Ration Card


One of the important documents which every citizen of the country especially the one who is under or in the poverty line requires is a ration card. It works as identity proof or address proof. It offers the eligibility for Indian households to buy the subsidized food grain from the Public Distribution System. With the digitalization, the concept of ration card correction online system also gained popularity that too in the form of one nation one ration card. This is one highly ambitious scheme that has been initiated by the central government some time back to get better flexibility in the ration card.

Know more about the One Nation One Ration Card?

The best part about the One Nation One Ration Card is that this scheme has got great advantages for the user. The scheme brings free ration for the migrants for at least 2 months. This includes the one that doesn't have any ration card. Ration cards can be used in ration shops or in other parts of the country. 

Announced in 2019, this scheme was started in the month of June. There is complete national portability of ration card which is said to be achieved by March under the finance minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman 

Step by step to change the address in the Ration card

There is a ration card address change in the online tn process that needs to be followed for the Ration card address changes 

  • There will be some state list that shall open and then choose the respective state. 
  • Once the state is selected you will then be redirected to another page that is associated with the state.  
  • You would have to choose the right link associated with the changes in the ration card which may vary every time.
  • Now use your credentials like login ID and password and then fill in the form correctly before you submit it. 
  • Don’t forget to take the printout of the application that you have filled up and the ration card address change shall be done.

Step by step to change member details in Ration Card 

In case the resident is from the urban area the step includes:

  • The application form filling with the complete document set if needed
  • Then the application form must be submitted along with important documents to the clerk at the DO office
  • Now the clerk shall check the form to finish the entry along with the complete set of the documents
  • The clerk will further give the receipt of acknowledgment to the applicant and then it shall be forwarded to the SI
  • There will then be verification of SI details with regards to the master register and the attached documents such as the school certificate. If needed the SI may even visit the Applicant’s home.
  • The SI sanction then a new ration card issue and the clerk shall further update the master register along with the ration card.
  • He shall also make another ration card copy if needed
  • The applicant then creates the acknowledgment receipt before the ration card is delivered.

In case the resident is from the Rural area the ration card name removal step includes:

For Rural Area

  • The application form filling with the complete document set if needed
  • The form should then be submitted along with all the important documents to GPO
  • The GPO shall then check the form for the whole entries and the documents for the set completion and if everything goes fine then there will be an acknowledgment receipt given to the applicant which is then forwarded to the SI
  • The GPO shall verify the details with regards to the master register and then documents shall be attached such as the school certificate
  • The sanction of the GPO for the ration card issue, allocation units update, and even the master register update needs to be made
  • The applicant shall then create the acknowledgment receipt before the ration card and GPO is delivered to the concerned person
  • There will be a fee of Rs 5 that needs to be submitted.

Documents that are needed

There are some proofs that will be needed in case there is any change expected to be done in the name of the member or address. This includes:

  • If on rent (Rent Receipt)
  • Address Proof 
  • Certificate for taking education
  • Certificate of residence address 
  • No. of members by Institutional Head
  • Birth Certificate

How to make changes in the mobile number

Since a ration card is an important document that is now available to be received online from the government, in case you have inserted the mobile number wrongly then you can deal with it easily. For this, the steps are quite easy. You can simply do a lot of work settings. If there is an old number that shall be entered in the card then you need to get updates that are associated with the ration. If you are wondering how to change a mobile number in a ration card, then understand that there are so many changes that are then sent to the cardholder using the messages from the department.

  • Firstly, visit the official site which is https://nfs.delhi.gov.in/Citizen/UpdateMobileNumber.aspx.
  • It shall open a homepage for you where you need to update the Registered Mobile Number
  • You can then fill up the information in the column where in the first column you must enter the Aadhaar number than in the second column there will be a ration card. 
  • In the third column no. of the head of household needs to be mentioned while in the last one you must enter the mobile number.
  • Once all the column are filled uprightly, you need to then write down your new mobile number and save it
  • Your mobile number will then get updated.
  • Now your mobile number will be updated. 


Ration card is certainly the most helpful document that EWS or the family below the poverty line must-have. It can give great features but if you wish to make the changes, it is better to do so online.

Questions and Answers

What is the project all about?

This is a project that is well integrated with the technology-motivated system. It has been announced as the strongest pillar of the Atma-nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan that has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.