
  2. Then the portal would ask the user to log in by entering the username and password, below this box, there would be a written text in blue color which would ask "forgotten password?".
  3. The user then needs to click on that text and another link would get open up.
  4. The link would direct the page to pop up and would help the user to reset the password.
  5. For resetting the password, the details such as employee identification card, the office in which they're enrolled, their permanent account number, their birth date, and the registered mobile number need to be provided.
  6. Then the system would check whether the Information has been given correctly or not.
  7. If the system approves of the information given, a one-time code would be sent to the mobile number.
  8. The code then needs to be filled on the screen.
  9. After that, the applicant can easily change and set up their new password.
  10. The password must contain a capital letter, a small letter, one number, and a special character to get eligible. 
  11. Then the account would be restored and ready to use. 

Procedure to download the employee payslip from the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan

If the user wants to download his/her monthly salary bill so that they could have the hardcopy proof of it then they can download it from the authorized address of the portal by converting the file from soft copy to hard copy.

  • First, the user needs to visit the Rajasthan Pay Manager portal
  • From there, they need to log in by entering the username and password. 
  • After getting logged in, the home page of the portal would contain all the details about the employee. 
  • From the right corner of the page, there would be a staffer intersection tab and from there a list of options would appear on the screen which would be arranged in the table.
  • The option regarding " Pay Slip" needs to be then selected.
  • After selecting it, the user needs to enter details such as which day, date, month, and year they want the slip.
  • After entering the details, press the button “submit".
  • The slip would then get loaded on the screen then the applicant can print it out by pressing the control "download".
  • The slip would contain officials such as the amount of the financial year the user mentioned which would be sectioned per month and further to the days. The title of the slip would have the invoice number on it, bank account details, permanent account number of the applicant, official office name and address, and the tax reduction on the amount. 

Procedure to issue the payslip in the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan

If the office head wants to publish the salary bill of one of the department's staff, then he/she can surely do it with the help of Pay Manager Rajasthan Portal.

  • First, the individual needs to visit the authorized address of the portal
  • Then the single user needs to log in to access the portal features. 
  • There would be various options before getting logged in which would be Employee login for Drawing and Disbursing Officer, log in to the department's website, Login to Drawing and Disbursing Officer as a subhead.
  • The person needs to select as per their details by selecting one option. 
  • The user must select the Drawing and Disbursing Officer option to make an office fee or salary. Otherwise, they can choose the option correlated with the labor for which they need to create or delete an invoice.
  • After doing that, the individual must enter the name of the staff and the bill number.
  • Then they can publish the payslip. 

The helpline contacts number of the Pay Manager Rajasthan

  • If the employees are in any problem with the registration of their account on the portal or the downloading the slip procedure then they can contact their department heads and solve the problem. 
  • If the department itself is facing any issue, then the organization can ring up the number of the Pay Manager Rajasthan which is 0141-5111007.
  • The additional number is 0141-5111010 if the previous one doesn't get useful. 
  • Meanwhile, the landline number of the office is 0141-2744402.
  • They can also write up mail and send it to the authorized mail id of the scheme. The address of the email is [email protected]
  • The applicant can also browse the official website of the scheme and check up on the common queries mentioned there, the official website is Pay and
  • Or the applicant can post the query letter to the commissioner at their official office address.

Frequently asked questions related to the Pay Manager Rajasthan Portal 

Q 1) When did the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan get inaugurated? 

A 1) The portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan got inaugurated in the year 2011.

Q 2) Who inaugurated the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan?

A 2) Administration of the state Rajasthan under the guidance of Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot who is the head of the team inaugurated the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan. 

Q 3) State the customs which the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan defers to its users? 

A 3) The Rajasthan Pay manager portal provides a variety of duties to state government staffers in Rajasthan, like the portal updates employment data on monthly pay notices, it adds up a digital signature to the bank account of the user, transfers staffer request on a month-by-month play slip, delivers private data and keeps it updated, provides knowledge about GA 55 businesses and publishes medical invoices for employees.

Q 4) What is the toll-free helpline number regarding the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan?

A 4) 0141-5111007, 0141-5111010, and 0141-2744402 is the toll-free helpline number regarding the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan.

Q 5) Who can get enrolled and make an account on the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan?

A 5) The applicant must be residing in the state of Rajasthan to get eligible and secondly, they should be working in the government department because the portal assists only the government employees. Also, the user's age should be above eighteen years old and if the person passes with the above-mentioned criteria, then they can get enrolled and make an account on the portal of Pay Manager Rajasthan.