Rising Star Registration


The rising star is one of the popular reality TV shows and a great platform for signing talents. This show is for all those amazing singers and new faces who can be a blessing to the entertainment industry. The earlier seasons were quite a huge success and now soon rising star registration shall begin for this year. However, this year, there will be some changes and that will be the audition to be done at the virtual platform. As per the current ad of the show that the channel has released, there will be live auditioning but everything will be done online. With so many singers coming to show and increasing their chance of winning, this is the best platform for the right talent.

The latest announcement

The virtual rising star registration will be conducted because of the pandemic crises. This singing reality show will be aired on the colors channel and its announcement has also been made already. The show is already popular because of its first season and made quite a great TRP. The rising star 2021 registration, however, will be back with a new concept which shall be quite interesting too.

About Rising star India

Just the way rising star 2020 audition online registration was done, the candidates need to register themselves for this year's registration too. However, there are also some important things to know about the show before anyone plans to make an entry here. This is a reality TV show that can be viewed on the colors channel. It is one of the well-known shows on the channels that are usually telecasted every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. It gained popularity as it has opened a platform for people all over the country to showcase their talent. This is a show where the contest is based on the singing skills of the audience.

Rising Star India auditions

The show has always managed to maintain transparency and with rising star registration 2020 it is quite clear how innovative the team is when it comes to auditioning. Talking about the audition, well there is an audience involved which sits in the household. There is a system to vote online with the help of an app called Voot. It is best designed for the contestant on the TV. This is another amazing show in India where the audience is given more preference over the judges for selecting the contestant as the show shall be running.

With the new dates of the rising star 2021 audition online registration shall be coming soon, many talents are waiting already. This is not one old show but one with a unique concept. This show is unique over other reality shows because of its audition process that certainly has helped many people to come out and show how powerful music is.

Rising Star 2021 Judges and registration

The announcement of the rising star 2021 registration shall be done soon. Well, the judges to be a part of the show will be Shankar Mahadevan & Diljit. Both the amazing judges will analyze the skills of the talents and thus give the platform to the talented singers of India. Mr. Shankar Mahadevan has already been touching by any of the singing reality shows. Those who have a keen interest in the show can be registered online at VOOT's official website link. There are also details on the online site and app to fill the Entry Form for Rising Star Audition Online Season now.

Important details of Rising Star Audition Form

  • Show name – Rising Star

  • Session – 2021

  • Season No –

  • Registration / Entry – Started now

How to Apply Online on Voot's official website?

If you like signing and believe that you can make it through the audition process and are confident too then you can apply on the voot official site. Since this is a live singing reality show of India, you need to follow steps like:

  • Firstly, create the login details

  • Register yourself

  • Apply on the Voot app or online website with your singing audition section

  • Record it well

  • Hit the submit button.

Rising Star Audition 2021 Registration

This will be entirely on the vote that the audience shall conduct on you. With judges who have already done two tremendously blockbuster shows and now they are back with the 4th season auditions, its certainty is a great scope. The auditions will be in Chandigarh, Guwahati, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

How to Fill Rising Star Entry Form 2021 Online Registration?

The process is quite simple and should be followed systematically. This includes:

  • First, you must download the Voot app or you can also visit the official website.

  • Search on its Rising Star Entry Form.

  • Now you will get a form, you fill the registration form for season 3.

  • Record your singing video and upload it here

  • Fill in further details & information on the provided space.

  • Read the part of terms and conditions thoroughly

  • Now just click on Submit Button & get the confirmation mail.

  • Rising Star Audition Place & Timing, Venue details are given below, interested contestants must follow the date and details available below.

  • Kolkata

  • Guwahati

  • Delhi

  • CHD

  • Mumbai

  • Kolkata

Rising star registration Online 2021 Entry Form

The requirement of Audition Video

  • Only the candidate should sing in that recorded video.

  • You just have 3 min to record not more than that

  • The size of the audition video can be up to 50 Mb.

  • You can upload your Audition Video in Avi, Mpeg, Mp4 format.


The concept of Rising star India on the colors channel is unique which is why it is one of the most popular shows on the channels. This show so far has been genuine enough to get the best of the talents on this platform and has gotten a remarkable response too. But post the pandemic crises now it is time for the team of the rising stars to get back in action again. For this, the rising star is all set to start with the registering process and the audience too to understand the singing skills of the audience.

The contest awards their contestants with a cash prize and a trophy. Since the whole show is transparent and fair it has proved that new shows can work based on the good concept and the contestant with talent too. It in future seems to be more rising if the consistency is well maintained with fair competition means.

Question and Answers

How to do online registration Through Colour App?

For online registering, you can also apply via the Colors app for which the process is quite simple. The steps are as follows:

  • Mainly download the Colors TV App from the Google Play store.

  • Formerly open the app.

  • Formerly click on the show name Rising Star

  • Now fill in all the information as required.

How to Give Auditions from Home?

The registration form will be available on the homepage of the Voot official website for which the process is quite simple. The steps are as follows:

  • Click on the link and fill in your personal and contact details.

  • After submitting this basic information interested candidates will have to upload their performance video of 3 minutes. It is mandatory to upload the audition video. and it should be below 3 MB.

  • If your application gets selected by the team of the Rising Star season 4, they will contact you for the best procedures.

What is the process of how one can apply for Rising Star India?

The process to apply for the rising star has quite simple steps. The steps are as follows:

  • A contestant who wants to apply online can fill up a form available on the official website of Colors TV.

  • Enter your information and attach a video for about 3 mins.

  • The length of the video must be according to their parameters, only then a person can enter the game.

  • Candidates can also apply by sending mail as well with the information and video attached.

  • After this process, the eligible contestants selected by the jury are called to the show.

  • Then the show proceeds for the actual voting by the audience. But before this step other rounds are also conducted to test the contestant and select the best ones for the competition.

  • This pattern is available for both the junior rising star and youth rising star. These parameters are important to pass the parameters to be the rising star of the show.

How to Use a Rising Star?

It is now possible to make complete use of the Rising star. Simply follow these steps:

  • Complete the admissions application online, by mail or fax, or in-person by Feb.

  • Complete a Rising Star application online (eConnect – login required) by Feb.

  • Request a current, official high school transcript from your high school registrar or counselor and submit it to the Admissions/Registrar’s Office