Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Pass Apply Online


The situation of covid 19 has already become so worse that there are so many people that are losing their life due to it. Every state has come up with their own rules and restrictions of lockdown and that when it comes travelling during such lockdown situations can be quite critical. Tamil Nadu in that case also has its process of Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Pass for which you need to apply if you are planning to travel. The system of E pass however requires a process that needs to be followed so that approval from the state is achieved.

Know more about E-pass Mandatory In Tamil Nadu

If you are among those people who have then been looking forward to the TN E Pass Registration then certainly you are at the right place. This pass shall be given once the whole process is finished and approved by the power authorities of the Tamil Nadu Government. As per the travel guidelines that are announced recently because of the fresh cases increase in the covid 19, the government of Tamil Nadu has made it compulsory for the E pass to be used by the people for travelling anywhere in India. If you want to travel to Tamil Nadu state then you must register yourself for the TN E pass online. With the increase of new covid cases 19 that has been noticed recently, the government has taken this firm decision.

Edappadi K Palaniswami who is the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister made the announcement a few days back for the registration of the e-pass. It will be issued to those individuals within 24 hours who want to travel for inter-district travel. However, the government shall be assuring passes for the medical emergency, marriage, death of a close relative and even the ongoing government work. Now the passes will only be issued to those individuals who shall be returning to home and are stuck in the other district of the state. To travel through a private vehicle, it is important to have an e-pass.

To Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Pass Apply, you need to visit the official website tnepass.tnega.org. The e-pass is meant for the travel that shall be done within the State of Tamil Nadu and it will be auto-generated. 

Who needs such a Pass

All the travellers who shall be arriving in Tamil Nadu from any other state or Union territory need to come up with an e-pass that will be auto-generated right after they register themselves with the government. This pass is not required for those who are travelling from neighbouring areas like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Puducherry. However, even if you are travelling within Tamil Nadu, to hill stations or tourist areas, registration with the government for such a pass is important. 

Eligible Candidates

To be eligible for the process to Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Pass Apply, the candidates must fit in certain criteria. The person must be

  • Police

  • Patient

  • Medical services

  • Agriculture

  • Fisheries

  • Water department

  • Bank employees

  • Government duties

  • Fire electricity

  • Health worker

  • Medial department

  • Death case

  • Exempted Activities

  • Animal husbandry

  • Movement, loading/unloading Goods

  • Plantations

  • MSMEs Outside Greater Chennai Police Limits

  • Supply of Essential Goods

Declaration Of TN Epass

To get the smooth TN E Pass Online Registration process done, there is a certain declaration that a beneficiary needs to make who want to apply for the E-pass

The primary announcement is that the data that shall be offered by the citizen in the application structure has to be uniform with the insight and that the event should be matching so that if it is checked, it should not be discovered incorrect. To be precise, when asked, it must be a legitimate move that shall be made.

The subsequent one that not every candidate will be getting this e pass. There will be some applications that may be dismissed without any notification. This would eventually result in you concur and you will have no option of protesting as well.

The last affirmation is that the individual who got the E-pass needs to limit themselves to home isolation for 14 days once he/she finishes the excursion and come back to their area.

What is the TN Instant E Pass Registration process?

To submit the Tamil Nadu E Pass Application Form without any hassle, there is a registration process that you need to follow. For this, you need to visit the official website

  • Once the official website opens https://eregister.tnega.org/, you need to open the page and enter the mobile number

  • There will be a captcha code as well that you need to enter which you can see on the screen

  • For verification, write the OTP that has been received by you through SMS

  • Once you enter the OTP and captcha code, a net page will open where you must fill up all the information asked on the screen

  • Apply once the information is previewed well

  • Then you shall have the approval message within 24 hours once the application is done.

What is the Tamil Nadu COVID-19 E Pass Online Registration?

The process of TN E Registration is quite simple. You simply must follow the simple process that includes:

  • Click on the Official Website https://eregister.tnega.org/

  • Application form will appear

  • Fill up all the details which are asked in the application form such as-

  • Applicant Name

  • Mobile number

  • Date of birth of the applicant

  • Email Id of the applicant if any

  • Type of applicant

  • Government

  • Private

  • Public.

  • Aadhaar number

  • Last 4 digits of their Aadhaar card

  • Address details

  • District Name

  • Tehsil

  • Police station

  • The applicant needs to submit the police station name in which his/her area falls.

  • Post office

  • The name of the post office of their area

  • Pin code of the applicant area

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Type of vehicle

  • The applicant needs to select the purpose from the predefined list which is medical/ government duty/ collection or distribution of grocery/ grocery/ another essential/ marriage/ funeral, etc.

  • Select the date you want to issue your pass and the last date of the pass

  • Enter the route name where your journey will start and where it will conclude.

  • Put the remarks on why an E-pass is needed and justify your travel

  • You need to then enter further details like the name, age and mobile number of the person who is travelling along with you.

  • If more than one individual is travelling then press the addition sign and the next column will be added in the form.

  • Checkmarks the declaration

  • You will get the registration ID

  • If details are correct the E-pass will be issued to you.

  • Take the print out of the E-pass


The government of Tamil Nadu has made the e-pass compulsory for all those who shall be arriving in the state either by flight or road except for the neighbouring states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and Union Territory of Puducherry. This epass works as an important tool for the government that shall help to trace the travellers and even their contacts on whether they get infected in the span of their stay in that region.

Questions and Answers

How to get the E-pass For Inter-District and Inter-State Movement in Own Vehicle?

  • Visit the official website of TN e-Registration https://eregister.tnega.org/

  • The home page will open where you need to choose the travelling destination which is as follows: -

  • Travelling within India/Tamil Nadu

  • Coming to TamilNadu from a foreign country

  • Another page will open where you need to enter your email id and captcha code

  • Enter the OTP into the OTP box

  • Click on the login

  • The registration form will appear before you

  • Enter the mandatory information like your name, travel history, email address, phone number etc

  • Click on Register to get e-pass

  • Once approved e-pass will be sent on your registered email ID

  • With this registration, you can get an e-pass for inter-district and inter-state Movement in your vehicle

How to get the E-Pass For Those Passengers Who Are Outside India?

  • Visit the official website of TN e-Registration https://eregister.tnega.org/

  • The home page will open where you need to choose the outside India tab

  • Another page will open where you need to enter the following details: -

  • Name

  • Age

  • Date of birth

  • Residing country

  • Permanent address in Kerala

  • District

  • Panchayat/municipality/Corporation

  • Present address

  • Email

  • Phone number with country code

  • WhatsApp number

  • Click on next and another page will open where you need to enter the details that are asked and upload all the documents.

  • Once you click on register, the Registration number will appear on the screen

  • Go to the covid-19 Jagratha website

  • enter your mobile number and Norka registration number and click on verify

  • Another page will open where you need to enter further details asked

  • Click on E-Pass and it will be generated on your computer screen

  • You can download it by clicking on the link

How to make a New Registration In Covid-19 Jagratha Website?

  • To get the TN E Registration Online In Covid-19 Jagratha Website, follow the steps:

  • Visit the official website of TN e-Registration https://eregister.tnega.org/

  • The home page will open where you need to choose the citizen tab

  • Click on the domestic entry and then on new registration in covid-19 jagratha

  • Another page will open where you need to enter your mobile number

  • Click to verify it and an OTP will be sent to your mobile

  • You need to then enter this OTP in the OTO box and then proceed

  • The registration form will appear where you have to enter all the details asked

  • Click on the submit and then do new registration on covid-19 jagratha website

How to Reschedule/Modify Your Registration?

  • Visit the official website of TN e-Registration https://eregister.tnega.org/

  • The home page will open where you need to choose the citizen tab

  • Click on the domestic entry and another page will appear 

  • Click on reschedule/modify your registration

  • Enter your registration number

  • You need to then click on the verification

  • The registration form will open where you can make the changes

  • Click on submit